Galaxy Tape Echo

Galaxy Tape Echo





Endless, lush, dub-style delays and psychedelic spring reverb.

In 1973, Roland created the RE-201 Space Echo* — a tape delay/spring reverb system that created warm, warped, unabashedly analog echo effects. From subtle tape textures to mindbending chaos, this iconic contraption can be heard on classic Pink Floyd and David Bowie, to seminal dub sides from King Tubby, Scientist, and Lee “Scratch” Perry.

The Galaxy Tape Echo plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces is an exhaustive emulation of the iconic, legendary ’70s unit, and expertly captures the physical behavior of the inspiring hardware, down to its distortion, musical wow and flutter, sci-fi pitch shifting, and real time tweakability.

Now You Can:

Add subtle tape delay or colorful cacophony to drums, vocals, guitars, and synths

Harness distortion, wow and flutter, and pitch shifting, for organic time-based effects

Use wild-self-oscillation for creative sci-fi textures and moods

Employ the ambient shimmer of spring reverb on any source

Take a listen

Take a listen
Space is the Place

Space is the Place

Universal Audio has painstakingly captured every quirk and characteristic of this complex device. For example, just like the hardware, you can drive the input hard to add hair to a vocal, or widen a drum bus with fat analog character. Tweak the controls and harness seemingly infinite wow and flutter and pitch shifting combinations — perfect for energizing electric guitars. From rockabilly slapback to hazey trails of swirling delay, the Galaxy Tape Echo is a secret sauce for any source in any genre.

A Faithful Reproduction — Warts and All

A Faithful Reproduction — Warts and All

The Galaxy Tape Echo keeps the controls of the original hardware, and adds some for modern workflows. Use the original Mode Selector for various head combinations, Repeat Rate for timing control, and Intensity for repeats and self-oscillation. The Echo/Normal switch mutes the signal to the echo, while global Bass and Treble let you season to taste. New features include Tempo Sync, Pan controls for reverb and delay, and Tape Select, for varying delay timbres. By capturing the eccentricities of the original, and adding enhancements along the way, the Galaxy Tape Echo is a tool of infinite creativity.

*The Galaxy Tape Echo product is not affiliated with, sponsored, nor endorsed by Roland. The Roland name, as well as the RE-201 and Space Echo model names, are used solely to identify the classic effects emulated by Universal Audio's product.

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      Key Features

      Add subtle tape delay or colorful cacophony to drums, vocals, guitars, and synths

      Harness distortion, wow and flutter, and pitch shifting, for organic time-based effects

      Use wild-self-oscillation for creative sci-fi textures

      Employ the ambient shimmer of spring reverb on any source

      Create with plug-in-only features Tempo Sync, Effects Pan, and Tape Select


      Galaxy Tape Echoプラグイン

      J. Klein


      Still love it

      I still love this plugin - one of my favorite UAD tools.
      Great sounding and indispensable - even if we saw a lot of great delay plugins in the recent years.

      But - still no option for customizing the size ?
      This is my main concern with UAD plugins. Even Apple reworked a lot of their plugins for that reason.
      Come on UAD, is it really that hard to implement this feature when you are rewriting the UI anyway?
      My eyes are always bleeding with some of your plugins.

      M. Clay


      Bless The UAD♫

      ❤ This Galaxy!

      I am gobsmacked at your kindness. I NEED the Roland. Please keep supporting it. I make DUB and it is integral to my sound and there is nothing else on the market quite like it.

      The GALAXY is wonderful. I am enjoying it as much if not more than the Roland. It is fitting the DUB REGGAE amazingly. I have already made a Dub Track with it. So guys if you make Dub and you are looking for a vintage high quality delay this will work just fine.

      I owe you one for this UAD. You sure know how to treat your customers well. It is no surprise your company is excelling. Thanks.

      T. McKinnon


      Thank You Universal Audio!!!

      When you guys did not renew your license with Roland...I saw the rumbles in blogs and articles and just a few days ago begin to rethink my investment. I am commented to UA both hardware and software and plan to stay the course with this company and their superior products. Anyway I love the 201 and now that you have put out your own I love your version. And the fact that you support the Roland version and gave customers who paid for the 201 the Galaxy let me know that you do care about us!

      Also it sounds amazing thanks again!!!!!

      R. Rodriguez



      what is the difference between this and the Space Echo plugin??

      P. Degen


      What happened to Roland?

      Well, to be completely honest, I have this plugin for quiet a while now (but then it was called Roland Space echo), and I seldom use it in tracks. It works fine, but somehow I can't find good use with it.

      H. Barnard


      5 Stars

      Great sounding effect, but also very useful for creative sound design... awesome!

      V. Morganti


      Great for guitar

      Simple and effective, perfect for adding depth to any guitar sound.

      W. Hendriks


      5 stars!

      Really nice. Much flavors including the right one. Try it, I'm sure you'll like it

      D. Middelhede



      I keep reaching out for this when I feel like sounds needs more life and texture. I am also very excited about the sounds you get when tweaking the parameters.

      A. Cumminer


      Dredy Rockers 2 Rockers

      Ho! My! Days!........ It’s like the real thing crazy.
      Exciting Excitement.
      UAD’s got it Locked.
      You guys are just Bad Asses or should I say “The Real! dogs bolloxx, Maximum respect from them times & even more so today.

      And now The future is 2 DUB in the finest style known 2 man kind. : )

      H. Jansson


      Sounds legit

      This piece sounds so good, i have a re-301, but since i got this i haven’t even used the hardware.

      b. gabrielli



      excellentissime pour le dub

      D. Carroll



      I'm new to the UAD platform, but I knew that this plugin would be one of the first I purchased. I used a Space Echo extensively in the '90s and this thing really captures everything I loved about that ratty old box of sonic delights!

      B. David Jérome


      RE-201. Blessing

      I love ....RE-201.
      one of my favorite UAD

      L. SIMEONE


      RE: Galaxy 201

      A good tape delay emulation, however it doesn't quite capture the vibe & sound of a real Roland unit (which is my favourite.) Really I should have known better than to go the emulation route. Having said that this would be the closest plugin to the real deal.

      T. Spillmann


      I'm loving this

      Just a fantastic sound! Works great on guitars and vocals. Would recommend it to anyone

      E. Halterman


      Excellent Vibe!

      Nice mojo and vibe with this plugin! Love it!

      p. hedin


      creative space!

      Beautiful sound, creative and easy. It ads nice character and ID to whatever you put it on. Thanx!




      being an electronic musician, it took me a while to understand what to do with it (besides classic delays). it really tickens and smoothen most electronic source and I find it very handy for that.

      A. Haynes


      Great sound/non-native language

      Sounds great but, controls are a little awkward. Controls are not setup like other tape echo plugins so, it took a little work to understand.