Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects

Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects






1986年にリリースされたLexicon 480L Digital Effects Systemとその象徴的なフェーダードライブリモコンは、30年以上に渡って世界中の有名なスタジオコンソールの中心として認められています。480Lの広大なリバーブと鮮やかなエフェクトの質感は、今日まで何千ものチャートのトップに輝くトラックを形成するために役立ち、サウンドの基準となりました。

UADハードウェアとUAオーディオインターフェイス専用に開発されたUAD Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effectsプラグインは、独特な無限にモールド可能なアンビエンスとモジュレーションのすばらしさを巧みにキャプチャーし、Lexiconに認可を受けたこのクラシックなスタジオリバーブの世界で唯一のエミュレーションです。


最終のv4.10ファームウェアから派生した本格的なLexicon 480L digital reverbプラグインを使用してレコーディング&ミックス

ボーカル、ドラム、シンセ、ギターなどに最適なリッチでカラフルな"Random" &"Ambience"リバーブアルゴリズムを試してください



Take a Listen

Take a Listen


懸命な複数年のエンジニアリングの努力の結果 ― Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effectsプラグインは、複雑な空間、質感、他の世界的なリバーブテイルを忠実にキャプチャーし、ボーカル、ギター、シンセ、ドラムのトラックを日常的な環境から非現実的案効果まで強化、またはシェイプすることが可能です。



輝き、密度があり、美しい480Lは、Lexiconの有名なSplit Decay Reverbアルゴリズムと組み合わせ、ShapeとSpreadパラメーターを使用してほぼすべての空間を作成することができます。RandomアルゴリズムのSpinとWanderパラメーターを調整して、480Lの有名な長いリバーブテイルの動きをカスタマイズすることができます。また、Ambienceアルゴリズムを使用して楽器の定義を失うことなくナチュラルな空間と奥行きを加えることができます。






ベテランのエンジニアに聞くと、彼らは、Lexicon 480Lの象徴的な Lexicon Alphanumeric Remote Control("LARC")は、インターフェイスを把握するためのもっとも簡単な手段ではなかったと言います。ありがたいことに、このプラグインは、拡張されたパラメーターディスプレイを提供し、オリジナルのコントロールをより分かりやすくしています。その他のワークフローの強化には、リバーブマシンのシンプルなA/B切替え、インプット/アウトプット・ゲイン、ゲインリンク・コントロール、シグナルルーティング、メーターへのダイレクトアクセスがあります。



Lexicon 480Lプラグインには、Spike Stent(Beyoncé、Madonna)、Chuck Zwicky(Prince、Nine Inch Nails)、Ian Boxill(Janet Jackson、Quincy Jones)、Jacknife Lee(The Killers、U2)などグラミー賞を受賞した480Lのパワーユーザーが作成した100以上のアーティストプリセットが収録されており、ミックスのスタートに良いアイデアを提供することができます。






Spike Stent、Chuck Zwicky、Eli Janney、Ian Boxill、Jacknife Lee等が作成したアーティストのプリセットを100個以上収録


Lexicon 480L Digital Reverb and Effects

M. Blasquez


It's "the" reverb

Turns out that when I think of reverb, I'm thinking of the 480L. If it's not a spring, or a generic non-linear / gated sound, this is the reverb I've been trying to duplicate with all the other plugs I've used. Problem solved. No more wasted time trying to put lipstick on a pig. 480L FTW. Best plugin purchase in years

D. Carter


I dig it!!

It sounds great. Love it!!

C. Schwitzke


Wirklich gute Umsetzung des Klassikers

Wir haben Ende der 80er mit dem 480L in diversen Studios gearbeitet und es seitdem immer wieder schmerzlich vermisst. Diese digitale Umsetzung hat es geschafft, den einzigartigen Klang und das Bedienkonzept des 480L nachzubauen. Für Stimmen und Drums perfekt! Auch sehr gute und unproblematische Integration in Logic Pro X.
Bei der Integration sollte allerdings auf den RAM geachtet werden. Bei 32 GB aber, auch mit vollem SetUp, kein Problem.

E. Ananda


Absolute perfection!

My absolute favourite reverb plugin I've ever used. I found a huge difference when using this reverb on interments to vocals to percussion. It sounds so smooth and thick! Uses a lot if DSP but is defiantly worth it.

M. Bellin


What a joy on guitar!

I am a sound engineer but also a hobby guitarist. Playing with the "thin plate" program is incredible! The sound always stays distinct, even with a high level of reverb and doesn't touch the attack of the original signal. Reverb tail is lush and not dominant. My inserts for my clean chain look as follows: Fender Deluxe Amp -> 1176LN -> Studio D -> Galaxy Tape Echo -> EQP-1A and then via Aux send the Lexicon 480L. This sounds very clean, almost fragile (Galaxy!) and lets you forget time while playing... No comparison to Guitar Rig 5 Pro!

L. Duy


Longing for Lexicon 960L Reverb

I owned Lexicon 480L Reverb. It's a high quality reverb plugin but I like the smooth sound of Lexicon 960L Reverb also. When will you introduce it?

V. Kujala


So wonderful!!!

Really incredible reverb!!!

M. Stacy


Beautiful emulation but...

Be prepared to watch your processing power swallowed alive! This thing made me have to switch off countless plug ins. With 4 UAD2 cards in the mix. This was Incredibly frustrating! And then there’s the tech support that completely disappears when you try to contact them! Universal Audio used to be so much better than this! 3 stars not because of the plug in. But for what I just wrote about

J. Winkel


A unique Reverb

Since some weeks I use the Lexicon 480L and yes it is worth any penny :-) This FX processor adds for subtle coloring till sound changing effects. Easy to use and a perfect match with the Lexicon 224.

The Lexicon 480L in action:
- Use it while recording certain stems (although recording with a revert is not always the best option since you can't undo the fx, for sounddesign it is perfect.
- While mixing to give tracks some present or glue the mix together (tip: I put a EQ behind the Lexicon 480L (on an aux) and use a HO filter setting so the low frequencies get less effect).
- Mastering: spicy op the track after processing: as mostly in the mastering stage "just a bit".

Summarizing "a go to tool" that does the trick in an awesome way.

l. batterbury


Georgeous space

Love this... clean and full control of eq within the plugin ... the only verb I use now

Z. Valentin


Love my Lexicon 480L

Really work amazing... good job guys

m. schnitzler



This Plugin is one of the Best reverbs I ever heard.

N. Borgen


Lexicon is best ...

Lexicon products is, and have always been, my favourites. The 480 plugin sounds like I remember the original did ... I love the warmth, the deepness and the great atmosphere sound that surrounds this product. Easy to use and cheap to buy.

D. Buehler


Great reverb

Perfect for soundscapes

J. Dryden


Lexicon 480L is amazing!!!

I’ve been saving for a while to get this Reverb plug as I absolutely love the original. What a pleasure this is to work with, I can create lush dreamlike reverberant fields or get a very realistic ambient space for anything from drums to guitars and voices, without the low frequency buildup.
Great Job UA

W. Keskey


I have the Lexicon 224 (HAD) since Day One of my entrance into ”Apollo World”
(again ”Day One Waitlist Apollo Firewire” guy)
The Lexicon 448 is AMAZING.... ”Clean” I can’t even BEGIN to explain.
Am I a Lexicon Fan?...I’ve been a Pat Metheny fanatic, since when ”American Garage” came out.
(Not to mention ”IT’S” the INDUSTRY STANDARD)
again, I’ve HAD the 224....

the ambient textures that come as PRE SETS!!!! CRAZY!!!! The WARMTH that comes with those Algorithms of Lexicon 448?.....UNBELIEVABLE.... well, LEXICON.... just CLEANER

Now WHEN’S THE LEXICON PCM70 plugin coming?

L. Weisz



Ez egy nagyon szuper plugin!
Kár, hogy nem jött ki hamarabb, mert akkor nem vettem volna meg a 224-est! :)

P. Gallais



Bluffant de réalisme, j'ai l'impression d'avoir le hardware à la maison. Top

G. Howard


Just as I remember it

This is an outstanding reverb plugin. It's exactly how I remember it but without the flimsy 9-pin remote cable that always needed re-soldering. Beautiful, lush halls, rooms, plates, effects, and all-out weirdness.

A. Luchsinger


Best reverb plugin

when i worked the first time with the original unit some years ago i was blown away. if you listen to a track in solo it isn't that crazy, it just sound like a reverb but if you listen to the same track in a hole mix context... i was blown away!! it sounds great it sounds fantastic, you're able to keep things in front but with a big space or the space you want. you really get the option to juice where you want to place things in the mix, are they far away or in your face but with a bit of space.
There are many plugins who emulate the 480L unit but the UA version is the only one who gave me the same feeling and impression like the original one does years ago. Thank you UA for that experience.
it's not a cheap plugin but it's worth every penny specifically if you are thinking about the price of a real one....