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A state-of-the-art EQ from an audio legend.

A unique, powerful equalizer, the Massenburg DesignWorks MDWEQ5 plug-in provides crystal clear processing at the highest resolutions. A go-to EQ for game developers and engineers in film and television, the MDWEQ5 plug-in is ultra-precise and ear-tuned by the man who invented the term, “parametric EQ,” George Massenburg.

Ultra-clean, with zero color and zero distortion, the MDWEQ5 plug-in lets you isolate problem areas in a mix and quickly make corrections with its choice of filter types. Now you can harness Massenburg’s unrelenting attention to quality in design, with the Massenburg MDWEQ5 plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces.

Shape sounds with a powerful EQ created by George Massenburg, the pioneer of parametric equalization

Expertly carve instruments using up-sampling and maximum bit-depth processing

Use IsoPeak® for finding problem frequencies quickly and accurately

Sculpt signals with the 5-band version of the MDWEQ5 plug-in or the 3-band version (included) when less processing is required


Created by George Massenburg, the pioneer of parametric equalization

Using upsampling and maximum bit-depth processing, the ear chosen filtering provides the very finest in processing

MDW® EQ5 Parametric Equalizer includes both the MDWEQ-5B five-band EQ and MDWEQ-3B three-band EQ plug-ins

IsoPeak® for finding problem frequencies quickly and accurately


Massenburg® MDWEQ5 Parametric EQ

Overall Rating


R. Evans


Cool, not great

It could be me but it's not my first choice, it subtle, very subtle which can be great. There are no presets so it can be a little difficult to learn what it's doing. Good on stereo bus for small incremental adjstments

C. Foy


My new go-to

I can't describe how musical this EQ is. Crank any knob as far as you want to go and it'll still sound good, just another tonal option. That being said, it can pinpoint emphasized frequencies and get them out of the way too. I especially love the high and low pass curves.

I. Sedick


Easy to Use, Sounds Fantastic.

I love the analogue sound offered by this EQ - Sweet Stuff!

J. Kelly


Solo feature is Boss!

i look how this sounds and operates. the solo feature makes it quick and effective

J. Kelly


Solo feature is Boss!

i look how this sounds and operates. the solo feature makes it quick and effective

Š. Kominko


Top EQ

Jednoducho najlepší z najlepších. Zvukovo veľmi čistý, transparentný. Odporúčané.

r. schirmacher



Super EQ, mein Favorit...

T. Long



I’’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!’ Buddy The Elf ‘03
And me, today.

This is a really great sounding EQ. Not sure why I haven’t heard much about it. Very little in fact. Hopefully people eventually stumble across it like I did.
Love the sound.
Clean and musical.
Makes itself at home.
Rests very well in the mix.
Doesn’t come across as a sonic intrusion the way some weaker EQs can.
Nice work.
And I don’t hand out 5 star ratings. This is the first product here that’s ever received one from me.

E. Lutkins



Blows every other EQ out of the water. Never harsh. and always musical George built a master equalization tool.

J. Mateo


cleanest eq I have ever used

I have no clue how every eq move I make with this thing is able to sound so transparent and clean



It looks like an old Ferrari, a quality engine under the hood.

Produced various comparisons, yes I recognize MDWEQ5
Out of competition, it works transparently and cleanly.
I recommend. Personal thanks to UAD.

j. Pettit


Brilliant EQ

The Massenburg MDWEQ5 EQ is the best digital EQ I've used and I don't mean by just a little. The interface is different, it's set up to do what I want from the start, it actually isolates the frequencies I'm searching for in a way I've never seen before. It's so easy to use! And now the best part, It sounds amazing. The up sampling magic really works, clear changes in tone with just clarity. I've been doing this for a while and it's really rare for me to be this impressed with a plug.

N. Bryce


One of my top three from UAD

This is one of my top three from UAD I think it shapes vocals better then anything out their it’s one you won’t regret purchasing

V. Seuwen


Precision interventions

I use the EQ when it comes to processing certain frequencies without coloring.
I also use the EQ in console, for example, to counteract disturbing room frequencies.



Precision finishing, simple as that!

I've been applying the MDW Eq to everything. As has been said, MDW is a surgical tool. It is worth it!

k. taesan


This is the best surgical EQ plug in

I think MDW is The best surgical EQ, It’s the most clear eq of EQ plug ins i used
It’s expensive but it deserve

N. Brody


Parametric EQ

Flexible and smooth sounding

M. Hébert



Cleanest EQ plugin I know. Perfect for corrective EQ on vocals, transparent mastering EQ, boosting air on vocals, etc.

E. Bureau


Best surgical EQ

I was demoing a lot of different plugins to find the best surgical EQ for my needs. I have been using FabFilter Q3 for years in the belief that it sounded 'transparent'. Don't get fooled by the somewhat 'stuck' in the 90s look. This EQ is seriously good. It blew all of the competition away, and I can't imagine ever using something like Q3 again. Really transparent, not tampering with your original sound and not introducing any weird phase issues. With the audition function, It is incredible easy to find offending frequencies and tame them. The simple interface is also exactly what you need. No M/S processing, no dynamic bands etc. Just. Great. Sound. This is the perfect 'problem solver' companion to all the great colorful EQs in the UA portfolio!

W. Gregory


Great one stop mastering eq

This simply adds top and bottom to your mix but in a very musical and lovely way without having to really get in to any detailed tweaking unless you want to. Reminds me of Decca eq used for vynil mastering back in the day. Warm and airy.