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UAD-2 Satellite Thunderbolt

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J. Jones


Satellite of love?

This was a purchase I wasn't sure I needed to make. And I'm still not totally convinced. Very expensive way to make sure I can run the UAudio plugins I need when I need them. I absolutely love LUNA and the UA plugins I have purchased but the truth is this is an extremely expensive way to produce tracks especially when I consider what an overwhelmingly complete and great sounding package the Logical option is. The Octo Satellite I purchased works as intended problems activating or operating (so far) but I really think there should be a little sweetener added as I already own an Apollo Twin .. maybe a couple of plugins I don't already have? Maybe? Anyway, the 1084 is a staple on my channels as is the Avalon. The unison preamps is what this is all about for me. And seeing as I bake the audio inputs onto disc and I only have two pre's on the Apollo, the Satellite is a bit of overkill. However it is nice to be able to run a bunch of plugins at mix down instead of watching the DSP monitor all the time. All in all ... it does what it says on the tin.

K. Bohannon


Weak - Even for OCTO Core

Not thrilled that a $1,300, 8-core device can only run 5 plugins at a time. Pretty shitty performance, but at least it’s built like a tank.

s. yu


새틀라이트 구매 후기

나는 아폴로 솔로 사용자다. dsp 용량 부족으로 인해 새틀라이트를 구매, 사용 중이다. 새틀라이트 dsp 사용은 daw에서만 가능하다. 구매할 때 이 사실을 알지 못해서 사용하기까지 며칠이 걸렸다. 나같은 초보자를 위해 글 남긴다.

A. Harwood


Better Than Expected

Recently purchased a T3 UAD-2 Satellite Octo and so far I'm impressed. Before, just using my Apollo X4 to record, I was regularly running out of DSP. Now with the Octo Satellite connected, I've just completed a mix running up to 21 plugins, while using only 36% of available DSP. Better than I expected.

E. Peterson


Makes the best better

The octo satellite makes mixing easier since you can run more plugins at once. Experiment more and try bigger combinations to find the perfect sound. I love it and will get more satellites as time goes by

c. rosario



Easy set up and able to run more plug-ins with ease.

T. Leslie


really great product

first off , as i struggled to find any comments that make this clear ….this gives no added DSP for live recording . but really works fabulous for mixing . i don’t even give DSP a thought now . allows much more creative music mixing now that i am not worried about which UAD plug-ins i have memory to run . this is a great tool . expensive i admit but well worth it if you really want to make UAD your main tools for sound production . highly recommend it !!

C. Doud


Excellent Solution for More Horsepower on Apollo Twin X Quad

The immediate breathing room of 8 extra cores (to bring my system to 12 total) hightened and expedited workflow on post production. Stack those plug-ins deep--The Satellite Octo keeps the party going.

J. Zhou


Awesome add-on to complement my Apollo Twin Duo!

Definitely need to one in Octo rather than in Quad if you like to only got Duo Apollo

A. Ezell


Powerful DSP engine.

I run the satilite Octo thunderbolt 3 as a Audio unit effects plug-in,in Ableton Live 11 suite. It allows me to use multiple channels of UAD plug ins,Powerful.

D. Matas


It's exactly what I needed!

It works great, does exactly what I need.
What else is there to say?

J. Lambert


Does what i expected and more

When i decided to buy this unit i had a few bigger projects thay were running my DSP up to 90-95% on an Apollo X8p (Hexcore) so, i figured that by the math another quad core would maybe take me down to 50-60% DSP on those projects.
To my surprise the DSP's were in the very low 40's!
My Mac started running noticably smoother too!
10/10 high recommendation from me.

D. Dalmasso


fantastic gear

every serious musician who use UAD plugins and who makes serious mixages cannot live without this expansion gear! it opens the doors to great and huge use of Bad plugins

T. Gardner


Trying to figure out why I took so long to purchase.....

I owned the Apollo Twin for years, about 6 months ago I purchased UAD Ultimate 10. Now I had access to most of the plugins available on the platform, but not enough DSP to experiment. Since I've made the purchase of the satellite OCTO my creative flow has been so much better. I've tested almost all of the compressors and preamps to hear the sonic differences. I'm not too familiar with the sound of outboard gear, but now I feel like I can hear the differences in multiple products. I've spent the time to learn the preamps, eqs, and compressors. I now feel like my Arsenal has opened up because I know how to match certain vocal types to certain plugins. It makes me feel better about only owning one mic lol, granted it's the U87 ;)

G. Pana



Just amazing! Sadly that no plugins were added on top of what Twin X gave … but, amazing!!

C. Hammerschmidt


UAD 2 Sat. Thunderbolt 3

Great DSP Addition

B. Strevens


Constant error messages with the Satellite..

I love all my UA devices but since buying the Satellite TB3 I've had nothing but problems. I receive error messages all the time & tried solving the issue myself and with UA support but after months we couldn't figure it out. UA replaced the Satellite with a new device but after the first week the error messages show again. I've factory reset my studio computer but the issue still occurs only when the Satellite is in use & when chained with another device (Apollo etc). Have tried in my other studio but issue still occurs! There is obviously a firmware issue or something their end that needs fixing - I'm also in a UA forum & many people are having the same issue. Let's hope the fix it soon

K. Jackson


The Best!!

This UAD -2 Satellite is a great investment!! For this who don't know!! You do not need a UAD interface. To use this Beast of a equipment!!

s. H


Another Ridiculous Error 38 Review

Within minutes of installing the Octo thunderbolt box I was getting ERROR 38 errors which disable render some plugs useless regardless of different sessions while your playing back etc in Logic x. With all plugins working before I added the octo one can surmise that the octo is the issue. With a couple of thousand dollars in cost it's ridiculous. Having read a previous review with the same issue and this person has tried everything and got no-where I am extremely disappointed that UAD have not fixed this in an update, and how can they not know what this error is ??
I find it unacceptable that a unit that is supposed to give you all the DSP you need could actually render plug ins useless thus working against you. There is nothing showing wrong on my system.
LA-2A, AVALON, 1176, Vox Box off the top of my head.

D. Gastaldi


very disappointed

I received the first card 2 weeks ago, it is not working, I am still waiting for replacement to be able to try it.

21-40 of1480件の結果

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