Pure Plate Reverb

Pure Plate Reverb





UA’s renowned plate reverb modeling
in an easy‑to‑use plug-in.

The Pure Plate Reverb plug-in provides UA's revolutionary plate reverb emulation in a simple, affordable package — with all of the essential features. By harnessing the musical, deep, organic sound of this classic effect, Pure Plate Reverb gives you warmth and texture to your sources that only plate reverb can provide.

Now You Can:

Easily add natural depth and shimmer to vocals and instruments

Sculpt with classic plate reverb controls like mechanical damping and input filters

Quickly tweak the perfect reverb tone with Bass and Treble controls

Mix with artist presets from Patrick Carney (The Black Keys), Richard Chycki (Rush, Dream Theater) Chuck Zwicky (Prince, The Time) and more

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
 Groundbreaking Reverb Emulation Technology

Groundbreaking Reverb Emulation Technology

The Pure Plate Reverb plug-in was engineered by the modeling experts at Universal Audio to be a no-compromise emulation of this classic effect. By capturing all of the sonic and mechanical nuances of the steel plate, transducers, and dampers, the Pure Plate Reverb plug-in gives vocals, guitars, strings, and synths a lush, satisfying space that gently flatters any source.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Whether you’re tracking in realtime using an Apollo interface, or mixing in your DAW, Pure Plate Reverb’s intuitive controls deliver musical results for beginners and pros alike. The ultra-effective Baxandall-type Bass and Treble controls sculpt the timbre of the reverb, while the Low Cut Hz input filters and Pre Delay further season the reverb’s character. Finally, the Balance control lets you place your “space” perfectly in the stereo spectrum. No matter the source, Pure Plate Reverb gives you the rich analog dimension and depth of an old-school plate reverb system.


Instantly musical and familiar sound of mechanical plate reverb used on records from the ’50s to today

A one-stop reverb that sounds right on any mix, any source, any genre

Simple control set, easy to dial in

Low frequency input filtering, Pre Delay, Decay, two-band shelving EQ, Balance, and Dry/Wet mix

Includes Artist Presets from Patrick Carney (The Black Keys), Richard Chycki (Rush, Dream Theater) Chuck Zwicky (Prince, The Time) and more


Pure Plate Reverb

E. Halterman


Nice Plate!

I gave this 5 stars for what it is, not to compare it to the EMT 140. There is no comparison. For what this is, it's a pleasant plate with a nice price.

D. Thierry


Mon achat Pure plate Réverb

Excellent Plugins Merci UAD pour vos offres.

D. Thierry


Merci UAD.

Plugings UAD Pure Plate reverb au top

A. Dahlbom


Nice reverb for just about everything

Really happy with this reverb. Bought it with discount but would absolutely buy it again without discount. I use it for electric guitar and it works well with both distortion and clean sounds. Easy to use, not much fiddeling.



Not just another reverb!

This reverb is amazing! I think a lot of people are sleep on this one. Its a tremendous tool for analog sound design! I am using this thing in so many ways. It can be very effective even when subtle. You can add amazing space but instead of changing the sound it warms it. It can be used very transparently. Its not over powering or too tone heavy. Very well designed and very valuable tool for the art for mixing!

A. Müller


Plate Reverb erster Klasse

Dieser Plate Reverb klingt großartig, mit den EQs für Höhen und Tiefen kann man den Hall so richtig schön düster oder sanft einstellen. Habe viele andere Plate Reverbs mit diesem im direkten Vergleich probegehört, aber keiner schaffte diese Transparenz. Einfach unaufdringlich, aber doch präsent. Eindeutige Kaufempfehlung!

P. Mata Rodriguez


Simple to use, nice sound

Very friendly and vintage interface, presets are very usable, overall sound is great, I use it mostly on guitars and drums and adds space and character.

G. Usher


On the Fence

The Pure Plate sat in my shopping cart for a month, as I have a good selection of verbs already. I pulled the trigger on the last day of the promo & I am so glad I did. I immediately starting using it. Its simple layout and incredibly rich sound made me think twice about thinking twice!. Thanks UA!

M. Carter


This Makes A Difference

A Great Plate Reverb. Easy To Find The Sweet Spot When Using. Great For Spacing Out Vocals While Keeping Them Upfront In The Mix. This Plugin Will Not Magically Fix A Bad Mix, But It Certainly Makes A Difference. I Love How Much Depth You Can Obtain With This Plate Reverb. Absolutely A Great Addition To Any Plugin Collection.

p. hedin



It sounds real and is so easy to use, not to many options but the options work reallu good. Great work UAD!



Amazing In live Mixing!

I've been using the Pure Plate for mixing live in venues around the globe and its always great and way better then reverbs available on consoles. The simplicity lets me concentrate on mixing the show rather then tweeking effects.

A. Avelin


Sounds nice

Extremely easy to dial in and sounds great. A little boring perhaps but that's easy to fix with chorus or distortion etc..



Great sound at minimum settings.

Wonderful plugin from UAD. Thank you for the opportunity to enjoy the best devices created in the last century.

a. contreras


Perfect and Easy

Un hermoso sonido, fácil de usar, versátil y como efecto creativo esta de lujo.

D. Nosov


Excellent sound

It is easy to give the necessary coloring to a sound. The next fine plug-in from UA.

M. Rosenqvist


Easy to use and sounds great!

Love it, easy to use and sounds great.

d. danieli


Pure Plate Reverb

my favorite reverb, I use it on vocals, simple and effective to use

t. johnson


Sound and Simplicity!

Demoed it, loved it and purchased it immediately! The sound and the simplicity is what sold me.

R. Keith


This is the vintage plate reverb sound that I have been searching for 17 years for!!!

I own all of the UAD EMT Reverbs and the DreamVerb. I owned a Bricasti. Soundtoys. I've owned lots of reverb and delay pedals from Roland, Eventide, Sony and Boss. Despite the love that these products get, even the old UAD verbs, I never fell in love with any, except for the Echoboy, which has been getting heavy use, and the Earthquaker Dispatch Master, which is outstanding pedal for guitar. UAD's Pure Plate Reverb is, in short, AMAZING. This is the one that I have been waiting for. It sounds like real plate verb, or something very close to it. It nails that mid-60s Decca / Abbey Road / Pye verb and is versatile. This sucker already saved one of my songs and I imagine it will be used on most of my sessions from here on out. Great!



Fat and juicy

Oh man, this plugin is exactly what I hoped it would be. Dead simple to use, but so flexible.