Apollo の購入で UAD プラグインが無料 !

UADアクセラレーターが最大$300割引き。12月31日に終了。 販売店を探す›

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Apollo x6

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C. Hanner


Unbelievable sound quality with unbeatable plugins

Unbelievable sound quality with unbeatable plugins a must have for any serious producer/engineers.

R. Borkar


Grear interface

Perfect rackmount interface that i have paired with my Apollo Twin. The preamps are fantastic, and having the extra line inputs and outs allows me to connect my hardware without using a patchbay.

d. rhoads


X6 rocks

I currently own an og Apollo, a mkii Twin (both Duo) and picked up the X6 to get a bit more power for my setup. Now I have the capability for some extreme chains on my Unison pre’s and enough virtual channels and flex routing to handle my current needs. Using the Twin as a monitor controller is easy and welcome. These hexa core units are sweet, if you’re all in on Apollo and need a bit more grunt you’ll likely be happy too!

J. Vanderhorst


Best Interface Period

Switched from the Apollo twin to the X6 and immediately noticed the upgrade in conversion . I love having 6 cores available to track with . The headphone amp is A1

R. Byrd IV


Great interface

Apollo x6 really was a step up from my old interface. Can hear lows and meds better and compensate the Townslabs mic well. Will most definitely get the x8 in the future.

T. Nordild


Pristine product

Excellent sound quality and features. It was the perfect upgrade from the Apollo Twin with more DSP as well as inputs and outputs.

R. Zhao



Apollo x6 and uad is so useful and powerful

K. Rose


Absolutely TRANSFORMED my studio!!

I've been aware of UA and specifically the Apollo line for years and always heard the rave reviews, but they were never within my budget. But recently I found myself capable of upgrading my interface and decided to go with the x6, and my jaw has been on the floor ever since. The difference in quality from my old interface ( eleven rack) to this is literally indescribable. And the included UAD plugins and Luna DAW are equally stunning, this is without a doubt the wisest purchase of my life. If you're on the fence about an Apollo and wondering if it's REALLY worth the money, TRUST ME...it is.

G. G


Great interface and rock solid software

I love this interface.

Works like a charm. Everything is intuitive and well thought out. I highly recommend this interface. I have had both the original Silverface Apollo, a Twin and a Satellite and they all have been great.

Thank you Universal Audio!

Room for improvement: I wish it was possibe to record an input both wet and dry at the same time (to different channels in the daw). This would make it easier to capture both the clean guitar DI and the plugin processed guitar track at the same time without the need for a separate standalone DI box. I would also like to be able to record a stereo mix from the Console App. Then it would be possible to record both a mixer channel and the aux tracks to the same stereo track in the daw. That would greatly speed up the process of quickly recording scratch guitar tracks (for song writing) with all the effects to one unified stereotack in the daw.

More flexible assignable routing in the Console App would solve all of this.

m. marchewka


A+ on the pre amps!

I love how transparent the pre amps are. I use them without the modeling plugs and they rock on their own! The whole unit is so solid.

N. Qadir


Great Sounding Interface with Bonus Townsend L22 Modeling Mic

I often wondered why Universal Audio's interfaces are staples for all the Pros. I have used some great interfaces from Focusrite, Presonus, and Motu. After listening to some of the raw recordings using Apollos, I realized some nuances that move the music listeners captured warmly by it while they are missing in other interfaces. Then I saw the latest deal - I had to go for it and move into Universal Audio's world. I already had the Spark subscription, and the plugins are fantastic. Now with UAD's Unison plugins, I could hear myself in a new way without using any CPU overhead of my host Mac. If you are thinking of upgrading and producing the great sounding recording, mixing, and mastering then go for the Apollos.
My only complaint is - the knobs in the front could have been metallic, instead of plastic, giving the grand look it deserves.

T. Käfert


Great Interface

Thanks for this on and the Townslabs Mic.

R. Sortwell


Best sound on the market

Great pre amps, all the connectivity you need



Pro Level Interface

I clearly hear the difference between my old twin and this x6 : the sound is globally more defined and precise while keeping the pleasing « analog feel ». It worths every penny I think and also allows me to easily mix in 5.1. On top of that, coupling the twin and the x6 is very powerful.

G. Gaia


perfect for my home studio.

The preamps are clean and the DSP is so sweet. The free L22 mic was a great deal I love UAD!

g. gomez


The best hardware

Just the best one in market, good deal in the end of this interface era.

M. Strub Jr


Mixing in surround!

I love my Twin X, but the x6 is xSICK!
I was mixing in surround before I jumped to Mac and went UAD. Everything is so much more, yet effortless with the x6 Everything syncs perfectly and it adds SO many more I/O options. Don't even get me started on the added processing power of the added chips!
Both Apollo purchases just made me want to go bigger. If I had it all to do again, I'd go 2 x8's!

I. Hwang


Best apollo


I. Papagiannidis


Super satisfied with Apollo x

I already own an Apollo x8 and I m super satisfied with the converters. The sound is supreme and the quality very high! Great sounding !

v. carnovale


Everything is better

Since purchasing and using Apollo X6,everything I record seems to sound better and more professional.It allows the quality of every product ,whether it be hardware pre or software plugin to shine without effort.Now I understand what it takes to become a better producer/mixer.

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