Moog® Multimode Filter Collection

Moog® Multimode Filter Collection





Moog Multimode Filter Collection

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N. Dettenbach


nice emulation

I own the original Moog sub 37 plus the Moog Voyager and like to use their filters only too for creative mixing + sound design, but "just slapping them" onto a track / bus or more (including automation) is bit fiddely (and not mobile), takes further i/o + cabeling and the sub37 only offer mono path.

For the very most applications the emulation delivers "same" sound - it takes some more "edgy" experiments to get out at least a subtle different sound which "audible" from the original (at least for experts). For most applications in mixes it makes no real difference.

The (moog typical) tactile parameter resolution on original moog filters / knobs allows bit more "subtle" settings (at least feels so to me).

But at all a nice sounding plus reliable working product / tool.

S. Ra


Boutique moog filter sound

Beautifully reproduces Moog's filter sound
Easy to use and lots of useful features
Easy control of analog Moog filter sounds with Automation

Z. Wells


Excellent Sounds

Produced Moog like sounds. As a bonus, you get 2 versions Multimode and Multimode XL.

P. Woehl


This sounds great and fun to use!

You can really go nuts with the step sequencer but just the LFO’s and filters sound great

c. dean


Moog Filter

Positively an optimum analog realistic way to create that old school sound with a plug-in. Using the keys and running it through the filter gives me unlimited ways to find new sounds and rhythms.I love this plug-in

B. Schultz


Amazing tweaks in my House tracks with the filterknob from Moog

I have a Moog Synth with the amazing filterknob from Moog. These plugins have the same effect with the filterknob as the hardware. I use the filter in many tracks of my songs to make effects with the filter during the song. A must for making melody house tracks!
Cheers Bart Schultz (dj/producer)

J. Flugel


Amazing filter. I've had many and this is now my go-to.

Hardware 24db low pass filters have an inherent high-noise floor. Software synthesizer-derived (non-EQ) low pass filters (as well as other multimode filters) always to seem to lack something. This collection is my new favorite and my new go-to. I use it on just about everything. The two Voyager derived filters sound fantastic and have that vintage-slap and low-end punch that is so damn satisfying and fun to use. The newer XL filter in this collection is probably the most underrated plug-in ever. The motion sequencer is easy to use and handles filter automation better than just about anything else out there (including Ableton's own integrated quantized automation). It is 98% perfect and I would choose this over its analog counterparts any day! You get all the Moog LPF you want without the high noise inherent to the ladder transistor design. My only complaint is that the envelopes are difficult to dial in and don't quite "snap" like its hardware counterparts (either the MF-101 or any of the synths). I hope they never discontinue this and always give it its updates to keep it alive. Favorite plug in to use on any source.

C. Pineiro


Similar to the actual one.

Not sounding so deep as the original, but lovely.

B. Ashdown


I always wanted a Moog

I always wanted a Moog, and now I can have as many as my DSP card can handle!
Great to just add a filter to "stuff", drums, guitars, synths, get some automotation on there, its like having a midi controlled Moog! Fantastic!

M. Dekytspotter


Moog Mulimode Filter XL

Exenllent Auto-Filter...

J. Thompson


The Moog Filter is excellent!

A must have filter for processing synths, that is also great for various applications as well!

W. Baeyens


Love it!

It amazes me everyday in the studio, wanted this for a while and happy with the useful addition, whole in one.

M. Griffo



This is so easy to use and wonderfully musical sounding. I love it

D. Tetmyer



Nice filter and automates smoothly

B. McDade


Versatile and powerful

This is so much more than a filter tweaker, there is so much more. Powerfully mould and sculpt your sound and then animate it. Fabulous, so many creative possibilities all this and the Moog sound that changed the direction of synthesis. Brilliant

B. Schumacher


Must have for me

It‘s not 100% up to the Hardware but already sounds good and offers resonant highpass filtering, unlike the analogue originals. Would be great to have an option for cutoff CV input from DC coupled audio interfaces, though.



Its the real deal

Sounds like the real deal. Cant wait to see more things like this come from UAD!

P. Uszyński


Yes, this IS a Moog filter!

Owning a hardware Moog filter, all I can say is that this plugin sounds like a genuine Moog. I'm using it mainly do saturate/drive my signals, along with three analog units - Moog filter from SubSequent37, Analog Heat MKII and AcidBox III. Each of them (Moog/Heat/Acid) has got its very own characteristics and the advantage of my UAD Moog Filter is that it can process and step sequence my stereo signals, when SubSequent37 can only work as a mono filter. And this is still a huge advantage worth its price for me!

O. Lipskis


Not just a filter

This is an amazing creative filter. Not your ordinary filter. Sounds superb, Drive sounds really analog, the sequencer adds a whole other dimensions for using it. The presets are great. Must buy !

D. Binnall


Bring Forth the Holy Hand Grenade!

A must have for producers of electronic music. The XL is a very musical filter. The Sequencer opens up a world of possibilities with absolutely creamy Moog filtration. I ran a Dave Smith Mopho x4 through it and the results were stunning!

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