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1176 Classic Limiter プラグインコレクション

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I. Cunha


Musical compressors

I'm really happy with these compressors, they are very musical. The AE version is a nice bonus with its 2:1 ratio setting for a more subtle character.

Well done UA!

S. Gouillard



Really difficult to ear the difference between the analog 1176 and the plug-in. Outstanding

D. Okune


Perfect! Best 1176 Plugins out there!

This 1176 collection is wonderful. They sound superb. I can't truly compare to actual hardware revisions because I don't own one as for now, but with this bundle I don't think I need one. I feel these ones are slightly better than CLA 1176, I actually compared them side by side and I preferred UAD version because it has more character and a bit more umph to it. Rev A is my favorite one on lead vocals and even drum bus.

N. Jensen


Sounds great

3 great compressors.... Each with a little some special.

P. Jonsson


Next level

Absolutely awesome - the 1176 Classic Limiter Plug-In Collection reach the next level ! Highly recommended!

R. Geal


1176 Classic Limiter Collection

These take the grapes and squash them into the finest wine.

S. Seiver



this bundle is beyond useable. it has made its way everywhere in my mixes. so happy to have it!!!

F. Hames


1176 learning curve

Very excited to receive the 1176 collection. Certain UA plugs are routine players in mixes. It's always fun to put audio through them and hear for the first time how they react. They each have a character, a color and an instrument/voice they works best on. I'm still trying to figure that out.

M. Smith


My Go To Compressor

I love this emulation! It gets more use than any other compressor I have. Absolutely stellar!!!!!! Should it get a 5 star review, yes! Should it also be a free upgrade to users of the old version, YES! Minus one star!

Used it on the front end to squash a picked bass track and add some grit-stunning! Used it for subtle compression on acoustic guitar, great! Beautiful job on this!

E. Andersen



these compressors are powerful shaping Tools, I can get up to 5-7db of reduction before it breaks apart - thats alot for a software compressor.

T. Zmuda


Great Compression

Just like the real thing. I haven't had the opportunity to A/B the real thing against these emulations in one sitting, however, these plugins sonically please my ears just as much as the 1176 Rev A and E do. I'm a big fan of these plugins and use them in so many of my mixes. If you own the 1176 from the Analog Classics Legacy bundle and are thinking that you are set as far as 1176 style compression goes, you need to pick up this bundle. I'm not much of an advocate of plugins over using hardware, but how many of us can really afford to go out and drop several grand on a few 1176s that might have the sound we're looking for. An affordable alternative that go far above and beyond the 1176 that comes in your AC bundle. Give it a try.

J. Braun


Great Product

This bundle sounds killer and sleighs the competition in my opinion. I prefer these over any other 1176 emulation by far. Great product!

Y. Picard



These emulations sound like real hardware compressors. Effortlessly gives power and character to vocals. I'm amazed at how far you can push these and still have them sound great.

R. Jacobi


Versatile, colorful and simply a classic

The new 1176 Collection is versatile, colorful and simply a classic. Using it on anything from drums, bass to vocals. Not more to say than well done UA!

A. Fitzpatrick


Great set of plug-ins!

These three emulations are fantastic! They do everything that you ask them to do. And the artist presets are great starting points that encourage tweaking and digging into these compressors to find new sounds. Absolutely solid. Totally worth the purchase!

D. Van


Simply wonderful

These plugins are lush, fat, funky, crisp, punchy and much more. Simply wonderful!

R. Rajaram


Big step up from the Legacy

I demoed these recently and will be buying very soon! I still love and use the Legacy 1176LN but this new collection is definitely a big step up sonically. Just like the LA2A collection, having the three options makes this collection super versatile. Best 1176 emulations I've heard.

R. Sheridan


Best emulations by far!

Bought these as i wasn't convinced by other companies emulations, Best decision ever!!! the AE model is my favourite of the collection its a go to for most things

Great job UA!!!

J. Giese


Good variety

Love the new 1176 collection, only used them for the past week, but so far, I'm super happy. Love the blue stripe version, and the 2:1 ratio on the AE is great to have. Well done UAD, you might not support AAX for Windows yet, but I'll wait happily.

G. Cudjoe


1176 limiter

Well,well,well uad,you guys know your stuff,i have been a uad customer for the last fewmonths and cant wait to buy more plugins,all my mixes sound freakin awsome,
Well done uad.I

941-960 of1354件の結果

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