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1176 Classic Limiter プラグインコレクション

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D. Holsinger



They don't call it a classic for no reason. This is one of the best emulation I have heard out there. UA has created one of my favorite compressors and hit the nail on the head. You couldn't ask for a better plugin collection. Truly the swiss army knife of compressors.

E. Craft


1176 Classic Limiter Plug-In Collection

Incredible for layering compressors
Multiple compressors for multiple jobs
Each serving its own unique characters
A must have to complete the mix

A. Cenerini


1176 Collection -- in a word, excellent!

Very satisfied with my purchase. I found the "Legacy" models included with my UAD-2 lacked a bit of colour -- this collection has that authentic 1176 flavour in spades and have quickly become my favourite 1176-style plugins!

S. Hirayama


feel so good!

I like this sound.
the feel of release envelope is really nice.

O. Santisteban



They sound amazing! The warmth and character of 76s feels as soon as you insert them on a track. Great buy!

S. Ward


Best of the Best

Easily the most responsive, accurate and musical of all 1176-type plugins on the market. Truly remarkable.

H. Anderson


In a different league to the competition!

Having used the competitions emulations of these compressors I cant believe the difference in response and clarity they give. Absolutely blown away!

M. Selby


Invaluable compressor bundle!

If you're just getting your recording rig together, this is one of the best bundles you could buy -- these compressor plug-ins will do you a world of good. I frequently use the 1176 revA in my signal chain while cutting vocals and acoustic guitars through the Apollo Duo, and all of these variations find their way onto many tracks. Lots of great presets too -- should be invaluable for someone just learning to use compressors.

I also highly recommend the LA2A bundle from Universal Audio. I'm an analog guy from way back and UA plug-ins really give me the warmth and organic 'feel' I look for.

J. Seung



this is must have for all uad users.
why? when producing the little nice gaps make difference in the end.
this change your songs.

M. Beyer


Wow! Just Wow!

These are as close to the hardware as you can get, and much closer than the original UAD 1176LN plugin. Love the AE version, and the Rev E. Just used all three versions in a mix this week. The AE saved my butt on a dominant acoustic guitar, the long 10ms attack setting was invaluable. The Rev E was awesome on snare, gives it that BC punch, resonance, and thickness. A must have collection for any serious mixer's toolbox!

H. Reale



I spend a lot of words writing things about this plugins. Bus i simply have to say this is Magic. Congratulations UA.

A. Shevchenko


Must have!

I have 2-1176 hardware compressor in my studio. After upgrade 1176 legacy to new collection I can feel the hardware vibe. Absolutely best compression from software market. Now I don't hear difference between soft and hard 1176. Don't worry about 150$, it's real deal!

E. Halterman


1176 wow?! I never expected such greatness!

I was so used to the sound of an LA-2A, I never wanted to try anything else... I AM SO GLAD I DID! The 1176's are awesome, the biggest surprise was on my lead vocal, I would have never thought anything could touch an LA-2A on the human voice, but boy was I wrong. These are as sweeeeeeeeeet as they come... great job UAD!

A. Joseph


1176 is the truth!

Amazing sounding units! No compressors can compare.

M. Macedo



The best plugin i have used,the sauration is amazing

M. Gallegos



I can't say that I am completely up on how the original hardware sounded, but I cannot deny the merits of these plugins. These plugins and the Apollo working in tandem is a game changer. We recorded an entire album using only the Apollo plugs and it sounds great. In fact, local artists were so pleased with the sound of the album, we have been approached by 4 different acts to produce their next album. Not a gloat; rather, it is a testament to the quality that UA offers with regard to digital emulation of analogue sounds.

S. Arts


1176 EMU

Many have been emulated in the past.. This one nails it best for me... I`m very pleased with the 3 different 1176`s. The choice of different transients and `distortions / compression / levelling etc., shape it, make it fit!

E. Halterman


Incredible Comp!

I own the LA-2A collection, and if you look online there are thousands of people who swear by the LA-2A for vocals and bass etc., but what I didn't know is how great the 1176 sounds on vocals, just stellar. That was something I did not expect and when you chain it to an LA-2A you even get more possibilities. I love this piece of gear and I will use it on everything and often. Thanks, UAD!

G. Petit


Improvement !

FAR FAR better than your earlier Legacy versions...and THOSE were actually pretty good. Well done, as usual, UAD !

B. Soldate


Great compressors

This is all the 1176 flavor you will ever need in the box. Love the A on Vocals, the F on bass and guitars, and the AE on kick with the SLO mode engaged.

super cool colors, and the multi button modes are great to be able to play around with (not just all in :) )

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