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Widen your mixes and recover the natural ambience of your recorded sources.

The Precision K-Stereo Ambience Recovery plug-in for UAD-2 and Apollo interfaces allows you to precisely enhance the stereo depth and imaging of your mixes without unwanted artifacts.

Created for the UAD platform with famed mastering engineer Bob Katz, the Precision K-Stereo plug-in is designed for critical 2-track mastering applications — from jazz to rock to hip-hop — and is the natural-sounding cure for busy or narrow-sounding mixes.

Add depth and imaging to instruments and vocals without adding artificial reverb

Extract ambience from source material, naturally, adding depth and width to the stereo field

Harness Mid/Side gain controls adjust the center-to-side balance of mixes

Tweak further with powerful three-band Ambience Filter EQ

5-Min UAD Tip
5-Min UAD Tip

5-Min UAD Tip

In this video, learn how to widen your mix and give a drum overhead mic more of a room sound with the UAD Precision K-Stereo Ambience Recovery Plug-In.

Key Features

Unique ambience recovery and stereo processing tool, created and patented by famed mastering engineer Bob Katz
Extracts ambient cues from the source material, naturally adding depth and width to the stereo field
Perfect for fixing busy or “narrow” mixes at the mastering stage
3-band Ambience Filter EQ for further shaping the effect
Mid/Side gain controls adjust the center-to-side balance
Left/Right Gain controls for final stereo image balancing and leveling
Custom user presets created by Bob Katz
Requires UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface, available from authorized dealers worldwide


Precision K-Stereo Ambience Recovery

Overall Rating


N. Bankhead


This is a pure game changer for independent artist!

I saw the review for this on the UAD channel, so I got the demo to try out on my new Ep I'm working on, this is that "thang". This is really a game changing piece of gear. Put it on your master bus and baby your life will change! Universal Audio does a phenomenal job at creating these plug-ins, this is beyond incredible. As an independent artist, I encourage all of my peers working to get your sound as close to a pro studio sound, to get this plug-in or at least demo it, you can thank me later. You will hear instantly how this thing makes the track bigger, not louder...bigger, warmer, cleaner, fuller and more polished. It's that "Thang."

W. Meis



My new tool for special task.

D. Giovanni


Never received

I can’t even review something I never received!! Tried to reach out to support with no response or help. Buy your products from plugin boutique save yourself some headaches!

T. Engel


Finaler Schliff

Seit 5 Jahren bei fast jedem Master oder Mix in Verwendung. Hilfreich um Instrumenten- oder Vocalgruppen Tiefe und Breite zu verleihen. Funktioniert für mich am Besten auf sehr dichten Mischungen.

M. Fagnoul


K Wiz

The K Wizzard ! a must have

F. Hasan


one of the best plugin for mastering!

no other competitor could make like this plugin yet!





P. Vincent


A Quick Way to Add Ambience

This plugin is very good in that it cleanly provides presence and ambience without adding phase artifacts (at least I can't hear any). It adds an audible 3D sound field to an otherwise flat 2D-sounding image. It's hard to describe, but you can hear it when you put this on your master bus. Highly recommended.

J. Smalls


The All-Around Plug-in!

This plug-in provides a depth in the stereo field which is very helpful for me as a vocalist because it helps with sitting vocals right upfront in the middle of the mix. I stumbled on this plug-in by accident and I'm so happy I did. This plug-in is a must have for engineers and producers.

A. Lee


software instruments? fear not...

Adds a lovely sense of depth which helps to make something digital sound like it's been recorded in a room - I like

b. youssef



Très bon belle journée image

b. youssef



Très bon belle journée image

b. youssef



Très bon belle journée image

b. youssef



Très bon belle journée image

S. Jones


After hearing you can't go without it

I've had this plug-in sitting on my wish list for the longest time and now I finally purchased. I added it to the stereo bus and tweaked the controls a bit and WOW! It added so much width and balance to the recording. I turned it off to compare without it and was blown away by the difference. I would absolutely recommend adding Precision-K Stereo to your plug-in library.

M. Nowakowski



This is the best imager plugin!

M. Nowakowski



This is the best imager plugin!

R. Kirk


Subtle Magic Dust

Great plugin for carving out a little sonic space in the mid or side of a stereo bus, i.e. guitars. Also, a nice touch to restore a bit of the natural room sound from a drum kit recording. I wouldn't use it on everything, but I've found that both these use cases sound great and are complementary to one another.

D. Ho


“Wider Than Life” mixes

This is an ideal plug-in if you’re looking for a broad, open sounding mix. Just drop it on the stereo master! For songs with vocals, I cut mids from the effect to keep the lead centered.

A. Dwarka


Magical sound!

What kind of magic spell is this . ..needed this!