Softube Vocoder

Softube Vocoder






過去40年に渡り、ボコーダーは、人間の声をロボットのような声に変換し、Herbie Hancock、Kraftwerk、Daft Punk、Afrika Bambaataaなど多くのヒットメーカーによって使用され、数え切れないほどのヒットをリリースしました。

Softubeが開発したUADハードウェアとUAオーディオインターフェイス専用のSoftube Vocoderプラグインは、これまでで最高のアナログボコーダーのサウンドを引き継ぎ、さらに新機能を加え、未来のサウンドも引き出します。


Daft Punk、Afrika Bambaataa、Herbie Hancock、Imogen Heapなどが使用して有名なヒットソングに使用されたロボットボーカル・エフェクトをリアルタイムでトラッキング可能




Take a Listen

Take a Listen
Softube Vocoder Basics
Softube Vocoder Basics

Softube Vocoder Basics

In this video, Softube product specialist George Reece shows you how to harness the Softube Vocoder on vocals, drum loops, and more.



内蔵のアナログインストゥルメントのシンセシスエンジンを搭載したSoftube Vocoder プラグインhあ、温かみのあるざらついた3次元サウンドでクラシックなボコーダーエフェクトのエミュレーションに最適です。 また、6ボイスのポリフォニー、4つの波形タイプ、パルス幅モジュレーションなどの目的に合わせた機能セットを使用することで、アナログシンセを使用してソースを簡単に微調整したり、完全に再構成することが可能



Softube Vocoderプラグインを使用すると、ボコーディングされたパフォーマンスのスペクトルレスポンスを前例のないようにコントロールが可能です。ボコーダーアナライザーの各バンドは独立して調整することもスペクトルチルト・コントロールをつかんで高域から低域に素早く移行させることも可能です。パラレルブレンド・コントロールドライ/ウェット信号をミックスしてソースにシンセシステクスチャーの量を微調整、またはオートメーション化することができます。



Softube Vocoderにしかない機能であるフリーズコントロールでは、ボーカルの断面をキャプチャーし、DAWで同期したリズムをトラック内に作成することができます。また、MIDIをリアルタイムコントロールにより、フリーズは、ジャンルベンディング・サウンドを作成しようとするミュージシャンやプロデューサーにとって新しいクリエイティビティを発揮します。











Softube Vocoder

S. Sadre


Another great plugin

If your looking for a vocoder this one does the job very well, not just on vocalsl, it also gives your drums some great effects especially with automation.

c. harris


Biggest UAD disappointment

I don't know what this plugin is supposed to be.UAD specialises in emulations of classic gear and this isn't anywhere near any classic vocoders I've ever heard.
It's an opaque interface which doesn't assist under the hood tweaking and it is as far from easy to use as I can imagine.
Sadly it fails in it's sound production too-so weedy and uninspiring.
I really hope UA and Softtube kick each other's butts, revisit this nightmare and give us a version 2 for free that emulates classic gear, is easy to edit and sounds inspiring.
My only bit of UAD gear that is at the bottom of my list when I need something like this.

P. Jacobsson



Very nice, easy to use.

W. Khin


I love it.

Nice plugin for creative vocal touches.

M. McConaghy


Must for Vocals!

I use this as and parallel effect in almost every session. Love it!

S. May


So So Great

I just bought this to try on various tracks and now I’m trying it out on everything and seeing what different outcomes I can get. Yet another great tool.

J. Steffen


I like it but....

Sounds great over all but.... when it comes to vocals it just isn’t clear enough. Word pronunciation just isn’t really all that clear in comparison to say the Waves Morphoder or the Orange Vocoder. That’s my only gripe about it. It’s unfortunately a big deal for me when I have entire vocal tracks that are completely 100% wet vocoder. Having people constantly tell they can’t understand what I’m saying is a problem. I don’t have that problem with the Waves. I really wanted this to be the end of my search for a vocoder that I just rely on 100% of the time, but it’s not. If they could work on that and possibly update it, it would be perfect.

P. Uszyński


Works absolutely great!

Another top quality tool for your UAD platform. This is a very good sounding vocoder, very easy to use, also very vintage. Pure joy to use it on my upcoming album, definitely a great buy!

p. ormerod


The vocoder.

This is, at least for me, the best vocoder available today. Easy to use, and the sound is just as I remember vocoders from the past

D. Watts


this thing is fantastic

just demo'd it for a laugh really to see what it was like, now I'm in love with it! really good quality. Sounds great if you don't have a singer capable of singing harmonies. Also if you just want a classic vocoder vibe. It's a bit of a niche one I guess, but very good at what it does.

K. Haritatos


Inspire your self.

Inspire your self with this plugin . The Softube Vocoder adding new dimension . I love it.

A. Masotti


Good tool to use

Very good for backing vocals and adding a new dimension. Cool to mess around with, works well when tweaked just right.

A. Heinzelmann


Great Tool for Vocals

This is a great Tool for modern Vocals. I use the Softube Vocoder for Rap-Vocals as an effect. It´s also great for Backing Vocals.

D. Perini


Softube Vocoder

I love Softube Vocoder!

W. Marrera


Lost in sound

Be careful you can get lost playing with this thing

S. Parikh


Softube Vocoder

This is a very simple vocoder with a vibes sound. It's quick and easy to just open up and get something going that will sound good and inspire you. It's probably the most analogue sounding software vocoder I've used.

B. Vestal


Inspiring Tool

Who needs more eq, reverb, delay, tape?
Here's a tool that'll inspire you to make new MUSIC. very fun
Also, sounds better than the other few software vocoders I've tried and more fun to use, too.

B. Willems



Awesome sounding vocoder

H. Petersson


Instant vocoder

This is a very simple vocoder with a vibey sound. It's quick and easy to just open up and get something going that will sound good and inspire you. It's probably the most analogue sounding software vocoder I've used.
But the simplicity has the drawbacks of making it a bit limited. It doesn't have any built in effects so you will have to rely on other plugins for that. But most importantly it cannot take in an external carrier signal. So there is no way to use this with for example a bass, guitar or other instrument of choice. That would make it so much more useful, especially for live use. With this in mind I think the price is a bit steep.
But what it does it does really well. There's tons of creative fun to be had with this, especially if you pair it with other effects (do try it with the Lex 480L).

G. Hassenrück


This is a Vocoder... a Vocoder... a Vocoder!!!

Sprachverständlichkeit ist extrem hoch, die klanglichen Möglichkeiten ebenso. Zusammen mit Xils 5000 Vocoder das Beste was es auf dem Markt gibt! Kauft das Ding - es macht Spaß!