Pure Plate Reverb

Pure Plate Reverb





Pure Plate Reverb

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I. Batista


One of the best vocal reverbs!

At first I thought that I wouldn’t need it if I had the EMT 140, but I was wrong, they are totally different. The Pure Reberb has a different more apparent color than the EMT.



One of the Best

I really like the Pure Plate, simple to use and beautiful sound. Now I use it in my all projects. Bravo UA.

K. Portolano


easy interface , great sound

nothing more to add, lovin it :)



Easy to Use, Sounds really good !!

What else?
If you're searching for a good plate, CPU friendly and very simple to use, this is the one I would recommend.

T. Adams


Quality Reverb!

Gobsmacked! I wasn’t prepared for the quality of reverb from such a straight forward plug in. Completely non-invasive space it produces around instruments for starters. Can’t wait to hear it in a mix!

M. Ackerman


Beautiful Sounding, Simple to Use

This easy to grasp plugin gets you a gorgeous sound with little-to-no tweaking. It just does its job really well, providing a full and lush verb. What more do I need to say?

D. Jeter


Classic sound!

Nice unit, only tried it once, perhaps it's a five star but I need to use it a few more times so because of this it's 4 stars.

f. frilli


Pretty cool

Cool plug in, sounds nice but not enough to get 5 stars.

C. Davis


I love it

Very simple and easy to use, there’s a certain warmth about it that makes vocals sound great for me and also great on drums especially the snare drum. A great choice for overall use on anything you choose to use it on, very good unit.

C. Castro


The only reverb I use.

Very intuitive and amazing sound. You can slap it on your channel strip, while monitoring ,tweak the low cut, maybe take some bass, and bam! Ready to record.

N. Assolo


Très simple d'utilisation

C'est un ami qui m'a conseillé cette reverb, et je suis très content! Mes instruments sonnent, et se placent bien mieux dans la musique, une bonne plate quoi...
Vivement sur les voix, je ne sais pas encore ce qu'il en est ...

J. Steen


Smooth and simple controls

Glad I purchased this reverb. Simple interface with very full, smooth, warm and creamy reverb.

M. Manweiler


I wish it was less sensitive

I enjoy the sound but I feel like it could be easier to fine tune

s. fujimoto


Gentle reverb

I think it's better for instruments than vocals

T. Chaz


Reverb - As precise and organic as it should be

I was lucky enough to get this one as part of a promotion package.
Admittedly, otherwise, I maybe wouldn't have considered it, thinking "oh well, I already have Plates, and UAD has such a vast Reverbs choice to offer". What a shame that would have been...

This reverb is a gem. To put it simply, it just works. And isn't that what a reverb's job should be? Be it for tracking, or mixing, it just sounds good, with a pleasing simplicity.
I love it on vocals and guitar, but I'm pretty confident it's far from being limited to those sources.

On top of all that, its DSP usage is very decent, and so it makes it a great choice for DSP hungry sessions.

Great piece of effect for your arsenal.

O. Di Dio


My favourite plate

It sounds amazing on guitars and incredible on vocals. I use it 99% of the time!

D. Tosi



Easy to use sounds great!

R. Pellegrini


One of my favourite reverb at all!!

Really good reverb on acoustic instruments!

J. Romero



Amazing i love it!!!

K. Kessler



Back before I had any UAD, I had to use up to 5/6 different reverbs across the mix - now I can just put this Pure Plate as general reverb and it does the job very very well! Could use it on every possible source of sound.

1-20 of161件の結果

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