Apollo Twin MkII

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Apollo Twin MkII

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k. deuk


Best Sound

Best Interface
Number One

M. Maranzano


Finally Apollo Twin MkII Quad!!!!

Apollo Twin MkII Quad: Finally no problem to run multiple heavy DSP usage Plug-in at same time. Good, Solid and with a lot of Space.

J. Cook


Great interface

I highly recommend this product. Seamless connectivity low latency and great app plugins make this the best bang for your buck.

D. Byron


The very best!

Everyday I use it I stay blown away. It's powerful and all around the best of the best.

E. Gunnlaugsson


Love my apollo mkII

I realy love me apollo mkII Only thing that i would love to change is to be able to push down this lovley big button to mute :)

D. rajana


apollo twin mk 2

i didnt get the right answer from universal audio .....ur product is amazing and im happy with this but a small thing and the problem about the plugins .....i purchased this in the month december after seeing the offer 999 dollars worth plugins are free if purchased this ??? so, i got apollo twin mk 2 but plugins are not .....plzz somebody respond on what happened ...thank you

J. Gutierrez Valle



Lo recomiendo a todo amante de la música. El mejor comentario es decir: probarlo!!!

A. Komkov


This is one way ticket to world of pro audio equipment

I bought this to figure out why it is so expensive. And I understood everything after the first use. First-class hardware, fastest software, comfortable control, perfect performance — and it's all in one small device. Using plugins with no latency, it's something incredible! Thank you UAD team!

K. Schwarzer


New world

For me it's like diving into a new world. Fantastic tool!!!

T. Ponomarev


Great hardware

I bought an Apollo Twin device. It is really great stuff. I like this Unison feature so much in connection with my Rode K2 microphone. Very clean and warm sound on the output.

D. Edge


This product is crazy

Worth every dollar just wish demos lasted longer

J. Oliveira


Perfect solution

Whether or not you are on a budget this audio interface matches your needs for most recording and mixing situations. As a podcaster and EDM producer I'm very satisfied with it.

b. foirier



easy to use and very effective

C. Bone


Two years on from purchase....still blown away.

Don’t hesitate to buy, I thought my old Apog** system was the best on the market until I worked with this. Inspiring and exciting to use the UA workflow and plugins, dynamic and almost three dimensional sound definition, alive, vibrant. I recently finished recording an album entirely with this system and could not be more pleased with the results and comments received. Very much looking forward to Luna for totally immersive UA experience.

y. lee


Best interface for home-recorders


R. Dickson


Simply incredible

Easy to use, well built, great sound, great plugins. Very happy I pulled the trigger.

M. Azmin


UAD rules!

Its my first time with UAD, and i can say WOW!!

P. Graue


Best converter!

One of the best mobile converters ever! Transparent!

l. maxon


Apollo Twin is the best!

Easy to use and understand with the highest quality components out there. Professional results guaranteed!

b. village


I didn’t know what I was getting into

When I jumped over from a Scarlett it was for the claimed conversion and preamps, I just wanted cleaner sound. Once I got rolling and familiar with console and started understanding the concept, along with the outstanding sound quality and emulations, well I took all my guitar gear and traded it for an Apollo 8 like a few days later..... and I’ll probably get another one when the taxes roll in. The products are just amazing thank you guys for dedication.

1-20 of946件の結果

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