Apollo の購入で UAD プラグインが無料 !

UADアクセラレーターが最大$300割引き。12月31日に終了。 販売店を探す›

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Volt 276

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J. van Erven



I OWN A apollo. Love the volt. Sounds great. Standalone is a great future for my voice and Acoustic Guitar. Love the comp and vintage knob. I’m using it on the Road.

T. Newton


Volt 276 studio pack

The Volt 276 has a very nice clean sound to it. I find using it very easy and to the point, something that is a good thing if you are just getting started out. It looks fantastic.
Headphones output is really good and clear. Microphone and headphones in the pack are ok

I have to be honest I do find it a bit hard work as I am producing an album and it won't let me run many AU instruments on mac at the same time. I own a 2022 top end macbook pro (£3499) and was only to run 2 instances of the same soft synth before it started give me the warnings and cut outs began. I was a bit disappointed by this as the store staff assured me that this wouldn't be an issue.

On the whole recording is clean and sounds nice for its price range. I only bought this as it was recommended to by store staff to replace a failing interface from another brand.

I am a serious user and to be fair I should have gone with the Apollo Twin X Quad as I feel this would be better for my needs.

4 stars only due to how it handles or doesn't handle multiple AU instruments.

M. Olshansky


Be careful what you wish for

I've had the Volt 276 for about a month. It replaced a 10 year old presonus Audio box. It appears to be built to last and I have to give them style points. I've found lots of stuff to like about the included software. So what's the problem? The preamps are picking up every wheeze and gasp when I sing. This problem is compounded by the huge output I'm getting into my headphones. So far lovin it!!

J. Anderson


First time recording

For a complete beginner, it’s pretty simple to figure out. It sounds good and gets the job done. Kinda wish it was a little more friendly with stereo pedalboards, but I think that’s more on my end. Overall great product tho.

B. van Dinther


excellent audio interface. screw iLok, seriously.

Not much to say, its a fantastic interface. Also given its price. Very low latency, lots of headroom.
One thing I really dislike is the fact you need iLok for the free plugins. I did have and use it, but I also intensely hate it. It has me ending up in a jungle of differtm kind of installing methods and I gave up on it. So for the majority of the free stuff, too bad. I didn't manage. People who think of these things should also be aware of the fact that not everyone has the patience to follow a computer program designer's idea. So there's that. Some people would deduct a star from the review but I won't. It's a great piece of gear.
Maybe a thing to think about. I know iLok is about protecting your stuff, but I will not looking at ANY of your plugins if it has to work with iLok. Period.

J. Lardinois


This is the best interface I've owned yet!

I've owned this unit for a while now, and must say the preamps are incredible. The conversion quality is pristine, and I really, really love the 1176 presets on the front inputs. This is the best sounding interface I've owned in 16 years of home studio life. Even the knobs feel great! The smooth knobs are really helpful with my UA Sphere microphone too (it helps with calibrating it quite a bit). It's pretty affordable too, and nicely made. The "vintage" setting sounds lovely on guitars and vocals.

A. Guerrinha


Really pleased

Really please with this studio pack, the recording quality is really good and the compressor option is super handy. Only thing is the microphone XLR got stuck on the first input when I first used it, was really quite hard to remove, second time I inserted on input 2 and seemed easier to remove XLR jack, so not sure if the imput 1 is faulty or what but I can use the 2 for mic and one for guitar, so not too fussed.



Volt 276

Just got this interface plugged in. Sounds really good . Even iOS audio sounds better than anything I’ve heard. Haven’t listened to a mic, yet. So far, in very impressed with the ease of making sound with this device .

P. Kala


Volt 276 to super jakość

Zgrabny, elegancko zaprojektowany i super jakość dźwięku. I wszystko...

D. Hughett


Is it wrong to be in love with hardware?

I have the Volt 276. Simply put. It is amazing. I absolutely love it. Super clean and crisp, easy to use, and sounds incredible. The built-in features are really nice and I love the on/off switch which isn't common with many of these types of interfaces. Can't say enough great things about this device.

J. Zielman


Very Nice sound

Purchased the Volt276 as a replacement for an older Focusrtie and I didn't expect this great difference in sound quality. The Pres in the interface are beautiful and the vintage and compressor are very nice. In addition it came with the LA2 bundle and Plate Reverb which I tried out just to heart how they sound and they really sound great.

J. Park


Good product but bad promotion

I'm satisfied with the Volt 276 in general in terms of AD/DA sound quality except for the promotion they put out.

Part of the reason I purchased this audio interface was because UAD is doing promotion where they offer twice longer trial of Spark for Volt users. However few days after signing up for the trial UAD started offering 3 months trial for 99cents to all users. I'm not eligible for this promotion since I already started the trial.

I ended up getting less trial for being a Volt owner. Customer service was surprisingly abrupt/passive aggressive for an American company. They simply told me they can't help me and that was it.

Overall left a bad impression.

J. Spurvey


Great for travel

I purchased a Volt 276 because I was staying in motel for a couple of weeks, & wanted to record “The Motel Room Sessions”.

I would recommend this to beginners for a first interface, & also pros for an additional/mobile set up.

Easy set up, easy installation, great sound, & for the price, you will not find a better interface.

D. Amanov


I really liked the Volt 276!

Good job! I didn’t think she would have a compressor, vintage and it’s very cool! I really liked the Volt 276!

C. Key


I like it!

I'm using the Volt 276 as a smaller recording rig while I'm living in a rent house, due to building our new house. I'm really digging it! The pre amps sound nice, and the compressor and vintage mode are nice features. Midi is always handy to have on an interface as well. Paired with a good mic, and a good set of headphones, this thing can give you pro quality sounds. A lot of bang for the buck.

A. Bogdanov



Sound's amazing! Great job UA!!!

M. VanWyk Sr


Really good Audio Interface!

Just bought this interface a month ago….love the vintage setting and compressor combined for guitars.

t. ellis


Amazing sound

The sound of the compressor and mic pre is prefect together

M. Earl


Volt 276 - Mobile Studio

For mobile studio use it’s legit. Too bad UAD plug-ins aren’t compatible. This does the job for sure.

T. Perkins


Best Interface I've Had So Far

I've been using and owned the Volt 276 for a couple weeks now, and I really love it! My other interfaces I've owned before this, I've only bought the most basic cheap ones around the $100< mark. I'm so glad I made the upgrade this time. For my needs,I don't see myself paying more for one in the future, but there's also no need for it, the Volt 276 does anything most of us need to do in our project studios. What really shines for me on this was when I recorded my first acoustic with this interface, I engaged the onboard "vintage mode" preamp, and also the analog compression, it made all the difference! My acoustic track sounded closer to final product, which we all know is the goal when recording anything is to make it sound best as possible without adding extra plugins at first, and this is a great means of getting that accomplished. I've already told another producer friend of mine who's buying one as well. I've always been a fan of UA, but couldn't justify spending the amount for an Appollo, but I feel this gets me the sound I need/want and I'm very happy with it. I haven't found one negative thing about it since I've been using it.

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