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Brainworx bx_masterdesk

Overall Rating


N. Bravin


Efficace et simple d'utilisation

Jj'ai tout de suite apprécié ce plug simple d'utilisation et très efficace. Il y a certainement mieux en la matière mais pour les novices dont je fais partie cet outil fait le taf.

K. Kaspersen


5 stars, simple but powerful

This mastering tool is a great thing, presets or manually, it helps to shape your final sound!

S. Inwards


Simplified mastering that retains dynamic range

It’s like ‘automatic mastering’ - add to your Master channel and hear and feel the goodness. Select from a comprehensive suite of presets that can be easily tweaked to suit...

W. Maszynski



It is amazing plugin. GameChanger for me...

A. Rapin


A must Have

No need for words, this is simply amazing. On my level, it is taking my demos to the next level.

K. Dobracki


Massive sound

As for the electronic music I am making it just gives this phat sound. Very massive!

A. Adedwuon


Very Useful Mastering Tool

I have had this tool in the box for a while and initially it didn't quite do it for me. Doing all software mixing and mastering, this sounded cold and didn't give me the feel of a real analogue tone, depth, and roundness I was looking for. I went for real analogue Buss compressors and EQs (SSL GComp, HA Successor, and Tegeler Creme) and those by themselves still didn't get me to where I wanted to go. I decided to revisit the Masterdesk by placing it after the analogue chain in real time and boom, the magic came alive. It needed to be fed some mojo for it to now do what it can do, and what it can do is fantastic with this hybrid setup. When you use the real analogue for mainly the feel and depth (minimal to no compression) and then allow the Masterdesk to , almost transparently, do the compression, and final EQ tone, you get your money's worth from it. Why 4 stars and not 5 you may ask. Well, while I find it useful now, it still has it's downside:

1. The Turbo Limiter is thin sounding and I can't use as my final limiter. I place a preferred maximizer/limiter after this for final brick wall .
2. With the compressor link mode engaged, the stereo field shrinks, which is not acceptable to me. I use it in unlinked mode which makes the sound more open with the draw back of transient perceived shift in the stereo field.
3. A HPF would have been good to have for high frequency roll off
4. The resonance filters I think are impacting the overall sound in a not so good way. I don't use them.
5. The stereo Enhance is not that useful for me when compared to what my hardware stereo image shaper is doing.

Despite the downsides, I still find the rest of the tool useful as I am now much closer to getting that perfect master sound I have been working on with my current Hybrid setup. The Masterdesk and a limiter, for now, are the only software I need at the end of my analogue chain. Very useful mastering tool!

R. Studio


For fast work

Easy to use and great for fast mastering.

B. Tari


Master! Master! (Metallica)


E. Koch


i cannot say enough, ( had to chime in again )

i have both this and the classic....Brainworx knocked it out of the park with these two units, i have both because i use them for tracking with my Apollo, so the classic is nice when i need more chain resources ... they are as clean as warm gets, and as warm as clean gets, and that's the gold when you're tracking ... THANK YOU BRAINWORX AND UAD

K. Neill


fantastic plug in

To me this is one of her best plug ins out there. it's intuitive and gives you everything you need to put some nice touches on your mix. i can't imagine what i could do with this plug if i had a set of mastering ears.



One of my go to plugins.

I would describe the BX Masterdesk as smooth, intuitively easy-to-use, and immediately producing noticeable, desired results.

We can each get to finish line using so many tools and combinations these days.

For me, the Masterdesk is one of the plugins I depend on most regularly and get immediately enjoyment using. As other users have noted, no matter how good you think your mix already is, adding this to the mix bus will make your mix sound even better in a matter of seconds.

My favorite parts are bumping the treble and presence ever so slightly and playing with the width feature. Really a fantastic, fairly analog sounding plugin.

m. Edwards


However good you think your mix is, this makes it better!

This is a magic piece of kit for the final shaping of your sound. Takes a while to master endless options but the pre-sets can give great base to fine tune from. Masterfull!

B. Bremer



Swiss Army Knife of mastering. You want LOUD? This has it. Subtle mix compression? No problem. Overall tonal tuning? Limiting? Ham and cheese on rye? All here in one truly remarkable Plugin.

A. stærkær


awesome tool

Easy to use. Never been more easy to dial in tonal balance of a mix. I don't really use all of its applications, but it's possible to get a quality master with this and a limiter. Having so many functions inside 1 plugin is cool

C. Lee


Great for final master!

The Compressor features are wonderful as well!

E. Fenenbock


Mix Bus Magic

This plugin works extremely well as the last plugin on the mix bus.

A. Gerdlind


Mastering plugin

Fast and intuitive to use. Brilliant product that give you a better sounding production in seconds. A highly recommended plug-in if you want to try mastering yourself.

V. Kozarin


It’s absolutely great

Good sound ,easy to work with, a few good presets of the starting point to make a quality master and I love it. Great plug-in, thank you universal audio, DeeJ’VADIM

A. Kostasenko


Fast mastering

Interesting sound on in end of mix. I prefer to use it now comparing with iZotope ozone 9