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Tune the low end of your mix for incredible
detail and punch.

For many top mix engineers, the Little Labs Voice Of God is the ultimate bass resonance tool. This unique 500 series module allows you to intuitively shape the all-important low frequencies of your mix, as well as add depth and “oomph” to vocals and other sources.

Authenticated by Little Labs, the Voice Of God Bass Resonance plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces perfectly models this unique processor, making it a go-to tool in the hands of multi-Platinum mixers like Joe Zook (Katy Perry, The Hives) and Joe Chiccarelli (Beck, The Killers).

Easily add size and weight to any source

Make your mixes’ low-end leaner, tighter, and punchier

Craft bass frequencies on drums, bass, and more, far beyond simple EQing

Add chest resonance and “heft” to vocals

A Little History

A Little History

Little Labs has a knack for creating problem-solving tools for the studio that perform equally well as creative ones. Upon its introduction in 2009, owners of the hardware VOG quickly realized multiple units are a must have — one for bass, kick drum, toms, low frequency percussion, and especially vocals. Fortunately, with the UAD Little Labs VOG plug-in, customers can have as many instances as they need to make “the low end” come to life.

Two Simple Controls

Two Simple Controls

With just two knobs, you can dial in the VOG’s desired frequency and effect amplitude. The center of the sweepable frequency range is selected via two push-buttons of 40 Hz and 100 Hz, or you can set the center to 200 Hz by pressing both buttons simultaneously. Everything below the targeted frequency peak is rolled off in a smooth curve — up to –24 dB per octave — ensuring tight low end, while the frequencies above remain intact.

In VOG We Trust

In VOG We Trust

The VOG plug-in is perfect for mixing, mastering, post-production sweetening, sound design, and audio restoration. Use it to easily simulate proximity effect for adding chest resonance and “heft” to vocals. Simple adjustments can yield enormous sounding drums, or completely transform the tonal characteristics of an electric bass. The VOG’s flexibility makes it the right choice on a wide range of musical sources and it’s the perfect way to tune the low end of any mix for incredible detail and punch.

5-Minute UAD Tip
5-Minute UAD Tip

5-Minute UAD Tip

In this video, learn how to use the UAD Little Labs Voice Of God plug-in to enhance an 808 bass part as well as beef up a thin-sounding kick drum track.

Key Features

Little Labs authenticated, UA-modeled bass resonance tool for drums, bass, vocals and more
Adds heft and precision to low-end source material — far beyond a simple EQ
Easy two-knob operation for dialing in the target frequency and effect amount (amplitude)
Two buttons dictate the center of the sweepable frequency range, 40 or 100 Hz, while pressing both buttons sets the center to 200 Hz
Dedicated “Flat” button allows for quick A/B comparison
Requires a UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide
See the UAD Instance Chart here


Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance

Overall Rating


e. ceric



Must have it

k. ofosu


VOG Beast for Bass and 808

This is a good investment. Always on my bass bus.

L. Sant anna


Amazing Tool For 808 and Bass

The best plugin for 808 and Bass. Please make Native version!!

R. Woodcock


Tamed the brute!

I've been recording upright bass for an acoustic album , and found it difficult to managethe 'swelling' low frequencies that the instrument can produce. The surgical precision of the VOG plugin has solved the problem. It's a simpleto use, but highly effective tool. I'm looking forward to putting it to other uses as well in future projects .

M. Schneider



Tested against similar products from other companies, VOG is simply the best and it sounds very analog

y. ontario



I am trying buy this plugin but I Feel like it's unfair that it needs all of the extra s\hardware to the ones who dont hae the hardware needed.I Really just want the plugin ...

A. Bandura



The best plugin for 808...i use on every beats.

A. Niculescu


This is the cream!

Creamy bass and improved guitar low end, how can you not love it?

A. Ogarev


Little Labs® Voice Of God Bass Resonance


A. Agun


Great for bass-lines and 808s

I use it only for low end material honestly !

T. Gréz


Little but useful

Amazing an simple plugin

F. Guerrero Miranda


Great Plugin

It's a fantastic plugin, great sound and easy to use.

G. Zink


Very Good!

Very Good!

S. Lenka


This One Is THE GOD

Thank you Scheps, You Are A God’s Messenger.

Take Care

J. Vierra


This is just what I needed!

Adding this plugin to my bass tracks gave the tracks the bottom end that I was not able to attain otherwise. Great plugin!

B. Lehaney


So Good

Makes such a difference on my kick and snare

K. Matzafleris


Little Labs is magic

It's a fantastic plugin gives a tone thickness characteristic on vocals. Vocals sits on mix with energy and controle.

s. donat


useful plugin

very useful on kick, 808, bass, snare, even on voice. great tool. everything needs bottom they don't have

D. Proo


Voice of God

This thing is great on my 808. I love it.

E. Zorgman


Weapon of choice

Great on vocals, great on bass, great on master channel. This plugin provides a lot of juice. Experiment and give it a go. This adds character, as well as a unique drive to the sound.