Suhr® PT100 Amplifier

Suhr® PT100 Amplifier

Unison Enabled






30年近くに渡り、John Suhrは、トーンフリークのためのハイエンド・チューブアンプを製作し、洗練され、多彩なトーンを持つアンプデザインを探求していました。Suhr PT100 Signature Editionアンプは、まさにそれを体現するようなアンプです。Suhrと世界有名なギタリストであり、ギタートーンの求道者、Pete Thornとのコラボレーションによる3チャンネル、100ワットのアンプデザインです。

John SuhrとPete Thornにサポートされ、 Brainworxによって開発されたSuhr PT100 Amplifierプラグインは、独自の“plexi-スタイル”のトランスと、EL34管によるパワーアウトプット・セクションを完璧にエミュレートし、オリジナルアンプの驚異的なトーンを正確にキャプチャーしています。また、これはUAD-2ハードウェア、UAオーディオインターフェイス専用に提供されています。

Now You Can:

UAインターフェイスを使用してSuhr PT100のサウンドをレイテンシーなくトラッキング可能




Take A Listen

Take A Listen


Suhr PT100プラグインは、どんなスタイルの演奏でも、最適なトーンを演出する3系統の多彩なチャンネルを提供しています。チャンネル1は、伝統的なアメリカンアンプのサウンドが得られ、大胆で、クラシックなクリーンサウンドです。また、クランチ機能を使用することで、輝きとパンチのあるサウンドが楽しめます。

チャンネル2は、Pete Thorn のお気に入りであるSuhrのSL68アンプをベースに開発され、多彩な音色を提供します。最後にチャンネル3は、Suhrだけが提供できる溶けるような“モディファイされたブリティッシュトーン”を提供します。リッチな倍音、と無限のサスティンを持ち、重厚でジューシーなサウンドをお楽しみください。

Suhr PT100 FX Rack

Suhr PT100 FX Rack

Suhr PT100プラグインは、Brainworx FX Rackを使用してさらにトーンの可能性を広げます。ノイズゲート、切り替え可能なハイ/ローパスフィルター、パワーソークサーキットを搭載しており、出力ゲインを落とすことなく必要なパワーアンプの良さを引き出すことができます。

Suhr PT100は、いくつかのブティックキャビネットを使用しキャプチャーするために、BrainworxのビンテージNeveコンソールやハイエンド/ビンテージマイクやアウトボード機材を使用してレコーディング した120種類のインパルスレスポンス・レコーディングチェインが内蔵されています。

UA オーディオインターフェイスのためのUnison™ テクノロジー

UA オーディオインターフェイスのためのUnison™ テクノロジー

UAの画期的なUnisonテクノロジーを駆使したSuhr PT100 amplifierプラグインは、Suhrのもっとも評価されているアンプのサウンドを形作るために貢献しているインピーダンス、ゲインステージやサーキットの挙動などを忠実に再現します。


John SuhrとPete Thornが認可し、サポートしたオリジナルのSuhr PT100チューブギターアンプの忠実なエミュレーション






FX Rackには、ホストにシンク可能なローファイディレイ、ノイズゲート、タイト&スムーズフィルター、プリ/パワーアンプ・バイパス可能なパワーソークを内蔵

Unison ™ テクノロジーによるゲインステージの物理的インピーダンスをハンズオンでコントロール可能


Suhr PT100 Amplifier

J. Sanchez


Best UAD amp!

Great amp, every marshally tone is in this pluggin, super versatile and the clean tone is very pedal friendly. Well done, Suhr/UA!

B. Kim


great modern clean tone!

suhr SE100 amp gain에 반해서.. PT100 도 테스트 해보고 구입했습니다.
매우 빈티지한 톤이 리얼 했던 uad fender tone과는 다른 modern 한 clean tone amp 입니다.!

D. Woodford


Suhr PT100

I own various amp sims on the UAD platform and this is my now go to plug in for guitar. It covers all the gaps from sparkling Fender cleans to modded Marshall and everything in between. Brilliant.

R. Trevor


Modern Crunch

I was looking for a more modern crunchy sound. Something less vintage that would work well with more modern rock and metal. This plugin hits all the buttons for me. I have the Marshall collection and Engl Savage which I love but I needed something a little cleaner crunch with sustain and Suhr PT100 did the job.

D. Streeter


The best virtual multi-channel lead amp I've ever used!

Having played through thousands of amps since the eighties and having many tube amps modded for me, this is a great tool for recording. I'd give it 5 stars if I could use it in 192K sessions (it only works at up to 96K). It would be neat if UA could make a unit like the Line 6 Helix for guitar players and bass players (to use live with, or without a computer and still function as a recording interface for studio use).

J. Rodriguez



wow it sounds amazing keep up the good work

t. yu


very versatile

i was wavering between fender tweed and this one over a week. fender tweed is a great amp sim but it's very distintive sound which is great for certain genre. pt100 can cover a lot of styles. i only wish they make fender twin reveb someday

C. Lee


Great Amp!

Another great amp plugin from UA. I strongly recommend giving it a try!

C. Torres


Just Out of this World!

This is an amazing amp, the presets are great for a lot of styles... I didn't have to change anything of those to get great tones. More than you exptect !!



Not what I expected.

I purchased the Suhr PT100 just trying to fill my bundle quota. I was expecting to use the other UA amp plugins more than this one. In trying out all the amp plugins I got in my bundle I got around to tweaking the PT100 last. I find that it gets the tones I want with less trouble getting them to 'seat' well in the tracks; less manipulating so to speak. I like the PT100 in the mix best so far. I couldn't imagine anyone not being less than completely satisfied with this purchase. Also if I was to pick one or the other of the Suhr offerings I would pick the PT100 first. Although you would like to have both at some point.



Very Forward/Present and Covers a Lot of Ground

Really like the clean tone with single-coils and it feels like you can "discover" a new cool tone every time you experiment with it. Easy to get around it, and easy to quickly get a very playable sound. My humbucker guitars prefer the other Suhr (the SE100) for that classic rock high-gain sound. But this PT100 has something special for the clean to crunch area. Both!

H. Sörensen


Great great amp sound

Big fan of Pete Thorn and just love this great amp sim!

S. Szakall


Best all-in-one

This is the best sounding all in one amp sim I have ever played. The PT100 I think can be used to cover any genre. Has great speaker options and the tweak-ability of the amp controls are highly intuitive and probably the best I've every seen from a sim or actual amp. I would recommend the PT100 to anybody especially if you can only afford to buy one amp plugin.

R. Hortensius


Awesome amp !

Getting some great tones out of the PT100 !!!



Add PLENTY of Colored Harmonics to BASS, SYNTH BASS and 808 !!!!! Wonderful !!!

Not All UAD Guitar AMP are perfect for BASS synth and will have to find wich one....but the PT100 and his little brother...are fantastic on BASS, not only Guitar !!!! Best and most easy way to add Harmonics to a Sub Bass......

A. Heinzelmann


Great sounding Amp Emulation

The Suhr PT100 is a great sounding Amp Simulation. I like to use it instead auf a real Amp because it´s easy to use and the is no big difference to the original Sound. Very usefull, if recording electric guitars.

尾. 猛


feel so good


h. hyakkoku


Great Sound!

I don’t have the real machine of this amp, but I think I will buy one day.
This sounds really good and is a modern sound.

A. Sanchez


A plugin of Epic Status

One of the biggest pursuits of any guitar player/engineer is to get that magical legendary clean and overdriven tones from their guitar tracks. Sometimes, no matter what you do there could be something missing or just a lacking “it” factor. So imagine how surprised I was when I plugged in for the first time and found that the “it” factor was coming out of my monitors in bucket loads. Hands down... one of the must get guitar amp plugins today!!!

E. Moore


Get This

Being an owner of most of the UAD amplifiers, this one is special. I use a lot of Telecasters in my electric guitar playing and this nails those early 70s/Led Zeppelin 1st album tones to a tee. The distortion breaks correctly and notes hang. The only thing missing is facing your guitar to a speaker cabinet to get feedback. The only negative I would have is lack of 4-10 or 1-15 cabinet emulations.