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UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt

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D. Bojan



What more can I say? Allows freedom of expression. Worth it.

a. gyutae


I love you UA

this is a MUST

J. Gilbert


The extra juice I needed

Was a must have to get the dsp I needed for my workflow

J. Szeszel


Great device

An indispensable tool in my work

A. fantomservice


Нужная опция

Реально не пожалел о покупке

H. Nakanishi


Always Great

I got 3rd OCT and I've got 24 COREs Now. It's gonna be easier to use for High Sampling rate Projects. Always It Works Great !!

T. Makitalo


Good build quality

I have used UAD plugins from UAD-1 PCI time. I like the daisy chaining option. Easy to use. On/off switch is nicely located and easily reachable. I always liked how UAD plugins treat the sounds. I wish I had some voucher with my product. Overall very nice device.

A. Quintero



Great! A must have for mixing!

D. Robinson


UAD-2 QUAD Satellite Thunderbolt 3

I already own a UAD-2 QUAD PCIe card but I was running out of DSP power so I added a UAD-2 QUAD Thunderbolt Satellite. It's great - it instantly paired with my existing QUAD PCIe and I don't run out of DSP any more! Plus it's a sleek little bugger, looks really cool on my desk.

b. KIM


i like this!!

I bought it after always using twin x, and it is so good that I have enough DSP space.

W. McGilvray


Works as expected

Second one of these, just switched it on and was seen without any need to mess about. Simple’s.

R. DeHart III


Causes -38 Errors

Bought two of these TB3 Octos and can’t use them efficiently because they frequently cause -38 errors and need to be power cycled several times in the middle of working. First time giving UA a bad review. I will consider updating if the issue is fixed. But at the moment I cannot use my new products and it’s been 6 months with the issue.

T. Vittetoe



With recent computer upgrades I was no longer able to use my old tried and true Satellite Firewire. Picked this up and doubled my plugin power. Plugged it in, went right back to work without a single hiccup. Really a sturdy build, easy setup and massive processing. Love it!

A. Shier



Just make sure you buy a thunderbolt 3 cable first ;)

É. Mauchausse


Satellite not working with Windows

So far, this has been a terrible purchase.
I have an error message (-38) and my system bugs whenever I use the satellite. I have tried everything to fix it, changed cables, uninstalled and re-installed the software -including re-installing an older version-, re-initialised my Apollo... all the tips I was able to find on the UAD forum. I opened a ticket with UAD support of course, and have had no real support. The support guy told me that it must be a hardware problem, but the satellite works rock solid with a Mac so that’s not it. Since this last troubleshoot, I have not heard a word from support.
At this point, all I can say is that I gave UAD $1000 to have a black box with a green light sitting on my desk.

j. williams


Octo satellite

This is the one . I have a silver face duo and seems as the years gone by the plug-ins got larger .I figured it’s the 32-64 bit change . Anyway, I started running out of dsp. I was going to buy another Apollo but decided on the octo . Now I can run so many plugins and don’t have to bounce tracks or mix with stems anymore . My largest session still only took about 58% of dsp.I mean I had a lot of plugins running , more then 25 . So I”m running 10 cores now ( 2 Apollo FireWire , 8 satellite ) and it’s plenty . This is a must buy ….

A. Donoghue


Worthwhile addition

Provided a nice DSP boost to my sessions.

e. oviedo vasquez




G. Aksoy


Great work horse

If you mixing, it’s a necessity.

B. Spence


Satellite Delite

Second Satellite Works great in both LUNA and Logic. gives the extra processing needed when mixing. Can't wait to get an X-6 to go along with this!

41-60 of1454件の結果

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