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A Brave New World:
The ultimate Moog filter and sequencer.

Moog analog filters have long reigned supreme as the most musical audio filtering circuits ever devised. With its incredibly rich sounds — ranging from buzz-saw to syrupy — and built in sequencing capabilities, the new UAD Moog Multimode Filter Collection for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces represents a major advancement for all of filter kind.

Built for modern sequencer-based song production, the new Moog Multimode Filter XL plug-in — a one year effort between Moog Music and UA — borrows from various incarnations of Moog designs, nailing the essential Moog filter character unlike any software emulation in history. Prepare for a brave new world.

Add subtle to extreme textures to synths, drums, and other sources with legendary Moog ladder filters, Envelope, Drive, and Boost circuitry

Sequence your filter sounds with an intuitive, infinitely variable four-lane step sequencer

Explore wild sounds with Moog’s signature self-oscillation and extreme resonance

Radically shift the stereo image of your source with independent LFOs

Use Apollo to track in real time with any instrument using classic Moog filters for phase, wah, and tremolo effects

Mix with presets from electronic music artists The Glitch Mob, The Crystal Method, Benno de Goeij, Christoffer Berg, and more

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
5-Min UAD Tip
5-Min UAD Tip

5-Min UAD Tip

In this video, learn how to add movement and texture to tracks using the Moog Multimode Filter Collection's intuitive, infinitely variable four-lane step sequencer, Drive, LFO, and Envelope controls.

A Moog Filter with More Modes, Slopes, and Range

A Moog Filter with More Modes, Slopes, and Range

Borrowed from the amazing Sub 37, the Moog Multimode XL plug-in offers four distinct filter slopes and full-range 20Hz to 20kHz operation for massive filter flexibility — from gentle frequency shaping to tortuously squelched self-oscillation and phase effects. Equally useful as an EQ or subharmonic enhancer, the Multimode XL Filter plug-in can be used to blow out drums and percussion, or inject subtle edge and depth to synth and guitar tracks. Use the Resonance control for dynamic speech-like timbres and accentuate specific frequencies for truly unique sounds.

Built-In Four Lane Filter Sequencing

Built-In Four Lane Filter Sequencing

The Moog Multimode Filter XL plug-in features an intuitive, full-featured, four-lane 16-step sequencer, pushing this virtual desktop filter set to near-instrument status. Discover unlimited creative potential, from melodic and polyrhythmic pattern programing to random chaos and cacophony with Sequence Length, Amount, Glide, plus global Direction, Sync, and Swing controls.

The Envelopes, Please

The Envelopes, Please

Featuring independent Attack and Release from The Ladder 500, plus four assignable Envelope destination selections for Filter Cutoff or Resonance, Modulation Amount or Rate — or any combination — the Moog Multimode Filter XL allows boundless sonic explorations. Conjure delicate Morse-code percussive transients, squirty funk bass, or engage in total deconstruction. The Spacing control detunes two separate hard-panned filters, letting you radically shift the stereo image of source material or create a subtle beating effect between filters.

Endless Dual LFO Modulation Effects

Endless Dual LFO Modulation Effects

Borrowed from the Sonic Six, the Moog Multimode XL's LFO Modulation section features two fully independent, tap tempo controlled LFO Rate controls, allowing musical, polyrhythmic phrases. And with seven LFO Wave selections including Slewed Random — a nod to the legendary Moog Sub 37 synth — and positive or negative wave LFO Reset, you can sculpt rich automated sweeps.

The Moog Multimode Filter Collection also includes the Multimode Filter and DSP-lite Multimode Filter SE plug-ins and is a must-have for any dance and electronic producer/engineer.



Watch David Phipps from post-rock dance legends Sound Tribe Sector 9 create a swirl of analog textures and tones in real time using the Moog Multimode Filter Collection plug-in.

Key Features

Designed in collaboration with Moog Music and their chief scientist, Cyril Lance

Several classic and modern Moog instrument features combined into one simple, creative control set

Improved nonlinear filter design including 1-4 pole Slope operation and 20Hz to 20k Cutoff Frequency

Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass and Notch filtering with self oscillation, saturation and zero artifacts

Expanded Envelope Attack/Release control, audio rate LFO and expanded Destination options

Dual LFOs with independent Rate and Waveform selection plus independent Tempo Sync/Tap Tempo

Full-featured, 16-step Sequencer with four assignable lanes with Amount, Glide and global Sync and Swing

Collection includes original Moog Multimode Filter Legacy and low DSP “SE” version


Moog Multimode Filter Collection

K. Thura


Moog Filter

Awesome!A Secret Weapon

R. Williams



A stealthy vibe generator for just about anything... BRAVO UA & Bob (MOOG)

c. david


Precision, warmth, control, and very musical...

Precision, warmth, control, and very musical, for me it's the best filter I've ever used.

b. chamberland


Moog Filter

this plugin is just wowww the best filter to use

P. Nyerges


Hungary sound enginerre review - Moog Filter

Filter plug-ins are a long way from true analogue sound, but the UAD Moog Filter brings that feeling. The best sounding filter on the plug-in market.

R. Norrby


Sounds gorgeous, BUT...

PLEASE add a midi trigger function instead of audio only, it sadly doesn't sound on point when working with faster-paced stuff. Comparing it with other filter plugins with this function, it falls short. Other than that, it's great!

S. Othniel


A Secret Weapon

I just can't mix without it.

B. Charcosset


The best sounding filter

Almost a synth
All he needs now is oscillators section ^^

V. Baranov



The best plugin for bold sound!!!



Moog Multimode Filter Collection

Works great on any source.

J. Morrison



Great Filter plugin, try it on pads and synth parts to add movement and space.

I. Macaulay


Awesome tool

It's crazy how much you can do with this plugin. From subtle to outer space without sounding "digital." Really really cool.

d. korsnes


Amazing filter

One of my favourite plugs to give my mixes life and some excitement! Sounds great and easy to use. Interface is very userfriendly for such a complicated piece of software to be.

J. Szeszel


Crazy drive

Great for bass and drums. Nice overdrive.

F. Carcone


Absolutely stellar

I've never heard such roundness in a filter plugin, it's jaw-dropping. I understand now why so many pros where using this thing for years. The saturation on itself, is just...killer.
Don't demo it...or you'll buy it.

G. Tasnádi


Moog Filter

Cant live without this filter.

J. Neves



I'd give this guy 10 stars if I could. Simply the best filter plugin out there! Try it out for yourself and you'll instantly understand why "Hi, I'm Ben from Universal Audio" is always going on about it...

J. Long


Nice Addition!

I love this thing man. Definitely not your average ‘filter’ here. I find myself using it quite a bit on pads & melodies in small variations to give it that “wtf is that” but I think it really shines on a synth bass or something similar to that. You’ll notice the difference when you play your records back on your like your iPhone or one of your devices. I wouldn’t recommend demo-ing this on too many things because I promise you that you are going to come back to this thing. You heard it here first. Great tool here.

P. Motyczak


Dream Filter!

Awesome plugin! Just finished recording bass for a new production and I used it a lot. Great for bass sequencing. This thing goes with any instrument. Filters are warm and powerful. Just amazing !

J. Neves



This is the one filter plugin I've always been looking for. It sounds absolutely amazing and it's definitely a must-have in anyone's toolbox.