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J. Biscaya


Great for Video Productions and Live Streaming

Very satisfied, great tool for podcasts, audio and video post production, webcasts, etc...

F. Lizarralde



Funciona genial, muy fácil de usar y más aún con los videos explicativos de Universal Audio.

m. Bahramzadeh


I love it!

No latency for real!! I love it so much

J. Casas


Another world....another dimension of professional sound!

There is a before and after .... a before that is made up of good interfaces with great value for money, and that honestly cover its mission and there is a after, with Universal Audio, where one did not imagine that it could be reached. sound so incredibly good. My Voice Over recordings have taken a spectacular qualitative leap. I am in love with my Arrow !! (And with my Rode K2, which I couldn't take advantage of until I connected it to my Arrow!)

A. Burn


Outstanding and robust interface

The UAD Arrow is a beast in a small package. Amazingly reliable. The countless flavors of tone you can achieve with the unison preamps paired with the UAD plug ins cannot be matched. A portable usb-c interface that packs decades of legendary audio history in its box is a complete game changer.

L. Begnaud


Great Upgrade

Great experience setting it up and get familiar with the Arrow. Huge improvement in sound quality from my previous interface. It has more features than any other unit at its price. Overall exactly what I needed.

G. Luperto


Not Bad

La uso per il mio home studio, essendo uno studio fatto a casa è perfetta per il suo utilizzo.
Piccola, compatta, incredibile e offre un sound da paura!!!
se ti serve una scheda audio Per non spendere un patrimonio e senza avere un pessimo prodotto questa fa al caso tuo

A. Alescio


Just in love with this little thing

I wish I knew about Arrow right when it came out. Amazing audio quality

W. Astley


Arrow interface.

As an existing user of universal audio products , I thought I’d purchase the arrow as a mobile easy buss powered solution . This unit is a great interface sounds great and is simple to use and set up , I’m just getting to grips with the Luna software . Thinking of making the switch / using in tandem with my current daw ! The only disappointment is that I currently already own all the bundled plugins . And you don’t offer a credit or a choice of a free plugin in its place or for something new to use ,While tracking or mixing ! UA sort this out I’m sure lots of people with various units feel the same !! A bit of loyalty reward for buying more product surely ? Given 4 stars for product , but 1 star for lack of concern with users who already own the bundled plugins .

D. Seemayr


Gefällt mir sehr sehr gut

Super Produkt. Funktioniert einfach über Thunderbolt 3 (Kabel musste ich leider extra kaufen) und ohne externe Stromzufuhr - macht das Teil echt praktisch :)

J. Zapp


Wanted to stick with UA while on the road

I’m a voice actor and wanted an interface that would be portable and easy to use while traveling, yet still enable me to access all of my UAD plug-ins. I’m glad I settled on the Arrow - it works flawlessly for my VO needs, hooked up to my new MacBook Pro via Thunderbolt 3. I use the Apollo Twin in my home studio. UA has never steered me wrong & I highly recommend the Arrow! This company makes stellar products, as well as offering incredible service and support. Thank you.

R. Rewt



I'm a composer which wanted a secondary unit using thunderbolt 3, which I could use remotely if need be. I use AVID rig in my work, using both Logic PRO X and Cubase Pro , Prior to purchaseing this Arrow, I have tried the new SSL units, Latest Presonus units, and others, all using c type USB. for approximately 30 day periods prior to purchasing the Arrow.
This review of the Arrow, based on, of course, my first impressions and normal practises in my work.

1, The unit is well constructed
2, The UA apps are all first class apps
3, I was motivated to buy the Arrow for two main reasons, the promise of Thunderbolt 3, as it relates to latency in recording, and playback !
I found the latency is near perfect in recording, as long as you record one performer at once.
The latency as per playback with the DAW is not any better than any of the other USB type C units on the market for considerably less money.
Secondly, I bought the UA product, the Arrow, for the use UA plugins, Unfortunately I discovered very quickly that you have very limited use of the plugins because of a major negative, as far as I am concerned. Unfortunately, I had the understanding that since the Arrow came with 14 great plugins, you could use several at once, in a chain, if needed as inserts during recording virtually or live. This is NOT the case. I was able , at best to use Two plugins in either case, most times only one, The Arrow just doesnt have what it takes, to compose or record using mostly more than two plugins, Furthermore, I believed that since I bought the plugins they were mine to use as I wished. That is not the case at all. You cannot use the plugins in your daw using the daws DSP power, All plugins must use the dsp within the arrow to be loaded in your DAW, Hence, again, you are reduced to using one or at max, two plugins, anytime. THIS is an extremely serious drawback!
If I had known this before I purchased the unit I would not have purchase the unit. In this day and age, to have plugins, which are only dedicated to and can only be used by the DSP on the interface is absolutely unacceptable ! What if you want to use another interface, other than a UA interface in the future? All the investment you made in the UA plugins is $ down the drain, because you cannot use them with another interface, freely in your DAW, even though you own them, or own the use of them.

The worst part of it, my music dealer advised me that the unit is not returnable once I try I've tried it. !?!?!?!?

I would definitely returned this ARROW from UA, for the reasons, which I believe are justifiable.
However, I was not given that opportunity, and I'm out a lot on $ on a unit which is less useable in most situations, than new 2020 based interfaces, like SSL+ with is half the cost!!!

G. Jansson


Excellent gear

I love everything about it. Neat, good looking and awesome sound

L. Deane


A Sound to Remember

Unequaled sound, from a small device.

M. Fečko



This piece of equipment is awesome! I recomendet it

S. Surber


Everything I knew it would be and much more!

I have been waiting and reviewing many many systems to replace my PC/ACID 7 combination which I have used for to many years. Well the research and waiting was worth it. The Arrow, iMac and (free) LUNA is all you need for a solo artist system. Combine them with Toontrack midi drums and keys and you have a sound that is unbeatable. I could not be happier. One more thing I have not run out of DSP yet.

H. Spiodic



I just went through the reviews and people who don’t like this little monster are clearly confused. Arrow is absolutely amazing and that’s a fact! I’ve been using it for over a year now and my vocals have never sounded better. I recommend using one of the unison preamps like century tube or Avalon it makes a huge difference... and also, sometimes it’s what you know and not what you have.

Y. Baribeau


Best musical move I made

This piece of equipment is awesome! I’m so glad to finally touch the UA world. This brand is amazing on so much levels. With my Arrow, I got acces to Luna and I can record perfect sounding vocals even with stock plug-ins.

I’m so happy I finally invested in this. And also a new computer that had thunderbolt 3 connections............. Broke but happy!

V. Gautschi


A lovely introduction to the UA world

I really love this audio interface! I am coming from using a 10-year old Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and an ODAC headphone amp. The total price of these is equivalent to the arrow, however I feel like the arrow outperforms both and so much more! The conversion is great, the real-time tracking is magical, and I loved the UAD plugins so much that I got the Ultimate 8 within a week after receiving the arrow. Now I need more DSP ;)

Y. Quintero


Amazing portable interface

This has been an incredible investment for my portable studio, as it doesn’t require an electrical outlet for power. I can plug it into the laptop directly. Sound quality is great.

81-100 of391件の結果

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