Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe

Fender® '55 Tweed Deluxe

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Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe

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V. Vlodarchyk


Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe

Nice plug-in I recommend

M. Ferreira


Wow! It a real Fender!

It Sounds and feels great!

K. Fulford


Look elsewhere

Can't get a clean sound no matter what I try. Might work with a strat or tele but Gibson owners stay away. If you turn the instrument gain down almost all the way and the mic volume up it kinda works but still breaks up (maybe that's by design?). Really need a Fender Twin Reverb emulation on the UAD platform.

J. Walker


A Worthy Software Amp

I have a collection of vintage tube amps that I use for recording and this is the best software I’ve found to compete with the real thing. It’s better than the UA/Softube stuff (which is pretty good) and I think it’s more articulate and real sounding than both Bias and Guitar Rig. I like the interface and how it mimics the OX software. I’d like UA to make more of these amp sims - I would buy and regularly use a Blackface collection (Deluxe, Twin, etc.) as well as a tweed Bassman sim. I’d also love to see UA’s take on Marshall.

The one improvement I’d make is to add some overhead to the volume output in the mic section as it’s pretty easy to overload the inputs on my Apollos when I’m using humbuckers.

P. Bartušek




P. McMillan


Pretty good emulation!

Nice range of sounds on offer, filled a gap for me on the clean side. Captures a lot of the sound if not the feel of a nice fender amp. I go to this plugin more than I do the other emulations, so I recommend it.




Expectations are a strange thing. All sorts of tones available here, but not without approaching it like a real vintage amp. Modern gainstaging puts the details on dedicated controls, but here the details are found in the balance of input levels, channel volume and speaker choice. The I respond to the amp has as much to do with feeling as it does with sound. For a player there’s the potential for the innocent joy of discovery here.

F. Ramirez Jessen



I had the Eleven Rack and after demoing this plugin a sold it.

A. Mouridsen


Not up to UAD standards

I love and swear by my UAD plug-ins, but for the life of me I can not get any of my amp models to sound even halfway decent. I have this one and the Marshall and I can’t even get a decent clean time out of it! Crazy unpleasant treble and ugly unnatural distortion - I’ve tried it all and it seems to simply be the sound. I love UAD, but I’d ask for my money back for this one if I could.

R. Rattanakorn


Classic Fender Tweed Sounds

Very happy with my purchase. The UAD emulation of the Fender 55’ Tweed Deluxe sounds amazing with my Fender Strat. The presets are also pretty varied. I really love playing with the plug-in through my monitors. It almost sounds like an original amp.

M. McMillan


Incredibly Musical Emulation

I picked this up and used it on a session to track guitars that needed to sound like Revolver era Beatles. I found this emulation to be incredibly flexible and musical. I love the variety of mics and mic placements, as well as the unique tonal character of the different inputs. Amazing Work UA!!!

A. Tebeleff


Great Emulation

Hard to beat emulation, not normally a fan of plugins like these

G. Craig


Even better than the real thing…

Being the recording artist, the sound engineer, mixer, mastering engineer, marketing consultant, graphic designer and distributor for a one-man show out of the home office recording studio is hard enough. Anything to streamline the process is necessary. So, I stopped mic’ing my super champ and started tracking with the UA ‘55 Tweed. The time saved is invaluable, but if the sound quality was compromised I would have gone back to the microphone and amp. I’ve sold the amp.
The tonal qualities are dead-on. The flexibility of tones is remarkable from the presets to the virtual microphone controls to the plugin’s pristine integration with the UA verb, compression and eq fx in LUNA or if you run it through Console. It’s the first amp I go to when tracking my strat or telecaster.

G. Aksoy



My god, it’s so good!




I’ve tried owned and used many virtual amps, but this is the first one ever to remind me of the feeling of simple pleasure I find in playing the guitar. The connection feels physical. The responsiveness feels identical to the hardware. I close my eyes and I can almost smell hot valves.

r. denger


True sound

This amp has character and chime. Great sound overall

E. Koch



The Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe has good balance of output transformer saturation and cone breakup, but it get's ratty and nasty if you push into it too hard; so look for something else if you like fire-breathing leads..but Excellent clean and touch sensitive crunch here..
i found i like running both inputs Y-ed and about even gain on both...
the Tone being Bright + Swat, i move the input gains together and bounce back and forth with the tone tweak...die hard on the Jensen alnico, i sort of wish there was a "Celestion Ruby" and a Ted Weber alnico option instead of the JBL and GB...but the Jensen is decent.
the Brainworks BX Masterdeck Classic works excellent as a tracking processor on this Ampsim...the Compression really lets the amp tone breath, and the EQ of the masterdeck classic Makes the Amp So Much More Flexible that those two plugins are as one guitar channel strip in my mind..

F. Brocchini


Fender '55

A real amp !

A. Mikheev


Fender '55 Tweed Deluxe

Probably best emulation of guitar amp. Brilliant vintage with crispy sound. Definitely my fav.

m. chavarria


It Doesn't do it for me.

I'm a big fan of UA plugins in general, but I have to say that I tried every amp. This and the Suhr were my favorite but when it comes down to it the feeling you have while playing it does not even touch my cheapest 150$ practice amp. I thought I could do without a real amp but to me there is just no joy in playing through any of these. I could see myself using this on something where the guitar wasn't in the foreground just for speed and simplicity but when it comes to guitar based music we are miles away.

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