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Ocean Way Studios

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A. Vonavi


The best 3d room sound I ever heard!

This literally the best plugin to put any instrument in a room that sounds natural and 3d!
So amazing!!!

w. gonsoulin


Love it, love it, love it!

Welcome to the future! Only wish it were more DSP friendly.

D. Seaver


Such realism !

I have only ever been used to using more traditional reverb sounds with the very popular decay sounding. This is something very different and stands alone. The best way to describe this plugin is that is sounds REALISTIC.

M. Bigelow


Very interesting

As a concept, this is the future we hoped for. Turn your room into the best room? Yes.
Sometimes there’s too much info displayed.
Get it for your room to sound like a better room.

M. McCoy


Ocean way

The only way

B. Sancez


Being used on nearly all my melodies now

Gives life to vst instruments. Presets arent great but after tweaking to taste you can get amazing room modeling and verbs definitely plugin to save your preset templates on. The remic is something that just isn't available with other plugins on the market right now. Ocean Ways is more than just a reverb and in the best possible way.



best room plug in ever

It sounds real and organic! best room plug in ever

C. Jaeggi


Hyper Enough!

Ok, so I bought myself a couple of huge, perfect sounding studios today then. That was cheap, didn't need to buy property or anything hehe.
It's SOOO nice, it's obviously not a normal reverb or anything. Dunno how, but it's like standing IN the studio(s).
Can actually put it on the whole mix, sounds like the band is recorded in there. Completely nuts! As for drums, can't explain it.....gotta write a song to try to explain.
Gotta re-think & re-do everything now, seems I hit the big leagues guys ; )

C. Bergström


Nothing like it

Really puts your source in the room, there’s nothing like this - try it on everything but with guitars this one kills, a DI electric and this plug (in stereo) is just amazing

D. Gonzalez



Not only does this works well for reverbs and space, but I recently had a client who wanted a better sound from his LIVE performance at a bar. With the remicing option, this did the trick. Sounded like a totally NEW space when mixed well.

G. Castle


Great Room Sound

Great plug-in for giving your mix a recorded in a professional studio sound.

G. Levermann


Latency and worse than 25 - Waves Abbey Road Chamber

Did you know rhat every UAD Plugin introduces 12ms Larency? And most plugins have 0ms latency.
I think UAD is great for recording vocals with a processed, realtime headphone signal And for pure mixing.
For the creative process of writing and production uad plugins are useless due to latency and totaly overpriced. A money machine due to its closed system. Not a fan.

J. Mengis


Essential for remote drum sessions

My name is Joe Mengis and I playe drums for the band Eels. When the band is not on the road, I do a lot of session drumming and have a home studio for remote sessions. I have built an isolation room that sounds fantastic with the x8p. Ocean Way has been essential for delivering drum set and percussion tracks that need an added great sounding room. When I have delivered tracks with and without Ocean Way, my clients have chosen to use the tracks with Ocean Way every single time.

E. Anthony



I send my string tracks that I perform for film scores to this plug-in and it makes the ensemble sound incredible. 10/10 recommend for people with limited space in their studio room.

M. Schroer


For Strings

At the moment I use Ocean way studios mainly for strings and they sound incredible, but I will try other instruments later.

B. Bachhuber


OW Studios are so far away and yet so close

It´s such a pleasure adding those famous ambince sounds to the mix. Love it!

P. Cavanaugh



Incredible plugin! Everything sounds great with Ocean Way! Once you figure it out, it's easy!

B. Stephens


Ocean Way brings that something

Have only used it on drums so far, love what it brings. Makes my snare happy and my kick thick. UAD is quality you can hear.

h. kim


최고의 사운드를 안겨준다

다른 회사에서는 감히 넘볼 수 없는 강력한 플러그인이다.

E. Blake


It’s a dream

It gets me in a creative place where I know anything is possible.Beautiful backing vocals behind me sung be me.If you want to truly create then I’d recommend Ocean Ways.I already have top flight mics too Cheers

1-20 of754件の結果

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