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UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt

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M. Barnes


Loving my Satellite

Gives me the DSP power to comfortably utilise my UAD plugins in the right way. I was struggling to manage my resources using the Apollo on its own, I've just completed the best sounding remix I've ever made and UAD meter and CPU meter both only at 50%. This gives me far more power than upgrading my IMac would so the purchase was a no brainier. I see many people are moaning about Thunderbolt cables but I understand that Apple does not permit you to supply one, so it's not the fault of UAD. Keep coming with the deals on plugins and be happy to keep buying.... UAD has has seriously bridged the gap for me from being a bedroom producer to a professional one who receives regular radio play.

H. Morales



Performs better than expected. Universal Audio's care for quality and sound are top notch.

A. Johnson



As I stated in my Apollo Twin review , I grabbed a Satellite Quad UAD2 to use the heavier plug ins on the mix side and it works just as advertised. Five Sharc Chips is plenty enough DSP for what i'm doing, can't speak for others. I'm running a small home personal recording studio and it does what I need it to do when i need it to do it,lol. UAD plug ins "ARE" the best sounding plug ins in the business , point blank. For those individuals that are on a budget like myself, demo the plug ins and "ONLY" purchase the ones that you will most likely use daily like i did. The only downside is once again, it doesn't come with a thunderbolt cable, C'MON UA.........

M. Dugan


Love it

I ended up with a Quad through the December promo. I was already considering upgrading to the "next gen" Apollo - a free Quad forced my hand. I'm not sure the improvements to the Apollo are exactly night and day - but doubling my DSP has made a huge difference to my work flow. I don't have to worry about running out of juice anymore - Studers on every track!

J. Tocket


All the juice I need

So simple to set up, instant satisfaction.
Bought it for extra power to run alongside my Apollo Twin Duo on my laptop/travel rig.
I haven't been able to make it quit yet.

G. Vogelsang


Satellite 2 - Game Changer

Changed the way I record in my home studio. I run it on top of my Apollo 8 and I NEVER run out of DSP, I honestly can't believe how powerful this unit is. UAD fucking rocks, there's no other way to put it. I am new to the UAD world and am still getting blown away almost daily. In a world of thin, shitty, digital everything, it's refreshing to see a company doing it so right. Oh, and their customer service kicks ass too.

S. Xenokottas


Satelite Quad TB

Install software, plug it and play, so simple!
Extra power for my system with no problems!
But you better include the TB cable too ;)

A. Fischer


Good Gear

To have extra horse power for those thirsty plug-ins. I had hoped the additional DSP would be available while recording, but unfortunately that is not the case. And I aggree with others that a complimentary Thunderbolt cable would be nice and appropriate for a premium prodact and manudacturer.

J. Banfield



This is a stunning device. I added it to my Apollo Duo and the boost in horsepower is simply amazing. The two are a great pair. I have plenty of DSP for really intense multitrack AND mastering projects. I had been waiting ages for the audio industry to adopt Thunderbolt. I am so glad UA has blasted the trail. I'm running this system on a Mac mini and the power I have available is astounding.

v. souza



Wonderful! Married perfectly with my Apollo Twin!



The plane on pist...

I would like say thank you about all what I bought and your gift . I will recomend you to all my musician friends . Thank you for your cooperation ...

B. Dunn


Power Infusion

When is more horsepower a bad thing? NEVER. Got the quad satellite to add to my Twin Duo and I'm a happy camper. It's nice not to have to plan my plug in selections based on DSP limitations anymore. Love UA stuff, best out there and so easy to use. The satellite connected like a breeze (I did have to buy my own cable) and I was immediately ready for action.
Thanks UA. Forever a fan.

C. Leiria


UAD should include a thunderbolt cable for the price.

I just upgraded from 2 DSP to 10, and I got UAD liberated, my DSP breads. I don't need to calculate in advance what plug-ins I'm going to use. Really easy installation just like my Apollo, the only negative point: no Thunderbolt cable included, at this price you guys could make an effort and put, at least, a 30cm cable with it. 4 stars instead of 5 for it.

C. Yue


great if it have a thunderbolt cable with it

great if it have a thunderbolt cable with it!!

A. Stormo


Works perfectly with the apollo

I have my Thunderbolt Quad satellite daisy chained with my Apollo Twin. Easy to set up and ive been tracking with ease ever since:)

J. Johannsson


Satellite Octo

Fantastic piece of gear! I just wish it would show up in the console app.

G. Claggett


UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt -- FREE

Got my promotional Satellite FREE when I purchased an Apollo 8 Duo this past December...It does pay to pay attention to the UA promotions. I must say, just plugged it in, downloaded software, installed the software and I was off to the races. It just works!
That is a good thing. The additional DSP horsepower is needed if you will be doing anything more than just simple tracking. That said, the plugins are top shelf and I have purchased additional ones that sound amazing. I will be keeping an eye out for more promotions from UA. Buying a thunderbolt cable shouldn't break anyone who can afford to buy the UA gear, but it would be a nice touch on the part of UA to include the cable.

P. Macaluso


portable power

very good for travel.add more power and dsp to your gear!!! amazing.

L. Fernandes



Due to the plugins this device is amazing. Also indispensable since most of the new plugins consume A LOT of DSP. UA could, however, provide a thunderbolt cable...

R. Wydh



satelite is perfect good flow using two 8 apollo QAD with the satellite and have no prob with the usage of plugins anymore

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