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1176 Classic Limiter プラグインコレクション

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1176 Incomparable tool

Honestly, there is no tool similar to 1176 Classic Limiter Collection. I've used everything, with all due respect, but other emulations are far from UAD.

M. Alexandru-George


Very good compressors <3

I love the 1176 legacy <3

J. Lardinois


Can't mix without these.

Incredibly versatile plugins for compression, limiting, effects, everything. These 3 are on every single mix I make (mostly the Rev A and E, but AE occasionally). The default settings are a great starting point (except maybe not perfectly unity gain), but knowing how to dial it in pays off. These sound significantly better than any competing counterparts, and I own quite a few 1176 plugins from other companies.

P. Waters



Rev A all day bbbbbbbbb, these 1176 blow others awayyyyy

g. weidner


love these compressors

Having the choice between all of these great emulations is awesome. love the blue face on vocals, really good at adding some nice harmonic distortion. they sound great when pushed, like the originals. love the black one on bass gtr. and the purple-ish
/ black one seems to sound good on everything.

D. Gardell


Just updated from the legacy

Loving em so far!
Wish you could switch between them in one plugin, that'd be pretty sweet.

P. Méndez Gómez


Just upgraded, loving the variety in character and tone shaping

The legacy versions served me well for a while, so it's cool to have these higher quality versions with more depth and tone shaping abilities.

G. Grinko


Classic is classic!

1176 is classic for every style and genre.Its great!

a. vanpourse


The 1176 Collection is quite a unique collection

The 1176 Collection is quite a unique collection...I love the Gritty vibe it gives on bass guitar...I find myself using it before the LA2As...Glad I purchased it during the Holiday Promo season

G. Akın


As close as it gets to the hardware.

I have wanted this collection for a very long time and finally I bought it during the New Years sale. I bought this mainly for Vocals and Drums but it sounds amazing on anything! 1176 Rev A is a really smooth and vintage sounding compressor, matched with an LA-2A on vocals (depends on the vocalist of course) there is probably nothing that can come close to it. AE version is mostly my favorite on drums, it packs the smooth top end of the Rev A but has the punch of the Rev E. Rev E sounds very modern and hi-fi to me. If you want a snare to have punch and cutting top end slap the Rev E and watch it do it's thing! It also does something to the acoustic piano as well, I really dig it. To sum up this is the best compressor collection I've ever had and I've used like a hundred different ones (both hardware and software). Buy yourself this gift and thank me later.

M. De Siena



They are historical because they are excellent. Take the time to understand them and don't improvise

J. Daranowski


Great comp

Best for guitars and everything else!

A. Yaskevich


Everyone should have!

Good analog compressors. I'm fine with Legacy but Spark has these so I bought them!

S. Andres


It’s a classic

And it just sounds amazing.

L. Spilger


One of the best compressors

The 1176 is so easy to be dialed in to tame transients and the perfect buddy for my LA2A - dream duo on Most of my channels!

F. Loyo


Amazing piece of "digital" equipment

The 1176 compressor lives on top of my effects chain. It is perfect to control those annoying (and potentially harmful) of the original untreated track. And it's soooooo easy to use!

D. Beatss


Sounds very similar to the real one

The color that these plugins give to the audio files is amazing! The AE version has the best of both worlds.

J. Cuesta Sanchez



Lo he comprado para utilizarlo en el sistema UAD Spark, y asi aprovechar los recursos de mi pc, de esta licencia y de las que tengo, pero quiero saber si tengo que estar conectado a internet cuando trabajo en mi DAW.

J. Schwabe


Eleven-Seven-Six CLC ...

... supple, soft, smart, brilliant, large, simply unsurpassed ...

G. Sartbayev


1176 Classic Limiter Collection

Классный компрессор. Звук после компрессия 1176 становится просто шикарным

41-60 of1247件の結果

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