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Effortlessly reshape the attack and
sustain of any source.

Revered as a “secret weapon” mix tool by some of the world’s finest engineers, the SPL Transient Designer plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces allows you to shape sustain and attack of your sources. This allows for total transparent control over important elements of your mix, such as snare drums, overhead and room mics, piano, and more.

Soften or slam percussion for maximum dynamic impact

Transparently shorten or increase sustain on drum overheads

Reduce or increase room mic ambience

Easily minimize mic bleed on important sources

UA Artist Tips & Tricks
UA Artist Tips & Tricks

UA Artist Tips & Tricks

Featuring Dave Isaac

Simple Features — Huge Control

Simple Features — Huge Control

With just three simple controls, Sustain, Attack, and Output Level, the SPL Transient Designer plug-in gives you a powerful fixative tool, as well as a creative one. Shorten or lengthen the “thwack” and decay of percussive signals such as kick drum, snare, and toms. Or, you can easily remove unwanted mic bleed, or expand the room sound of overheads. The result? Total control of individual drums and the dynamic impact of your mix.

Useful on any Instrument

Useful on any Instrument

The SPL Transient Designer plug-in is indispensable for a variety of instruments. You can enhance a piano’s delicacy by reducing a noisy attack, or add length to ringing chords. On acoustic guitar, you can accentuate or reduce the picking sound, depending on the part. The SPL Transient Designer also gives you control over the environment of a source. For example, easily reduce the amount of reverb on a choir, or take unwanted ambience out of dialog.

Key Features

UA-modeled, SPL endorsed plug-in version of Transient Designer’s unique Differential Envelope Technology
Increase or decrease the transients of percussive sources for greater impact, or a softened response
Sustain of sources can be transparently shortened or increased
Reduces or increases room sound or preexisting reverb on virtually any source
Highly useful as a gate substitute, a transparent tool for minimizing mic bleed
Attack can be amplified or attenuated by up to 15 dB while Sustain can be amplified or attenuated by up to 24 dB
Requires a UAD DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide.


SPL® Transient Designer

Overall Rating


R. The New Age



This plugin saves me so much time, easy to dial in settings for the sound I want.

D. Pejakovic


Old friend

Nice tool

C. Foster


Finally got the fingerpicking acoustic guitar sound I've been missing.

The transient designer allows me to get the punch and attack I need on finger style acoustic and Travis style picking without over compressing. Also tightens up the bass, kick and snare again without over compression letting you get the punch and keep the dynamics. I wish I had bought it sooner.

T. Yoder


So simple but so tasty!

I just love the SPL Transient Designer. I’ve used it only on drums but I want to see what it does to other instruments. But I’m a big fan of emulators that are simple but amazing. This is it. Brings life to any snare and is so quick to apply and hear the changes.

C. Hallowes


Can't mix without it

I can't imagine mixing without a transient designer. I compared UAD to all competitors before buying and this one won on both punch and resonance.

d. curtiss



this really helps with problem drums and bass and more. fantastic

j. Hudes


Simple and efficient

This is one of those plugins that's so simple, it's hard to justify buying until you actually do. We all have transient designer plugins built into our DAWS and they all work fine. When I had a client who absolutely needed radio quality, punchy drums in his headphones as we were recording, this plugin is the only latency free solution! This plugin on the kick and the snare channels did the job perfectly. I couldn't live without it now!

M. Grodzki


easy and efficient

It works very quickly. Perfect for Drums and other Things. Great Job

E. Cruz


A savior

This plugin saved a lot of work on a project I was working on. Don’t think about it just buy it. It’s worth the money. You can shape your transient and add attack if needed for drums .

G. Goodwin III


Another winner from UAD

This works remarkably well. It also sounds great. If you are looking for this type of plug in, I can't think of a better one.

H. Scutt



Of all transient designers I have tried this is far the best. Idk how uad do it but this is simply phenomenal. It is so much more crisp and full of life than any other transient designer I have used. I didn't think it would be worth it as I already have other transient designers but wow it really is

P. Halperin


A Fixer!

I’m sure I’ll be discovering it’s more sophisticated uses, but I immediately discovered its utility as an incredibly easy to use way to fix unwanted, transients, or other short sounds. Just set output to zero and automated a punch in at the time of the unwanted sound, and then punch out and presto-chango sound is gone. I also was able to use it to sustain a keyboard hit that cut off too quickly in performance again simply punching in the sustain and punching out. Much faster and easier than trying to edit the audio file directly. Great tool.

J. Garcia


Great for drums!

Loving this thing on 808 samples that are too long or not long enough! Works great for all other types of percussion as well!

Z. Munir


Such a great plugin!!

One of my favorites from UAD. Love it on drums to shape the sound

B. Gfeller


Grat tool for drums

Perfect and easy way to give the drums punch
Beat Gfeller Eurotopmusic.ch Recording Studios Switzerland

M. Bernabel


The Mix Saviour

This little guy can save your mix. Is your bass, kick, or snare not sitting correctly in your mix? Worry no further! Is your synth pad decaying too fast? Are your percussion elements clashing with the attack times of your vocals? SPL Transient Designer!!!!

L. Producer



It will be more perfect with more Side Chain

K. Yamanaka



Nice transient design plugin!

J. Rodriguez


Designing transient

great plug-in

S. Schmidt


It is the Transient Designer!

It does what it should - and it sounds absolutely awesome. I love working the drums with it. It is also a great tool to suppress a probably minor recording room sound with the Transient Designer and add a new room dimension with the Ocean Ways Studio!!!