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Sonnox® Oxford Inflator

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J. Moore



This plugin has change the way my mixes sound and it has also giving me the power to increase the loudness without compromising the dynamics of the mix! Great!!! love it

S. Shaw


Magic - don't overdo it :)

This plug is definitely a secret sauce. Again, can't tell what it is doing but it's always sounding good. It's so tempting to drag the slider to the top every time!

. Atzeni


Useful for Allmost Everything!!!

This Plug-in makes everything sound thicker. Great for thin Vocals.

A. Kolomvatsos


It's like... magic!

No idea how they do idea. Maybe a harmonic distortion? The outcome is amazing. Makes instruments "pop" out in the mix or even make the mix sound "louder" or add some fatness to it. it can be a permanent thing on your mixbus

S. Roefs


Loud, louder loudest

Never used this until a client kept asking to making a song louder and even louder, and it did wonders. Now that I have this and now what it can do, I use it quite often.

D. Lombardi


Secret Sauce

Somehow it always finds a little more volume on my masters. Love it

W. Pruksavanich


I love it!

I'm a saxophonist who makes the backing track to play for myself. This "Sonnox Oxford Inflator" help me to manage my saxophone sound and the sound sampling very well in the way of colours, wide and deep. I will explore more.

s. abraham



Love it

n. rombouts


too addictive

This is really a great tool to to put on a mixbus and enhance your mix without making it louder or loosing too much dynamics. But check with the mastering if this is really necessay. I use it mainly to see what a mastering can do with the mix.

A. Cuello


King of Loudness

A must-have plugin to get loud without losing dynamics.

A. Richardson


Thank you

I love it

A. Londero


A real BOMB!!!

Love this plug in I use it on every Bus Tracks and my Master too .

D. Edwards


Simply Put!

This plug-in rocks! What more is there to say other than I'm looking forward to trying it's saturation capabilities.

F. Torres


Just Amazing

Loving It!!! U just stack it in the master channel and Boom... amazing how Cristal Clear brings your Volume Up nice and strong without affecting anything else and keeping your dynamics without distorting the signal.

j. deandrade


buying it now

heard good things

H. Johnson USA Music


Nice Final Touch

I've been pleased with the extra punch & head room the Inflator leaves in the music.

G. Gassert


Great Plugin

Its on my Master Buss from now on

a. ramic




R. Trevor


My one regret

I regret I didn’t get this sooner.
It does exactly what it’s supposed to do and no pumping !

J. Gutman Rodrigues


Pure Witchcraft...

This is so good that... I can't even...
How did I live without this plug-in all these years?

181-200 of446件の結果

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