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1176 Classic Limiter プラグインコレクション

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A. Vaicenavicius


i wish i could leave zero stars

terrible customer service, when you buy plugins they don't belong to you at all. If you buy multiple interfaces in particular, you cannot transfer any of the plugins with them unless you completely leave the uad system. the worst.

a. cristofalo


excellent for vocals

its amazing, im very happy with it

K. Filus


history of rock music

This is a fantastic range of compressors that mark the history of rock music and beyond.

J. Villa


Tame vocal peaks

I love this compressor. Quick enough for taming peaks in vocals right before hitting them with an LA2A compressor. Nothing from UA disappoints. NOTHING!

V. Vidal


show de mais

muito bom, o melhor




Really love UAD products! Simply the best!

D. Studio


Best Plugin 1176 Classic Limiter Collection

1176 plugins use on vocal and then very smooth@very clear great plugin

S. Vassiltchenko


Unbeatable classic!

Works on everything and does it very well!



An essential collection

The 1176 classic limiter collection is a must have. Snappy compression with distinctive colour, and so versatile with it. I use this to tame just about anything, but especially on vocals and snare drums. The interface is simple and easy to use.

C. Locke


So good.

Leagues above similar plugins I've tried.

T. Kelleher



Sounds better than comparable versions from other companies, and much better presets!

j. nieva


A must have

I really love how the 1176 works with the mid range of the sources, especially in parallel processings, you could go subtle on it but the results are very nice to me.Amazing treating drums and vocals, you can achieve different flavors and attitudes, no matter the music style you are mixing.

A. Anthony


UAD 1176

UAD 1176 gives an incredible tone and depth to the vocals . I was using UAD LA 2A compressor for quite sometime. Nowadays I started to use UAD 1176 as my first vocal compressor with a fast attack and release, and followed by LA 2A.
Really awesome plugin and this is going to be the first choice of compressors for me while mixing my projects.

L. Sant anna


Amazing compressors!!

UAD super quality compressor, no words for this product!

G. Prama


the best 1176 plugins

I'm hunting 1176 emulation and anchored here. since I used the hardware unit before it's worth for me and I can be more flexible right now. what an awesome engineering behind this 1176 emulation, love it.

j. juju


The Cleanest Compressor Ever.

I used to use mainly Waves Plugins for the CLA-76, when I first switched to the 1176LN, I was very surprised on how big of a difference it was. Nothing is able to emulate the real sound of a 1176 better than this.

E. Sedrick


Still the best 1176 plugins!

These are almost as good as the hardware, and more authentic in the short attack time behavior than competing emulations. Great stuff!

M. Carmona


Great sound!

The king of the compressors!

D. MK Autêntico


muito bom!

UAD confiança 100% em qualidade

B. Wright


1176 Classic Limiter Collection

Love them, a must have

1-20 of1359件の結果

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  7. 68