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Teletronix® LA-2A Classic Leveler コレクション

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C. Arzola



Please go for it. Best compressor out there, to me, best plugin from Universal Audio.

W. Chery



This is so so good! that's all I can say!

p. mitchem


Spot on

Having worked with these units for over 20 years, these plugs do not disappoint. Spot on emulation, great good UA

M. Hebert Talbot


Absolutely love em!

Use them almost on everything!

V. Ruzicic


Perfect solution for many things!

Use on bass guitar,vocals,keys….great!!!

D. Franzén


Best emulation

I’ve tried several emulations of the LA 2A and this one is by far the best. It ads depth and punched some real nice distortion. It’s a go to for vocals, guitars and more!

V. Trendel


The great Classics !!!

Obligatory in each collection in home studio, professional studio or just to have them and watch them ;-)
An essential part of his equipment

S. Rico Hernandez


Una valiosa inversión

Es como tener el hardware.

Z. Juhasz


Sexiest compressor ever

It's not just an a LA-2A, it's the LA-2A! Three versions is different world in one galaxy. Not just on vocals or bass but on syths and amaizing on drum bus with 1176. Best thing you can do just drop on the kick drum.. oh boiii! Don't do that I'm just joking. :)
The pont is easy to use hard to master.

A. Berglund


The Classic

Really great on vocals and bass!

S. Andres


It’s theirs

If they cannot make it sound truthful , then who would? It just delivers.

L. Spilger


That Mojo on vocals

There‘s always one of these in my vocal chain - either the gray edition or just the la2 for even more vintage harmonic mojo.

N. Hassling-Offrell


Great collection!

A great step up from the legacy versions. Using them all the time and great to have them in spark

E. Jones


Owned it, then got it for free again for some reason

Merry Christmas?

All poking fun at UAD aside, they have the BEST LA2A emulation. I haven't used a dsp based interface from them in 2 years after the x6 came out, and until they offered it native haven't been able to use it. So this is pretty awesome. Buy it if you don't have it already. They make the best, let alone a collection of the best.

M. Johannes


LA-2A for ever

A Great Collection of LA-2A(s)

J. Gellis


Opto compression - smoooooth

You need this compressor. It is useful on so many different instruments but also in conjunction with other compressors.

A. Litwinowicz


Super classic compressors.

Super classic compressors. They are irreplaceable in many tasks. I use them for every project and I am very satisfied. It's a pity that Silver in this set is not replaced with another plug-in, because SILVER is duplicated from the original classic bundle and now I have 2 of the same plug-ins ;)

m. marchewka


Smooth operator


R. Stevens


I like these but I'm tired of buying them over and over again

When I first bought my UAD-1 card in 2004, the LA2A was included in the bundle. Then they upgraded it and called the version I had "Legacy". I again had to shell out cash for the non legacy version. Then when upgraded to UAD2 system, I once again had to purchase the LA2As as my UAD1 versions were once again labelled "Legacy". So now, I upgrade one more time, until the next time I suppose.

T. Spaniel


My All time favorite Compressor

really nice coloration, easy and quick to use. My absolute favorite for vocals.
One of the best compressors out there.

41-60 of1204件の結果

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