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Apollo Twin USB



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E. Gremillion


If your PC has an AMD processor, don't buy this.

This interface's incompatibility with PCs that have an AMD processor, which causes pops and crackles during playback & recording, is not listed in the system requirements on sites like Guitar Center and Sweetwater. So check what kind of processor you have before buying the Apollo Twin. The interface works with Intel processors, not AMD.
Fortunately the store let me return it for a full refund with 14 days of purchase. I wish the store employees were educated about this incompatibility which would have prevented days of troubleshooting. I even talked to a guy who taught recording engineering at Guitar Center before buying this unit from him as sales clerk, and he was clueless about the problem, so I think the incompatibility needs to be more widely known to save other people the trouble I had. The UA marketing rep even came out to my house twice to help troubleshoot, and even he wasn't aware that folks with AMD processors shouldn't use it. Otherwise, I've read good things about the interface which apparently has worked for people with Intel processors. May you have better luck.

星. 周


Apollo had many shortcomings

1., stability needs to be strengthened, the price of the sound card should not have such stability
2. switching sampling rate will have serious distortion, although solved, but can not casually switch sampling is not good
3., heat dissipation is too bad
4. words don't push enough. Big enough to make noise, noise, or current
5., Appollo, in my opinion, is a artifact of sound cards, but there are many problems
Before YAMAHA ur44 I think is block artifact card, great stability. Ah... Three times the price gap is not ideal... I hope Appollo can put it as soon as possible to solve the problems such as heat stable noise sampling compatible, want to open every day, it is impossible, too hot. In addition: this sound card without MIDI? I think the price is halved and there's a price to play. Here's no UAD, just talk about Appollo
Maybe my comment is low. I just want Appollo to go up

z. hua


Apollo Twin USB does not support the internal recording function is more regrettable, no I/O MATRIX interface

Apollo Twin USB does not support the internal recording function is more regrettable, no I/O MATRIX interface。

A. Turner


Save your money.

This unit sounds OK at best. I've never had any problems with it. In fact, it was fairly easy to setup. The console takes some getting used to but all in all a fairly decent product. The problem is the price in comparison to the sound quality, actual function, and limitations.

Despite the false advertisement, the DUO can't handle much stress. 4 or 5 plugins max and it dies quickly. In it's price range, with this limitation, it's pretty much useless...not to mention you can only use UAD plugins which are painfully overpriced.

I wouldn't recommend this unit to a friend or foe. If they cut the price in half for both the unit and the plugins, it might be a contender for the home studio. As it is now, it's for those who either have more money than brains, or for those who don't read reviews. Either way, 3 stars is a fair assessment overall.

S. Guthre


apollo twin usb

I have been using a UAD DUO for many years. I'm setting up a portable rig with a laptop and the Twin. I've had flawless performance with the DUO card. The Twin is not as intuitive as your adds say. I haven't got the hang of using 4 plugins in my signal chain. I'm getting error displays that say it has shut off plugins so as to keep running. I would welcome another in depth video set up using a PC running W10. Especially specific I/O setup. The brief moments I get it working it sounds great but I'm spoiled on the DUO card.



A great product with obvious flaws

Since it is a port to the PC world and one of the few hardware soundcards that support USB3, you would expect it to run smooth as silk and outperform your old soundcard in every aspect.

Eventhough for the design, the construction and handling it definetly does.
The console environment is also flawless and works perfectly fine.
The sound it puts out is crisp and clear.


The setup for it is horrible. Countles USB3 chipsets straight up don't work at all.
Even on the port of the PCI-e extension card which is directly advised by Universal Audio it crackles and beeps as soon as for example a videogame is running aside of something like teamspeak or ableton.
While my old USB2 soundcard performed all this with absolute ease, the Apollo Twin seems to be overwhelmed very very veeeeery easily....

I hope they bring firmware and software updates in the future to finally increase the products stability and make it the perfect soundcard in it's pricerange.

B. Pierucci


Great Audio Interface

Maybe the best I've tried if it comes to quality of the audio, the plug ins ar savage, best I've tried aswell. But sadly it's not stable on my computer, wich it's a decent computer, not high end, but not a slow one either. They made me change a lots of setups on my pc to solve a dro put (robotic squak) that comes even when I play videos on youtube... hence the 3 starts... Im spending 900 euros on an audfio interface to use it with an 800 euros computers and I still get drop outs with youtube? With wlan on? Kinda makes not too much sense... the rest is fantastic, but the sames drop outs are the ones that appears when recoording and that makes it suck.

M. Craddock


Apollo Twin (USB)

Initially, very excited with extra options for recording my vocals. I was buying another interface to run with cubase 8.5. The store convinced me this was a better option with the power and extra plugins that this 900.00 would get me. I bought it and had someone come and profesionally install it. After getting all of the kinks worked out we went to download the additional plugins that convinced me to buy this unit and found out they were no longer available (for free). I can't yet sing the praises of what this little box can do because the reason I bought it was under false pretenses. My fault. #lessonlearned. (it seems to be functioning fine)



apollo - the moon or Mars?

I am now happy to have reached Mars with the module. Sound quality is excellent and monitoring input is a joy. However my first 2 months were difficult - I did not find the auto set up straightforward and, as this was my first UA product and I found the process to be far from intuitive.I discovered that the installation download was not tweaked for Windows 10 and, although the UA website stated "no known issues" In discussion with UA support I discovered that there were known issues.Suffice to say my experience with support was not a happy one. Eventually I returned the unit, was offered a replacement which is flawless.. Support could not get their head around a hardware fault- You need to listen to what the user says guys!!