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by J. Liberg (1/13/2017):

I will never use another preamp and limiter ever. It's always in british mode and… Read more

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6176 Vintage Channel Strip

6176 Vintage Channel Stripは、ビル・パットナム氏が設計した、伝説の610マイクプリとFETコンプレッサー1176LNを組み合わせた究極の録音用チャンネルストリップです。


  • ビル・パットナム氏が設計に携わった、伝説の610モジュール式コンソールから取り出したマイクプリを使った録音が可能になります。
  • 過去40年、数多のヒットレコードを生み出した、1176LNのクラスA・FETコンプレッサー。
  • "Split"/"Join"スイッチを使って、プリアンプとコンプレッサーの直列/並列を切り替えられます。
  • ハンドメイド・イン・USAのビンテージUA機材を使った録音/ミックス作業が可能になります。

610B — 世界的な認知度を誇るマイクプリ
2-610マイク/インストゥルメント用プリアンプについては、世界各地から賞賛の声が上がっています。マイケル・クーパー(Mix Magagine誌)氏は、レビュー記事の中で「今まで聞いた中で最も立体的に感じたマイクプリ」と記し、ウィクリフ・ジーンやジェニファー・ロペスのエンジニア/プロデューサーのピーター・ウェイド氏は単刀直入に「この箱は最高だ!」と叫んだといいます。6176のマイクプリセクションは、2-610の品位とキャラクターを保ちつつ、高電圧仕様による優れたベースレスポンス、フロントパネル15dbパッドスイッチを追加しています。
1176LN — 独自のサウンドを持ったコンプレッサー



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  • Paul Epworth

    (Adele, Cee Lo Green, Foster the People)

    “All the vocals on the Adele tracks I produced were recorded through the Universal Audio 6176, so you can credit Adele’s bright and crystal-clear, dulcet tones to the UA preamp and compressor. "

    Charlie Clouser

    (NIN, "Saw" Soundtracks)

    "The 6176 is my favorite for getting big warm tones from bowed cello and bass, as well as clean guitar textures."

    Matt Appleton

    (Foxy Shazam)

    "If I could only have one piece of gear, I would choose the 6176 hands down. I NEED it."

    Corey Rooney

    (Destiny's Child)

    "Breathy voice sounds particularly amazing through the 6176; it is fat and soft like a ball of cotton"

    Gareth Jones

    (Erasure, Mogwai)

    "As soon as we started with the 6176 there were smiles all around, so it stayed on the session. Thanks UA!"

  • Gary Paczosa

    (Allison Krauss)

    “I bought two of the 6176s because we just loved the sound of them."

    James Mercer

    (The Shins)

    "I love that thing [the 6176]. I mean everything that I record goes through that."

    Rik Simpson

    (Coldplay, Portishead, Jay Z)

    Chris Martin's [of Coldplay] vocals always go through a 6176.

    C.J. Vanston

    (Prince, Tina Turner, Joe Cocker)

    "I have used the [6176 Vintage Channel Strip] on basically everything I've recorded since 2004. [The] artists want to know what I used to get their vocal sound (Cocker, Bolton, Spinal Tap)."

    Gareth Jones

    (Grizzly Bear, Depeche Mode)

    "I love my 6176 which gets used all the time wherever I am tracking. A practical & great sounding workhorse."

  • Ed MacFarlane

    (Friendly Fires)

    "[I use] the 6176 as my preamp & compressor, and I've been using the UAD plug-ins once the track's in the computer."

    Barry Rudolph

    (Mix Magazine)

    "The 6176 is a true original with deep retro roots in an updated and modern form and capable of a huge, impressive sound."

    Dave Martin

    (Audio Media)

    "The real strength of the 6176 is simply that it delivers that sound we all know from a lifetime of listening to records."

    George Shilling

    (Resolution Magazine)

    "Overall this [6176] is a terrific Unit"

    Larry Crane

    (TapeOp Magazine)

    "I almost don’t see this so much as a 'Channel Strip', but as a couple of really great pieces of gear in one box."

  • Garacino

    (Recording Musicien)

    "Quality de fabrication dans le respect de la tradition"

    Brian Ahern


    “The 6176 has a powerful and articulate midrange lens, and the compression has always been one of my favorites.”

    Mitch Gallagher

    (EQ Magazine)

    "The [6176] unit is tremendously flexible, both functionally and tonally."

    Mitch Gallagher

    (EQ Magazine)

    "With the 6176, Universal Audio has created a box where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts."

    Mitch Gallagher


    “The [6176's] preamp sounds awesome ... the 1176 section provides sought-after compression & limiting characteristics."

  • Alan Moon


    "The 6176 is a piece of gear that I never want to record without again."


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    British mode
    by J. Liberg(Friday 13 January, 2017)

    I will never use another preamp and limiter ever. It's always in british mode and together with classic akg 414 c uls I have the best vocal sound in Sweden probably. Let's see how the uad version plays out. Time for A - B testing soon. ǶÁÂȪむ

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    Fist class channel strip!
    by A. Shevchenko(Sunday 1 January, 2017)

    If you need all in one solution, I think it is best way! Great Mic Pre, very smooth EQ and of course - legendary 1176. ǶÁÂȪむ

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    great stuff
    by R. Bakalovski(Friday 16 December, 2016)

    great mic pre and compressor ǶÁÂȪむ

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    The 6176 is fantastic!
    by M. Petrus(Sunday 27 November, 2016)

    I've had this about a month now and love this on everything. My current vocal chain is Audio Technica AT5040 - 6176 in join mode - Warm Audio EQPWA - Apollo Twin. I find the combo of the eq on the 6176 great in conjunction with the EQPWA after the 1176. The 1176 is fantastic on all things:… ǶÁÂȪむ

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    Wow in love with this
    by K. Péter(Wednesday 16 November, 2016)

    Vocals-guitars-snare,-bass, or any other source this is simply unbeatable ǶÁÂȪむ

  • Diplo on crafting mega-hits with UAD plug-ins.

    One of the most in-demand producers in music, Diplo has crafted hits for M.I.A., Snoop Lion, and Beyoncé. 続きを読む

    Paul Epworth

    Epworth on producing Adele's Grammy-winning album, her all-UA vocal chain, and his unique production aesthetic. 続きを読む

    Rik Simpson

    Simpson has worked on three of Coldplay's albums, including Mylo Xyloto, which he co-produced, engineered, and helped mix. 続きを読む

  • Jacknife Lee

    An Irish musician, remixer, producer, and engineer, Jacknife Lee has worked with legendary rock bands... 続きを読む

    Rik Simpson

    It was a great treat to interview UK producer/engineer Rik Simpson on his use of UA gear with the band Coldplay. 続きを読む


6176 Vintage Channel Strip

  • Bill Putnam 設計の「610モジュラーコンソール」を引継ぐオール真空管デュアルチャンネル・プリアンプ部
  • 30年以上、多数のヒットレコードで聴こえる1176LN クラスA FETコンプレッサー部
  • SPLIT/JOINスイッチでプリアンプ部とコンプ部をセパレートもしくは直列にするかを選択可能
  • ハイ/ロー シェルビングEQ
  • 可変インピーダンス・インプット/ゲイン/アウトプットレベル
  • マイク、ライン(バランス)、Hi-Z入力に対応
  • 超静音動作
  • 1176SAステレオアダプター を使用してのステレオ使用可能(別売:18,900円)
  • 米国内ハンドメイド
6176 Join Split Diagram



UA 2011 Product Catalog.pdf

6176 Manual.pdf