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G. Amodei


Finally Found my Interface

I’ve been Recording/ Mixing for 8 years now and have gone through lots of many other Audio Interfaces but never tried UNIVERSAL AUDIO’s Apollo’s... well I found that sound that I’ve been looking for finally. I mainly use my Apollo X6 & the Twin MK2 as a (Slave). There is a slight difference in tone with both, the X series are just that much more transparent and very clean AD/ DA. THEN I TRY OUT THE “ Unison” UAD Mic Pre’s... OMG! Wow! Just amazing! The only they I would say is that it was I little bit of a learning curve but once understood it’s worth every penny☺️

S. Rawlins


Awesome Product

Upgraded from an Apogee Duet to the X6 and am loving it. Can't wait for LUNA!

G. Chase


Good 5.1 box

Was a little tricky setting up for surround but tech support helped. Convertors are ok but nothing like the Grace 901.

J. McDermott


Big upgrade from my Silverface Quad

Been listening to my Silverface Apollo Quad all morning waiting for the Fedex truck. Plugged in the X6 and listened to the same tracks - wow! Converters are MUCH improved. Clarity significantly improved, more bass slam, soundstage improved, better separation, just way more open sounding. Was resisting because the Silverface is still no slouch in the sound quality department, but this is way nicer sounding. Great job Universal Audio!

c. Park


a beautiful scene of sound

I pay tribute to UAD company. Thank you for honing the new world with the best existing sound and machine.

f. germanidis


King Apollo

Super quality

B. Kyu


Apollo x6 Product review

The Apollo x6 is easy to use.
Of course, the Windows system before connecting is a bit inconvenient, but once connected, it's a really good audio interface.
One of the best things is that you can use various reproduction products.

B. Kyu


Apollo x6 is good

The "Apollo x6" product is extremely spectacular.
Sound and response are also precise.
One thing that is unfortunate is that it is somewhat difficult to recognize on Windows.
But it's okay
thank you !!

M. Geldart


Audio Quality is fantastic

Very happy, as said above the Audio is beyond belief, if I have any negative is that I moved from another thunderbolt interface an was expecting latency to be a little less than it is.
This is not really an issue as I can route the outputs to virtual inputs to allow the vocalist to record his parts without any delay

F. Erkelens


Apollo x6

Had some problems starting but support helped me right through it. Great device and support!



Amazing interface.

Easily the best interface I've ever used or owned. The sound quality is stunning. It looks great and has a very high quality build. Easy to use front panel features, great headphone amplifiers.

The Apollo X6 works seemlessly with the UA Console software. The ability to track through Unison enabled preamps and up to 4 plugins with essentially zero latency is fantastic. You really can get a great emulated analogue tone using Apollo and Console.

I use Pro Tools on OSX as my DAW but I'm really keen to try Luna when it launches as the integration with Apollo Thunderbolt devices looks to be well worth trying.

I'm using this in my home studio so the X6 was all I needed. Studios may be better looking at the X8p or x16 for higher input/output count.

R. Bruno


Bigger Sound!

Much bigger sound than my Apollo Twin....
I wonder what I'll hear after I Mod this bad boy ?!?!?!?!

D. JingYi




C. Kaliampakas



Apollo x6 is fantastic. If you have a home studio, x6 will get you covered! Preamps are dope, ADA is dope, having all these plugins on my session is dope! Thanx UAD, im waiting for you to announce LUNA for Windows :)

C. Ferguson


Amazingly versatile

I have had my X6 for about 1 month now. I’m totally impressed with quality of the recordings I can achieve with this interface. Initially I was having a little mic issue, there’s no need to preamp before feeding into the x6 preamps, they are excellent, top quality and with addition of unison, the sky’s the limit. You have the ability to record through million dollar mixing desks right at your fingertips.

The UA plugins are unbeatable, in fact, I rarely use anything else these days. And having the luxury of 6 DSP chips on the X6 lets me create without having to worry about running out of processing power.

My set up now consists of the Apollo twin and the X6 - makes things super easy to control.
The console is very intuitive - and being able to track with effects in real-time with zero latency is just amazing.

If it’s in your budget, or even if it’s not, I can, without hesitation, say that it’s money well spent. You will not regret adding this to your studio setup.

M. Danciulescu


Update from Apollo Twin mark 1 to X6

Perfect upgrade. Works good with 86 channels mix. Nice, robust, perfect rack unit! Highly recommended.

L. Beaudet


Perfect upgrade

I switched from a silver face to the X6 and absolutely love my move. Nice depth, fluid workflow and amazing conversion.

V. Lampire


Incroyable matériel !!

Un réel plaisir d’avoir acheté la Rolls Royce des cartes sons. Juste parfait !

c. quan




A. Gilligan


Bloody wonderful!

Incredible interface, fantastic company!!!

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