Ocean Way Studios

Ocean Way Studios

通常価格: $349.00


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通常価格: $349.00


You'll Save 50%


Welcome to Ocean Way Studios — the world’s first dynamic room modeling plug‑in.

Developed by Universal Audio and Allen Sides, the Ocean Way Studios plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces rewrites the book on what’s possible with acoustic space emulation.

By combining elements of room, microphone, and source modeling, Ocean Way Studios moves far beyond standard impulse response players and reverbs — giving you an authentic replication of one of the world’s most famous recording studios.

Now You Can:

Record live or mix through Ocean Way Recording’s legendary Studio A and Studio B

Use “best of the best” vintage microphones from Allen Sides’ world-renowned collection

Choose among Allen Sides’ favorite room positions with 8 source types, for stunningly accurate sound dispersion behaviors

Position, blend, and process three mic pairs (Near / Mid / Far) in real time

Retain mic bleed, proximity, and other naturally occurring behaviors for realism far beyond other reverb/ambience plug-ins

Re-mic loops and soft synths to bring them to life

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
5-Minute UAD Tips
5-Minute UAD Tips

5-Minute UAD Tips

Ocean Way Studios plug-in

The Legendary Rooms of Ocean Way

The Legendary Rooms of Ocean Way

From the opening of Bill Putnam’s United Recording in 1957, to the annexing of neighboring Western Studio in 1961, to their reinvention as Ocean Way Recording under Allen Sides — the famed “Studio A” and “Studio B” at Ocean Way Studios have shaped the sound of countless classic records. From Ray Charles and the Beach Boys, to the Rolling Stones, and Radiohead, music creators have sought out the sound of these beautifully balanced rooms for more than five decades.

Dynamic Room Modeling

Dynamic Room Modeling

Ocean Way Studios reinvents ambience processing with UA’s proprietary Dynamic Room Modeling technology, an exclusive combination of signal processing and advanced measurement techniques. Whereas standard convolution reverbs only provide a sonic snapshot, Dynamic Room Modeling offers the full spectrum of a studio’s ambience possibilities. Specifically, Dynamic Room Modeling provides the unique dispersion properties of various sources, as recorded through various vintage microphones that can be positioned in each room — in real time — via a simple click-and-drag interface. This technology gives the Ocean Way Studios plug-in a shocking level of sonic realism.

An Unrivaled Microphone Collection Under Your Control

An Unrivaled Microphone Collection Under Your Control

With virtual access to $250,000 of hand-picked, vintage microphones, Ocean Way’s microphone setups and Distance controls are the centerpiece of the plug-in. The setups capture the ideal microphone selections and placements for each room and source type.

Up to three vintage microphones pairs (Near, Mid, Far) are available in each setup, allowing for creative sonic blending. Click-and-drag the microphones to position them in the room, then EQ and filter their sound as desired — complete with mic bleed and proximity effects.

Transform Tones With Reverb and Re-Mic Modes

Transform Tones With Reverb and Re-Mic Modes

Ocean Way Studios offers two modes of operation: Reverb mode, using send/return paths to mix wet and dry signals; or Re-Mic mode, to fully immerse the original source audio within Ocean Way’s rooms. Re-Mic mode is by nature “fully wet,” and can be used to entirely replace your original room and microphone sounds with the fabled sound of Ocean Way.

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      Key Features

      Breakthrough acoustic emulations of Ocean Way Recording’s legendary Studio A and Studio B
      Dynamic Room Modeling combines room, microphone, and source models for unprecedented realism
      Incorporates sonic profiles of vintage microphones from Allen Side’s world-renowned collection
      Includes mic bleed and mic proximity effects for stunning accuracy
      Choose from eight instrument / vocal source types with unique dispersion patterns
      Position and blend between three vintage mic pairs (Near / Mid / Far) in real time
      Use in “Reverb” mode, mixing wet and dry signal; or “Re-Mic” mode, replacing your original room and mic sounds altogether
      Preset mic selections, placements and creative direction by Ocean Way’s Allen Sides
      Requires UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface, available from authorized dealers worldwide


      Ocean Way Studiosプラグイン

      J. de Back


      Great on drums

      Great plugin to create a sense of space and get a massive drum sound. Also works well on vocals if you want to add interest. Doesn’t work on everything though so audition first but all in all a great plugin!

      J. Batayeh


      Makes any sound — sound alive

      I use Ocean Ways to make my drums softer around the edges—and to make any instrument or whole mix sound like it is being played in a beautiful sounding room. Just add it to anything that sounds a bit lifeless and you won’t be disappointed!

      D. Molerio


      Game Changer

      This plug in caught my attention right away, It will really create the space needed to place your voice and instruments properly in the mix, First song I mix with went number one on commercial radio station

      I. Ramirez


      perfect for close mic’d drums

      great sounding reverb that’s perfect for a fake room for a kit recorded in a small room. remic is really cool for giving VIs depth

      E. Vargas


      Great but desperate

      The Ocean way studios sounds great, but sometimes, the audio is forced off when the plugin is in a session, it seems in a way that the plugin exceeds the capability of the DSP within the APOLLO but even when neither the DAW is overloaded nor the APOLLO DSP is overloaded the audio just gets off with no sound, forcing myself to put this particular plugin OFF and restart the session. That's disappointing taking into account the high price of this plugin. otherwise great sounding, but not very reassuring in terms of getting your DAW running properly.

      Software: Ableton Live 9 / YOSEMITE 10.10

      B. Tari


      Very-Very Realistic

      I use it often, i like it!

      D. Williams


      Immensely versatile plugin.

      If you want your synths to capture Early Reflections in a room without doing it in the studio? This is the plugin to do it.. Incredible way to bring out massive synths, drums, and guitars in the mix. Beautiful full sound. To me, “Bad Reflections” often sound like a beach ball, but you can’t get bad reflections out of this plugin. Excellent work UAD. Can’t recommend this enough!



      Give the space to your instruments

      So différent from a classic reverb ! On a piano you really hear the room. Very very usefull.



      Absolutely a must have

      I used to have hw vocoders and i m so well surprised by this one !!!! It can also be interesting on other sources than vocals, may give interesting results.

      R. Craig


      Nice sound

      Really like it - fantastic on drums. Works great on superior drummer tracks to add a bit of life.

      r. barber


      Add ambiance to any track

      This works great to add dimension and realism to any virtual instrument track. Make your midi productions sound like they were recorded in OW easily and quickly.

      A. Paclin


      GREAT!!! 10/10

      Love the realistic sound.

      b. zucchetti


      Excellent as everything of UAudio !

      Must to have ! Supreme Drums Rooms ! Power!
      A great big portable studio in my Mac !
      By the time and waiting the right promotion i will buy everything of UAudio!

      C. Samayoa



      The sound is real ! The space is incredible!

      L. Lawrence



      In today's production reality something like this is a godsend. If you need a big drum sound but can't achieve it in your small room or don't have enough microphones to properly record the room, open this plugin and there you have it. Money and time saver, easy to use.

      G. Potter


      Adds air and space to dry recordings and VIs

      One of the best plugins if you're recording in small spaces, or for adding realism to virtual instruments. Just adds some amazing room presence that makes things breathe with life. Particularly great on drums and other percussive instruments.

      V. Kotljarow


      Ocean Way Studios

      I am very, very conquered !
      I was looking for a plugin that presented my classical opera voice like in a concert hall and I found this Wonderful plugin ! My voice sounds presentable, has one
      full sounding resonance space like in live recordings with Studio quality !
      Bravo Universal Audio Team !!!

      Ich bin sehr, sehr Erobert !
      Ich habe gesucht einen Plugin der meine Klassische Opernstimme presentiert wie in einem Konzertsaal und dieser Wunder plugin habe ich gefunden ! Meine stimme klingt Presentabel, hat einen vollklingenden Resonanzraum wie im live aufnahmen mit Studioqualität !!!
      Bravo Universal Audio Team !!!

      Я очень и очень покорен !!!
      Я искал плагин, который бы представлял мой классический оперный голос, как в концертном зале, и нашел этот замечательный плагин ! Мой голос звучит презентабельно, есть
      полное звуковое резонансное пространство как на живых записях, со студийным качеством!
      Bravo Universal Audio !!!

      R. Tuominen


      OMG OWS

      This plugin is great. Does what it supposed to do!

      B. Sullivan


      Ocean Way Studios, Washington, DC!!! LOL!!!

      As a kid, I would always read the album/cd credits. Ocean Way Studios would always be listed, and I've always wanted to visit this historic place (which I did back in 2018). To have the sound of that studio in my home now, is mind blowing! The reverb is phenomenal, and thanks to Universal Audio, I don't have to hop on a plane anymore!

      J. Markunas


      Brilliantly Done Room/Reverb Emulation & Low DSP

      This is what the Capitol Chambers plugin should be. IT perfectly replicates putting your tracks into a pro recording studio. Some of the most famous albums in music history were recorded in Ocean Way, and now you can too. Sounds great for drum reverb (especially paired with an 1176). Not the best for re-amping guitars, because those would be in a closet in a real studio, but perfect for drums, orchestra, keys, and vocals.