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ENGL® Savage 120 Amplifier

ENGL® Savage 120 Amplifier

Unison Enabled

通常価格: $149.00


You'll Save 46%


通常価格: $149.00


You'll Save 46%



Savage 120 Amplifierは、ENGLの豊富なメタルマシンとしての経験を体現しています。ExodusのGary Holt、Dimmu Borgir、Sodom、Primal Fearが好きな人はENGL Savage 120のサウンドに本質を見出すでしょう。

Brainworxによって開発されたUADハードウェアとApolloインターフェイス専用のENGL Savage 120 Amplifier プラグインは、この野獣のようなサウンドを奏でるトーンモンスターの厳格なエミュレーションです。


Apolloを使用したワークステーション環境では、レイテンシーゼロでENGL Savage 120アンプのサウンドでトラッキング可能







ENGLアンプには数多くの強烈なアンプをそろえていますが、Savage 120は、モダンでもっともアグレッシブさとパンチを兼ね備えたモデルです。激しいクランチと溶けるようなディストーションサウンドにつながる速いアタックはスタジオやステージ上での大量破壊兵器とも言えます。



ENGL Savage 120プラグインは、アンプの4チャンネル、デュアル3バンドEQ、デプスブースト、ラフ/スムース、コンター、プレゼンス、などのトーンシェイピング・ツールを巧みにモデリングし、ギターサウンドを完全にコントロールすることができます。

Savage FXラック

Savage FXラック

ENGL Savage 120プラグインは、Brainworx FXラックを使用してトーンをさらに詳細にコントロールすることができます。ノイズゲート、ビンテージ・ディレイ、切り替え可能なハイ/ロー・パスフィルター、パワーソーク・サーキットを備えており、アウトプットゲインをクランクさせることなく必要以上にオーバードライブさせることができます。

ENGL Savage 120プラグインには、Brainworxのスタジオで、いくつかのブティックキャビネットやハイエンドのビンテージマイクやアウトボードを使用してキャプチャーされた100種類ものインパルスレスポンス・レコーディングチェインが含まれており、ユーザーんび完璧な“レコーディングのためのサウンド”を提供します。

本物のENGLトーンを手に入れるためのUnison™ テクノロジー

本物のENGLトーンを手に入れるためのUnison™ テクノロジー

ギターのピックアップとアンプのフロントエンドとの相互作用は、アンプの音色やフィーリングをキャプチャーする上で非常に重要です。UAのUnisonテクノロジーにより、Apolloユーザーのギター・ピックアップはApolloでしか実現不可能な機能であるENGL Savage 120に直接接続しているかのような正確なインピーダンス負荷を与えます。


オリジナルの伝説的なENGL Savage 120 Tube Guitar Amplifierの正確なエミュレーション









Unison™ テクノロジーにより、ゲインステージの物理的インプットインピーダンスをハンズオンコントロール


ENGL Savage 120 Amplifier



Incredible Metal Amp

Having owned the actual Savage 120, this thing is a perfect copy of the real thing! A must-own if you're recording tight modern metal, especially on 7/8 string guitars. This and the E646 VS plugin are incredible, both deliver brutal punch, articulation and sparkle.



Magnifique ampli !!!

Une des meilleures simulations qu'il m'ait été donné d'essayer, en un mot ça sonne !!
Avec les quatre canaux on a affaire à un ampli très polyvalent, tout les sons sont magnifiques et très expressifs du pur clean jusqu'à la grosse saturation. Les simulations d'enceintes sont elles aussi très réussies et on retrouve bien le son des différentes gamelles ainsi que les micros. Vraiment une grande réussite !!!!!

F. Ruisch


Best AMP sim for high gain.

This amp is perfect for tracking D.I. parts for re-amp. Or just use the amp as it is because it sounds fantastic. It's the best high gain amp sim that i own.

F. Ruisch


Best AMP sim for high gain.

This amp is perfect for tracking D.I. parts for re-amp. Or just use the amp as it is because it sounds fantastic. It's the best high gain amp sim that i own.

K. Copeland


Just get it

Great amp sounds. Really stand out in your recordings.

m. gilmer


My Go To Amp

I own several of the Uaudio amp sims. This Engl has become my go-to now. I love all of the ones I have. But, this one does it all. It can cover all styles of music. Not just the heavy stuff. It is an amazing sim with incredible flexibility.

C. Ryan


Best Amp Sim I've Heard For Heavy Music

Really Amazing tones in this little beast! Great tube emulation. The ENGL Savage and the new SUHR PT 100 are the best I've heard for Kick Ass Rock/Metal/Punk tones.

J. Kita


ENGL Savage 120 *Super Accurate Emulation*

I would put this emulator up against both the Axe-FX II & the physical Savage 120 amplifier that I A/B'd this with. If you are after the super heavy tones that the Special Edition Head can offer I would highly recommend getting the TS Overdrive and putting it in the chain before the amplifier. Great clarity and articulation.

J. Flynn Dale


Savage time

This sound certainly be a go to guitar amp!

If you are looking for that amazing tool box amp, look no further!

This is it!

M. Mai


Just a very nice amp!

This amp is extremely versatile. Suprisingly, I really like the clean channel and or just a touch of crunch. The selection of IRs/mics is also great in terms of tonal options. Very pleased with this purchase.

e. joyce


Engl Savage 120

Bought this plugin last night and if you are into playing metal don't waste your time with any other Sims. Just get this one. Very easy to get a razor sharp tone with no muddyness. I've been trying to get decent metal tones using the other Engls which I also own. This one blows them apart for metal. Highly recommended amp sim.

R. Alvarez-Torre


So heavy!

I’m so happy this plug-in made it to the platform. I’m in love with heavy amps and I hope they develop more. They did such an amazing job and if you’re tracking heavy guitars then this is a no brainer buy to add to the arsenal.

C. Carr


Great for tracking DI.

I already own the UA OX that I use for tracking all my high gain amps, JCM800, Mesa, Orange and it sounds amazing. But at the same time as tracking the OX i still grab a DI signal with my Avalon U5 for reamping options later. So far this has the been the best option Ive found to use with my DI signal other than reamping, but with the option to track the real apps, about 99/100 times i end up going with the tracks from the OX. But is it good for what it is especially if you do not have a bunch of amp options in the studio.




great soundin engine!!!..superb rock sounds!!!

K. Shobe


Punch and grit

I was looking for a new heavy tone that still had clarity. But it had to have a level of punch and grit without sounding muddy. Pretty much found it in the default program. With a couple of tweaks and a change of speaker cab, I was recording. I am loving this new tone. It's got great pick attack tone with that true Engl growl. When I play a chord I can distinguish the individual notes from it. Now that's clarity. I've only used it with a standard tuned 6 string. I'd love to hear this with a 7 string or baritone axe. Fantastic emulation. My new go to program for heavy rock or metal.

S. Lipman


Best amp. simulator i have used so far

It is the first amp. sim. that i can use instead of a real thing!



Perfect for DI tracking!

The Savage just sound great in this plugin, the gain seems a little lacking for practicing solo, but once in the mix this just sounds so much better than other tube amp plugins. Must have, to make DI tracking just that much easier.

J. Kaiser


Very Versatile

You can use this amp not only for metal. It also has great clean and crunch tones.

J. Stiles


Guitar Tones Galore!!

The Engl Savage 120 is not only a massive tight metal onslaught, but a tone wielding beast. Having everything from killer cleans, to silky leads and vintage tones as well, just making a few quick adjustments and swapping cabs increases the value of the 120's sonic palatte ten-fold! Over and over again UAD and Unison rules the amp modeling world!

A. Carloss


Superb quality

Normally I only re-amp using my hardware Marshall 6100. However, I wanted an amp with a gate facility that I could track with in monitor mode & the Savage ticked the box. I have been highly impressed with the plugin in normal mode, but put it into Unison mode & it becomes a completely different animal... I cannot emphasise enough how much difference the Unison feature makes! THIS amp sim is now a very very serious contender against my Marshall (& that's saying something). I think I will be using it for at least two of my 4 guitar parts (2 marshall paired one side, the Engl the other) - seriously people, you need to check this out!