Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder

Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder

通常価格: $349.00



通常価格: $349.00




Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder プラグイン


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Smooth tape emulation

I've owned this for a while, and I'm finally comfortable enough to write a review on it. Subtlety seems to be the key word with this thing. I don't like what it does to the low end, but find it can really warm up mids and smooths things up when pushed just a bit. I don't like kick feeding into it so I keep off of the master bus (or have kick by pass it); and same deal with drums bus. Saturating it a bit on vocals can be nice, but again subtly. This thing is a DSP hog, but I do love it for premasters. As a DUO owner, I tend to reach for other tape emulators first (e.g., J37) before using this for that reason.

C. Buyukuzun


About Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder Plug-in

This is a really good simulation of Studer A800. It's always so hard to repeat an analogue existence in digital world but I think UAD did it. It's saturation is very realistic and so easy to understand how to use. By the way, ''ganging'' feature is genius to emulate 24 channel input on the same deck. Thanks for all UAD team, from customer support to engineers!

W. Rice


Subtle and effective

This is a studio basic. The effect is subtle but essential for providing the familiar warmth of tracking to tape on a quality machine. I recommend it, especially in conjunction with the Ampex 102.

J. Fore


I took the plunge and bought this even though I cringed at the price. I'm hoping that when the price does finally drop for a sale that UA shows some love with a special coupon of some sort. But anyway...

I'm really pleased with the results on this thing so far. It's pretty easy to use and being able to set different tape speeds and tape types for different channels is great. Drums seem to benefit the most with kicks and snares fattening up and pounding extra hard and cymbals smoothing out very nicely. I tried this with the Neve channel strip on each channel and the cumulative effect is quite nice.

It is a bit of a resource hog and with the channel strips it quickly started to tax my UAD-2 Duo card so now I'm looking to upgrade to the Quad.

The first project I used this on, the client was very happy with the results and noticed a difference from previous projects I've done for him so I guess the investment was worth the money.

Overall, I'm pleased with the purchase.

F. Barbaglia


the tape is not spinnin'

I don't know what's goin on,
since I bought it, the tape is not spinnin' anymore in the interface.
don't know if this effect the sound of the plug or not.

s. beaubien



It really sounds like authentic tape saturation.







난 톤스튜디오에서 릴테입으로 레코딩 해봤었는데

난 톤스튜디오에서 릴테입으로 녹음한 적이 있다. 경험해본바 비교하자면 이 플러그인은 진짜 릴테입을 거치는만큼의 성능은 못내준다. 당연한얘기겠지만!!! 대신 너무 디지털스러운 소스들에 티가날정도로 적당히 아날로그양념을 쳐주긴한다.

j. elliott


dig this studer but...

...several other companies emus give it a run for its money. I think the ampex is definitely a class above this, and even prefer oxide, when it comes to uad tape offerings, but this is still a solid workhorse that definitely adds value on a harmonic content level.

A. Meyer


This is a deep plugin.

I have a couple of other tape and saturation plugins, but this one goes deeper than many of the others. I use Slate VTM (which I love), but the UAD Studer gives me a different color to work with. I like the way it saturates when pushed on the 456 setting. I have used Studer A800's a lot and this plugin does a nice job of imparting that familiar character.

T. Wallace



I demoed the studer twice just to make sure this product was adding something to my mix, and not just a waste of money. I must say after playing with it for a few days its pretty cool. I think its a nice addition to my plugin family. Thanks UA

O. Scholz


some core-power left? try it!

Warm harmonics and glue. That's what I use it for most times.

Ever tried as a special FX for distortion? You shoud!

It's a little too expensive, that's why it's only 4 stars. As a bundle/special offer/etc great!

J. De mendonca


really improves the sound

I do really like it, i fell a warm nice sound that help´s to avoid the ugli digital caracter of the ITB mixing

B. Olivier


Perfect for Drum bus

Really Nice! I use it on my drum bus most of the time. It Glues everything together :-)

?. ???????????


cool plugin

never owned the real unit but i can compare it to some of the other plugins on the market. This one comes out as more real than the rest. I def dont regret the purchase!

T. Velly


STUDER A800 review by TYVY/Totem Studio

Hi UAD team,
I finally bought Studer A800 which is quite instinctive and easy for me to use although I was not familiar at all with hardware version!!
It offers much finer quality (with many options to fine tune your desired sound) than the previous basic "Tape recorder" plugin I've been using and I will apply it to all my ongoing mixes immediately, mainly to boost my Acoustic Drums Group sound.
It seems also interesting for Mastering although I've had too limited experience to explore all its possibilities.
I rate it 4 and not 5 because it consumes quite big resources of my UAD2-Duo Card (8%) which limits the number of tracks on which I can use it, since I also use many other UAD plugins. A bit expensive but worth the cost!!

R. Bouma


Studer A800 'the missing link'

No matter how great or big you're plug-in collection is it all comes to the effect of summing and colors. With pre-amps, eq's, compression etc the whole effect of mixing in the box only comes to a lack of colors that actually make the 'record' sound. Among other options the Studer is a basic tool I use either on individual tracks, busses, master output or both. It depends how you use it. The presets are handy if you haven't worked with the real machine but the magic is of course created by yourself because this entirely depends on what you put in en know how to use.

B. Tonak


Great for Apollo Tracking

I like using the Studer and a channel strip to "print to tape" with my Apollo. The Studer adds a nice glue to things. I especially like it for gluing drums together, and it adds some nice tape compression, reducing the need for compressors and EQ later.

C. Busch


Seems good

I haven't had a chance to delve into this plugin too deeply, but so far it sounds good and adds a nice tape sound. Low cpu means you can use it on individual tracks.

E. Andersen


studer 800

great plugin, not tape but great sounds - expensive!

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