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Unison Enabled


Avalon VT-737 Tube Channel Strip

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D. Marais



This is simply an exquisite emulation. I don't know how the UA engineers get these hardware homages nailed 100%, but I am so grateful for their talents. Crazy good.

A. Ayer


Great channel strip

I use it a lot in the unison slot. It is great on vocals and D.I. Bass. Just plain smooth.

J. Bermudez


A must have

Brings vocals to life

K. Gwanae



Man really captures my vocals exactly how I want them to sound in my head.



Of Course

I dreamed of having one of the hardware versions after recording an EP through one at the studio we used. Now I have it! It's just like the real thing to my ears!!!

T. Long


Very Nice.

Sounds great! Especially the punch kick algorithm. Use that on everything now. Nice one UA.
Think I got it in the Ultimate 10 Bundle which is the sickest bundle ever. It’s a monstrous collection of some really great sounding plugs. So worth the investment!
Don’t take my word for it. Download the demos and hear for yourself.

M. O'Brien


Love it!

I didn’t go for this initially because people were saying it is for rap and the spoken word. I was struggling to get bass and resonance into my vocal. Granted I am not a sweet singer. I am more about character vocals. This is simply fantastic.

A. West



UA nailed this one! True Avalon characteristics!



Just like the original!

The Avalon plug in works just like the original and the controls and face are really intuitive!

B. Wise


My new vocal 'go-to'

I have a selection of different mic pre-amp and compressor combos that I have been using in varying degrees. Most recently I had mainly been using the Manley Voxbox... That is until I decided to download and try this VT-737.

The preamp is SO sweet and smooth but with a really open and airy top end. The compressor is fairly transparent and very adaptable, mostly alleviating the need to daisy-chain other compressors into the signal chain. On vocals (which will probably be its only use for me) it sounds absolutely gorgeous and as a 'one-stop shop' Unison insert with sweet mic pre, flexible comp and a really nice EQ section this has just become my absolute 'go-to' in the Unison pre slot and most likely will be for the foreseeable future!

H. Barakovic



It's a plugin that every sound engineer nust have. Love him.

A. Siddiqui


The 737 Take off - Keep flying high

If channel strips had 7 wonders, the the Avalon VT-737 Tube Channel Strip would be for sure Number 1, this is just not a channel strip , its much more , with any microphone you can play around and get immaculate sound and top quality output . a must have for voice over artiste and surely for all types of singer awaiting stardom . To be honest, Universal Audio did some serious hardwork to make Avalon VT-737 Tube Channel Strip exactly the same like the hardware , probably better ,cause you don't need to worry about the machine rusting or having some electrical issues or maybe getting stolen in these times of inflation, hats off to UA and a Grand thank you for making it available to us. God Bless

A. Manresa


Spectacular mic preamp for voice overs and voice actors

In many of the recording studios that I have had the opportunity to go to work, there was the Avalon VT-737.
He has the incredible ability to give my voice a body and a grandeur that few can achieve. Absolute clarity, superb dynamics; and extraordinary strength.

I am very surprised at all that is giving good for me. Since I personally use it in my recording studio, I don't usually use the one I had before. Since the Avalon Vt-737 is far superior.
I recommend it above all to those who are dedicated to voice recordings for commercials, dubbing, narrations, etc. Spectacular!

E. Smith


Avalon VT-737 Tube Channel Strip

I've been using the Avalon VT-747 Tube Channel Strip hardware unit for sometime now. I love it!!! Universal Audio you've hit the nail on the head with the plugin version, especially for the cost. The all the plugins function in LUNA is Awsome!!!

C. Tapia Andrade



I'm in love this preamp, it's amazing, I love vocal sounds.

M. Bernabel


Like a Swiss Army Knife

Smooth, transparent and a sheen that'll make you cry. Put it on everything and use it wisely.

T. Hawkins


Heaven Sent

This plug in goes into every vocal Chain that I have. I even went back and added it to other songs that I have worked on in the past. By far the best plug-in I have used this far and I have used a ton. Great work on this guys.

V. Guerin



I use it on Vocals, guitars, bass and piano, fanstatic gain performances, colour.
The transparent compression is phenomenal, a must have when you produce and mix music.
Top 3 vst I ever used.
Thanks to Avalon and UAD for their beautiful work!

M. Pearce


Lovely and warm

Great for female vocals, smooth and warm with usable EQ and compression

E. Kilgore Cruz


Best preamp on the market

Was using manley voxbox due to its high quality preamp, but the Avalon just has something that sets it apart from the rest. Best investment made

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