Brigade Chorus Pedal

Brigade Chorus Pedal

通常価格: $99.00


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通常価格: $99.00


You'll Save 20%


Thick '70s analog shimmer and deep, huge vibrato.

Revered for its warm, organic modulation and chewy pitch-shifting vibrato, the BOSS CE-1 Chorus Ensemble* was the first ever production stompbox chorus. Introduced in 1976, this heavy-duty pewter box quickly dazzled players and producers with its luxuriant, dreamy textures.

The Brigade Chorus Pedal plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces emulates every inch of this legendary pedal, expertly capturing its legendary bucket-brigade circuit to deliver captivating chorus shimmer and wobbly vibrato that works on nearly any source.

Now You Can:

Give parts and instruments 3-D movement with legendary bucket-brigade chorus

Add thickness, width, and shimmer to guitars, vocals, drums, pianos, and more

Create subtle detuned textures or all out warble with unmatched vibrato circuit

Get legendary, milkshake-thick chorus on electric guitar and bass tracks

Take a listen

Take a listen
Bucket-Brigade Circuit

Bucket-Brigade Circuit

Key to the original hardware’s magic is its bucket-brigade circuit; a series of capacitors that pass the effected analog signal along subsequent transistor stages — the “bucket brigade.” As the signal moves down the line, the delayed signal degrades in a uniquely warm and musical fashion, gently caressing treble frequencies and introducing organic, wholly analog modulation. UA’s team of DSP experts have captured this classic circuit in all its glory for the Brigade Chorus Pedal plug-in.

A Chorus for Any Source

A Chorus for Any Source

Sporting simple, straightforward features, the Brigade Chorus Pedal plug-in can be used on a channel strip or an effects bus to subtly enhance or transform anything you run through it. Easily widen vocals or add haze and shimmer to drum overheads. On electric guitar and bass, the Brigade Chorus Pedal plug-in yields the fat, unmistakable guitar sound of late ’70s Rush and the electric bass textures of the Cure and New Order. Or you can put the Brigade Chorus Pedal plug-in on a Fender Rhodes patch a‘la Herbie Hancock.

Maximum Spread

Maximum Spread

When used with stereo tracks or buses, the Brigade Chorus Pedal plug-in can be used exactly as the original pedal — left side dry, right side effected. But with the “plug-in only” Dual Mode, the Brigade Chorus Pedal acts as if two pedals are patched in using their mono outputs — giving you maximum left/right spread. Whereas some chorus units sound unnatural and “tacked on,” the Brigade Chorus Pedal plug-in gets inside your sources with high-caloric chorus thick enough to spoon out of your speakers.

*The Brigade Chorus product is not affiliated with, sponsored, nor endorsed by Roland or BOSS. The Roland and BOSS names, as well as the CE-1 and Chorus Ensemble model names, are used solely to identify the classic effects emulated by Universal Audio's product.

Key Features

Authentic emulation of legendary analog bucket-brigade ’70s chorus pedal
Adds 3-D movement with legendary bucket-brigade chorus
Gives width, and shimmer to guitars, vocals, drums, pianos, and more
Creates subtle detuned textures or all out warble with unmatched vibrato circuit
Plug-in-only Dual mode replicates running two pedals in stereo for maximum Left/Right spread


Brigade Chorus Pedal プラグイン

T. Mandylas


Disappointed. Just not a nice sounding chorus.

Hi everyone, my first review. Oh, don't get me wrong, i adore most of my UAD plugins and have some very positive reviews coming.I had high hopes for this, but note, i am unfamiliar with the hardware it emulates. All i can say is, after hours of tweaking every combination imaginable, I simply do not like the sound of the chorus on guitar or bass, whatsoever. Curiosity led me to try it on pads and synths where it impressed me even less. I find it cold and impossible to dial in the right setting to get any sort of realistic or lush chorus. It's so easy to with many of my native chorus plugins, which this trails by a mile. Perhaps it has usage in special fx arena. I won't ever go to this for my first reach chorus, for any source unfortunately

H. Barnard


5 Stars

A must have for guitarists and bassists. Sounds and plays just like a vintage pedal... fantastic plug-in.

J. Park



Light , Sounds good.

M. Rojas



Se siente la "orgánico del pedal", usado en guitarras directodesde la consola UA

T. Chaz


Lost pleasure, found again

I've never been quite satisfied with chorus plugins before. Always went back to my pedals when it was time to use one. For the first time, my Boss are staying on the shelf, and I find the same pleasing and ever modulating sound character in this Brigade Chorus.

Plus, just as the original, it's two effects in one, and both the Vibrato and the Chorus are superb, no matter if dialed all the way to extreme settings or more reasonable ones.

s. fujimoto


Let's fit analog equipment

One and only chorus

L. Rushton


Not sure where I'd use it

I haven't played around with it too much, so far. With what I've done, I think it may have some potential, but I'm a bit lost at the moment to see where to get it into operation.

O. Smari


Great chorus

Does what it’s supposed to do. I’m very happy with it, can recommend!

A. Daoutakis



Chuck this on a Synth and revel in the ear candy. Nice smooth chorus with plenty of presets.

M. Heffernan



Nice sounding chorus pedal. Sounds pretty convincing! For me it is best to use it sparingly, used subtly on bass and background vocals!

B. Barnier


Chorus pedal.

If I ever travel to 1987 and make pop music for pride festivals, I will use this and a Roland JC to really accentuate the sound of my digital trumpet on my Casio 8700 LDX.

R. Gun



This one´s for the gritt.
For my opinion to much "sound" to less quality, but sometimes the hit.

T. Funklord


Sounds like a pedal would.

Biggest gripe is that it's heavy-handed in some ways. That's awesome for a literal stompbox emulation, but it can be a bit much for certain styles. Up to your taste, really.

Personally getting more usage out of the trem than the chorus for synths, but the chorus does sound tastier with a nice vintage keyboard or a Strat through it.

J. Marshall


Useful modulation effect.

This chorus pedal effect is useful for creatively modulating vocals, guitars etc.

T. Sahebjam


Killer Chorus!

Great character. Blows the stock chorus on my DAW out of the water.



Great Chorus

Most analog-sounding chorus. If you're into these kind of sounds, you need to buy it.



Pretty cool !

This chorus is excellent. I wouldn't use it on vocal, unless for creative ideas, but on guitars synths, it does an amazing job with a very specific signature sound that I can't find in any other chorus plugins.

M. Heisel


To Be Honest

At first I didn't expect to have much of a use for it, but it has been a very pleasant surprise.

j. jenquin



Subtle to extreme, brigade chorus adds just the right flavor to my productions.

A. Petrakov


Great sound

Another chorus in my arsenal, it has it’s own character so this is another color in my pallet, sound is great.