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UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt

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E. Azari



I produce UAD

J. Vierra


No longer flying in coach. I'm in first class with the legroom I need.

As my mixing sessions got larger and I needed more DSP to deal with some of the DSP hungry plugins, the UAD-2 satellite is just what I needed to get the job done. I no longer worry about using the plug-ins on busses as the only solution. I can pretty much use plugins as needed. I am very happy with this device.

m. sedie


UAD Satellite

So nice having some fire power to fall back on knowing my ship will sail smoothly and never enter the troubled waters of computer speed issues. Well done UA!

P. Vincent


Essential to run UA Apollo/Unison plugins

I ran out of DSP power on my Apollo Twin Dual Thunderbolt when I loaded Capitol Chambers, so I bought a UAD-2 Satellite TB3 and now have 8 processors to share the load for other plugins or instances I need to have in my sessions. A must have.

M. Vinten


Love it !

Gives me so much more "headroom" in the plugin area.,
and it's so easy to get up and running.
I just loved it from day one.

R. Studio


Works great!

Does the job if you need to use more plugins.

B. Bartley


Must Have Item!

The UAD-2 OCTO Satellite is a must have item while using plugins when recording in LUNA. We use two OCTO satellites linked together for superior DSP management.

A. Lee


Couldn't live without it

More plugins available without taxing the computer - amazing

D. Ho


Perfect for touring!

I work in the world music genre, which often requires recording in different countries. With the Satellite Octo, I can actually mix and master an album without compromise, with a system that fits in my backpack (laptop, Twin, Satellite)!

D. Ho


Perfect for touring!

I work in the world music genre, which often requires recording in different countries. With the Satellite Octo, I can actually mix and master an album without compromise, with a system that fits in my backpack (laptop, Twin, Satellite)!

J. Norato


Amazing plugin external processor!

I love my new UAD-2 Satellite ! It helps the interface to run the plugins and is perfect to save RAM on laptops. Really would like that one day could use the DSP in te console to increase the cores when recording! . Without a doubt, with Satellite, mixing music is easy and powerful.

K. Neill


Really opens things up!

I actually have the thunderbolt 2 octo version but other than the connectivity I don’t knew how much difference there is. I use it in conjunction with my Apollo Twin X and I’m recording almost exclusively in Luna now. Sessions that used to run 80-90% of my dsp on the twin alone are now using 8-9% with the satellite. It’s a game changer. Some of the hungrier plugs are ones that are used on the input when recording. I used to have to disable a bunch of plugs I had on monitoring tracks if I wanted to record a new track. Now I can just load up a new track with what ever I need. A huge boost to my workflow… what else is there to say? 10/10!

A. Mancino




R. Rockenschaub


Mit UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt - ERROR -38

Ich hab mir 2 UAD Octo gekauft um für mein Apollo X16 mehr DSP-Power zu bekommen. Mit den Satelliten (einer oder zwei) wurde das System total instabil. Das Arbeiten mit der stetigen Fehlermeldung Code-38 (Kommunikationsproblem zw. Computer und Uad) ist unmöglich. Ich habe Stunden verbracht um den Fehler zu finden. Mit Support, Computertechniker , weil ich es nicht glauben konnte. FAZIT: Die Geräte funktionieren nicht.

C. Cameau


Sound engineer

Still the best

W. Knittel


Tolles Gerät! Super Sound :-)

Die „ZauberBox“ ist absolut zuverlässig und nimmt dem iMac eine menge Arbeit ab!

U. Millan


Octo errors galore

Bought the unit, after thousands of dollars invested on UAD hardware and licenses l cannot use the unit because of the infamous -38 error.
Reached out to UA to no avail, and l am not alone on this ....

K. Woods


Think… The Sound Of The Room

UAD Accelerator

Part of any recording is the planning and implementation of the recording format and capabilities. Whatever limitations you are working with will affect the overall outcome.

I started recording in high school in the early 80s using two cassette recorders. First pass all the music was recorded live to the stereo cassette. Then we set up to overdub all the vocals live as we bounced from one to other. When you have little to work with you get inventive and resourceful.

As time went on I moved on to a four track real to real, then to an eight track real to real, and then added a sixteen track real to real with sync lock. By the late 90s I was mastering professionally with a Tube Tec Multiband compressor, TC electronics and much more with a digital/analog hybrid setup. Early 2000s sold everything.

In 2022 I got back into music production because my son started making music. My setup now has a great analog front end to capture vocals including a pair of Universal Audio tube preamps. Once things are in the box I mix and master all in one pass with my setup. There are many advantages to mixing and mastering all at once, but in order to do it successfully you need processing power. My setup consists of a 28 core system. 12 on the host computer and 8 and 8 on my two UAD accelerators.

Every computer setup will have its limitations. Yours will be different from mine so I will just share what I see. Although I see I can have as many tracks as I could ever dream of now on a DAW, the limitations are in the implementation of plug-in processing.

As I got back into this I noticed that I was once again making compromises because of processing power. If you want to use a really good modeled reverb it is going to use a good percentage of computer processing power. I found that I couldn’t use my best reverb at all because of all the processing power it’s sucked from the computer.

The solution was the UAD Accelerators. Now I can run the most advanced reverb models ever made. I have mixed tracks using the Ocean Way studio plugin, the Capitol Records underground chambers and a recent dance track with the Hitsville attic chambers. These models give your mixes the life they need. Remember people traveled from all over to record and mix their records at these locations specifically for their unique room sound. Now you can have that same space and sound in your setup! These plugins alone have completely improved the sound quality of my mixes. To me this is the number one reason to add an accelerator to your existing system, the reverb models.

Reason number two is just the quality of all the plugins. I like watching these plugin review videos on YouTube and the guy who does the “Snake Oil” videos just does native plugin reviews and it’s fun to get his views and feedback. Many of these reviewers not just him, are very helpful. So one time he got the chance to review UAD plugins with an accelerator and his mouth dropped and he was speechless! He said he was hearing the best plug-ins he had ever heard! And he is right! There is a reason these plugins need more horsepower. They are better period.

If you are on the fence about taking the UAD accelerator plunge, think reverb, think about transforming your studio with big studio room models. Or like me with my experience, think mix and master all in one pass.

If you want the big boy “sound” you will need to get the gear the big boys use, Universal Audio.

L. Chandler


I had to buy this to replace a UAD-2 Satellite TB Octo that failed

Support request unsolved since opening March 23, 2023. "Customer Service," and I use the term loosely, has not responded since March 30, 2023

P. Singh


Smooth Sailing

Once I finally bought the satellite is when the light bulb went on....... (power switch).... now my mixes contain everything I need to get it done without DSP resources popping up left and right. At first I was hesitant but glad I upgraded my dsp chip count with a new box. Went from "WHAT.....THE.....f"or that time to now sayin YEEEEEAH after I got it. Hypersonic Speed Super Power with Laser like Precision. Now my music is like honey mixed with sugar, SWEEEEET!

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