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Cooper® Time Cube MkII Delay

Cooper® Time Cube MkII Delay

通常価格: $149.00


You'll Save 50%


通常価格: $149.00


You'll Save 50%


Unique, garden hose-based mechanical delay device, captured as a plug-in.

Designed by Duane H. Cooper and Bill Putnam, the Cooper Time Cube was a garden hose-based mechanical delay device introduced in 1971. It has achieved cult status as the most unique delay ever made. Famous for its spectacular short delay and doubling effects — as well its uncanny ability to sit perfectly in the mix — the Cooper TIme Cube is as character-filled a device as you will ever find.

The Cooper Time Cube MkII plug-in for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces is an exacting emulation of this utterly original, and usable, device. By capturing the sound of the original delay system, while offering modern delay features, the Cooper Time Cube MkII plug-in is a versatile, fat-sounding space maker without equal.

Now You Can:

Craft delay textures with the most unique delay device ever made

Add intense doubling effects to thicken vocals, guitars, synths, and more

Adjust Tempo Sync for A & B delay lines separately for intriguing rhythmic delays

Expertly tweak repeats with Treble, Bass, Color, and High Pass Filter controls

5-Minute UAD Tip
5-Minute UAD Tip

5-Minute UAD Tip

In this video, learn how to widen a Wurlitzer, add vibey slapback to guitars, and synchronized delay trails on a vocal with the Cooper Time Cube MkII Delay plug‑in.

Key Features

Designed by Duane H. Cooper and Bill Putnam — one of the most unique delays ever made
All the vibe of the original, with modern feature enhancements
Two delay lines can be set independently and adjusted with Delay, Decay, Pan and Volume controls
Separately adjustable tempo sync for both A & B delay lines
“Coils” selection recreates the original sound of the CTC regardless of Delay setting
Treble and Bass tone controls, High Pass Filter, Wet Solo, and analog-style metering
MIMO, MISO and SISO operation (SISO is true stereo)
Requires a UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide


Cooper® Time Cube Mk II Delay プラグイン

B. Wakefield


So good!

Very impressive, getting more use out of this than I expected

M. Rutkowski



Threw the first preset in som vocals and was wowed

E. Behrendt


Solo instrument, no problem

Just flip the switch even without touching a knob you will be amazed. Takes your solo instrument to the next level.

P. Hoier


Never thought I needed this.

Never thought I needed more delays.
Who needs more than the various colors offered in Echoboy, right? ;-)
..... but somehow the UAD Cooper Time manages to sit perfectly in even a dense mix, sounding present on every fading tap, without ever being too much. Easy to adjust and never too dark and muddy.
Even the "doubler" effect (fast delays) which never seem to work for me (it often gets this annoying digital flange/phase buildup/cancellation) works with the UAD Cooper Time. I don't know, maybe it's due to whatever special filtering happening in the modelled garden hose making every tap just a tiny bit different in the right way? Who knows. But it works. Nice one, UA. :-)

P. Bryer


Great sounding delay

Works so well in every session where I need a delay. The presets are great and it blends so well in the mix. You can tell Bill Putnam had a hand in its design. Serious pro audio tool!

P. Bryer


Great sounding delay

Works so well in every session where I need a delay. The presets are great and it blends so well in the mix. You can tell Bill Putnam had a hand in its design. Serious pro audio tool!

R. Cote


wow! Excellent Delay

This effect plugin has become my everyday delay plugins. Thanks to UA!

S. van Servellen


Nice and simple delay unit with unique characteristics

Mainly used in plugin chain for playing electric guitar and really like the simplicity and nature of what it does to the sound.

d. perez


Muy buen delay

Funciona muy bien en guitarras, me recordó el tono de pedales de delay BBD

D. Gyolcs


Fantastic Delay

you need it! Very Good for Vox, Drums and Synths and more.

R. Dickerson



easy to use, great at widening sound quickly!

T. Gol


Perfect for synths and guitars

I’ve demoed for synths and felt in love. Bought it. Now I mainly use it for synths and guitars. For leads I use it in dual mode. Absolutely I recommend it.

j. campos


A Must Have

This is a delay that you just have to have in your toolbox. Its iconic and UA has nailed it.

N. Lawson


My "go to" delay for vox

Adds life and character to vocals unlike any other delay out there. Hands down, best delay for vox, worth every penny!

k. Mehta


More than delay!

I bought it with the intention of using it as a delay but end up using it as a doubler, tone box and much more. Love it on Vocals, Guitars and even rhythms with a very short delay time! Can't get better I say :)

M. Fletcher


The best delay UA do

This is a fantastic delay. It creates a sense of specialness and brings a professional dimension to mixes. It's really fun to use and excels at creating stereo images that work really well. The sync function is very useful, this is basically the perfect delay. Wish A + B echo volumes could be ganged but that's it as a complaint.

S. Goldstein


The best!

I actually purchased a new Apollo Twin X so I could use this delay. Love all the UAD plugins but the Cooper Time Cube is my absolute favorite.

B. Zhang




R. Denisov


I'm impressed.

I really liked this delay.

a. madalin