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H. Manh Thai


Apolo arrow

Super interface!

S. Quadros


UAD Arrow Interface

Same great quality with great sound plus access to unison technology!! I love this ecosystem!!

E. Smith


Great priced interface for the power

This thing is awesome. I have an Apollo 8P and this is great to take on the road and have the same sound quality.

D. Allen



It’s great for what i used it for as a songwriter and producer.

p. duval


le top

Excellent convertisseur. le 192khz est énorme en précision, clarté !! Valable que pour le live, ça sert à rien de rec à cette fréquence pour finir en 44.1khz.... Effectivement, le fait de ne pas pouvoir décharger la carte son pour charger le processeur en plugins, ne m'amène pas a en acheter d'autres. Pour ça mieux vaut prendre un modèle au dessus. Je considère que UAD est tout en haut à tout les niveaux. A ce tarif accessible, c'est entrer dans le véritable monde de la MAO. Merci à la marque. Je ne critique pas le modèle économique, 500€, c'est pas vraiment cher(le pc pour la MAO, c'est bien plus cher....) pour ce niveau de gamme, qui permet, de l'amateur au professionnel, d'obtenir un son de très haut niveau. Je resterais dans la marque pour mes futurs upgrade assurément ! Et merci de permettre le thunderbolt, c'est aussi un bel argument qui m'a convaincu et qui enterre définitivement l'usb.

C. Jaggernauth


You get what you pay for - Arrow is phenomenal.

I just got my hands on the Arrow (I guess the solo rebranded) and its phenomenal. Super low latency for VST synths and none what so ever with the plug-ins. Yes its a couple extra $$ for it compared to say the "red" one, but it worth every dollar. The build quality is top notch and using it was a breeze. I had RME HDSPa AIO card and that was also awesome, but it was far too difficult to use for a novice like myself. So when I switched to a Mac, I research AI's and UA was the most recommended brand, and it sure is great!!!



ARROW the Versatile

Working with the ARROW for a few monthes now , Usefull , stable ,pratical, all this with quality inputs . using it most of the time as a "4 tracks tapes" to mix old school dubs , and when is not the main director , I rout 2 auxiliaries from the analog desk to the ARROW inputs , to get 2 effects of UA live in the setup ... What is interesting , isthat when the DAW is running on another sound card , the ARROW is still useable as a standalone desk/fx dsp that runs without any trouble beside the other interface, so in addition of a sound card this is a possibility to have 2 high quality effects chain ready to be unleash at any time. Quality.

R. Sellin


Connectivity Issues

From the start the machine seemed to have issues connecting reliably to my mac. Then there was a time I went well. Then it stopped connecting all together. So here we are.

I liked the look and feel of it. Though my zoom H6 seems to have better recording quality...

All in all more worries than good times.

P. Mukh


Uad arrow

This guy is a great tour guide. Easy to operate, sounds great, helped me out more than once when there is no way to stop by the studio and urgently need to redo something. I recommend it as the first interface that will introduce you to this cool Uad company. My next move was on a twin mk2 quad. Thanks to UA for such cool interfaces and plugins. I'm with this company for the long haul! I see no compromise!

C. Little


Great interface

Solid and easy to use. Nice mic and headphone amps. But a solo core is not enough for mixing.

J. lemke


UAD Arrow

I am loving my universal audio Arrow.The main attraction was being bus powered for portable flexibility with my MacBook. Excited to try out the unison tech.

S. Debontridder


Huge sound, small package.

I got myself an Arrow in order to be able to do post production work and vocal recordings away from my main studio. The sound and build quality for this thing are superb, and I really love the aesthetic of it as well. There's not that much DSP on board, but being able to track something through a Unison preamp on the go, without the need for an external power supply, is pure bliss. I'll gladly recommend this one!

L. Soto


Great a useful device

Plug and play a great quality

E. Dyer


Mac Big Sur User - Issues with vocal quality after driver update

I was using the Arrow UAD2 with Studio one for about a year, then suddenly nothing would go through when trying to record, it would register on the monitor, but there would be nothing on the track your recording to, then it stopped playing anything back through the headphones. I was afraid the device broke at that point, but then found out the drivers were out of date. Uninstalled old ones and downloaded new ones and followed every stop the site told me to.
It worked again! That is until i went to record my first vocal with an instrumental.
Sounds like im in a massive room, everything has a slight echo to it i record now.
Yes i had the track muted while recording. Doing everything like i did before, but i just cant figure out why its echoing now. Ive looked far and wide online and im at the point of giving up now.
I know its probably a simple thing im missing, but what bothers me the most, is that the device seems to work so good most of the time, you cant find anything online to troubleshoot with because very few have reported any problems like this.
Im sad




small gigant :)

D. Tedesco



This interface is like night and day compared to the scarlet 2i4 I had for 10 years. Would definitely recommend making the investment!

l. miller


Arrow (Solo)

Owned this for a month. Overall satisfaction: "A"
Works properly. Sounds good.
Set up was more difficult that it should have been.
But once you get through it, all is good.
I would recommend "Arrow" or "Solo"

J. Eadeh


Expensive door stop

Too heavy and bulky to be portable. Only one thunderbolt connector. Cannot run even one instance of Capital Chambers alone. Build quality is nice, so I gave it a star.

F. Rohleder


Waste of money! Useless bad quality product and support.

This product is perfect for you if you like cracking, noise and distortion instead of clean sound. Absolutely useless for the purpose of making music! Even 1 star is too many.

The support is also a huge annoyance. No help can be expected and after payment you are left alone with a low quality non-functional product. The worst support I have ever experienced. After requesting exchange or refund I was pointed to a chargeable repair service. Are you serious? Never again spending money for products of this brand.

Y. Radermacher


Excellent introduction to UAD

I love this interface. I'm a guitar player, so the solo core is sufficient for my tracking needs. I mix with an Octo and we have plenty of UA gear at the studio. If you're interested in real time tracking and introduction to UAD plugins, this is an excellent way to get there. The preamp is great (unison even more so) and you'll definitely get a bang for the buck. Only negative is that once you taste uad, it's difficult not to use them more consistently ;)

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