V76 Preamplifier

V76 Preamplifier

Unison Enabled







UADハードウェアやUAオーディオインターフェイス専用のV76 Preamplifierは、シンプルで使いやすいプラグインで、この有名なチューブ・マイクプリアンプの特長であるリッチなハーモニクスを持つチューブのゲインとクラシックな周波数レスポンスを得ることができます











トーンの複雑さと76dBのHi-Fiチューブゲインで溢れているV76 Preamplifier プラグインはご使用のマイクコレクションに新鮮な命を吹き込み、あなたのトラックに今までに作られた大規模レコーディングで聞かれるような大きな存在感を与えることができます。ボーカル、アコースティックギター、ストリングス、ドラム、ベースなどほぼすべてのソースに最適です。V76 Preamplifierプラグインの各ゲインステップは、サウンドを穏やかにシェイプし、ミックスするトラックを素早く調整可能です。



UAのUnisonテクノロジーを使用してV76 Preamplifierプラグインは、アナログとデジタルの境目をシームレスにコントロールすることができ、オリジナルのハードウェアのインピーダンス、ゲインステージのスウィートスポットや回路の挙動を提供します。その秘密は、V76 PreamplifierプラグインからUAオーディオインターフェイスのデジタルコントロール・マイクプリアンプへの双方向コントロールとコミュニケーションです。



もちろんV76 Preamplifierプラグインは、UAオーディオインターフェイスのオーナーだけのものではありません。UADハードウェアのオーナーは、ボックスの外に出さなくても大胆でリッチなカラーになるようあらゆる組み合わせでV76 Preamplifierを使用することができます。V76 Preamplifierの完全な回路エミュレーションによって、無数のヒット・クラシックアルバムで聞くことができるのと同じリッチで味のあるサウンドをあなたのプロジェクトに取り入れることができます。






世界中の正規販売店で購入可能なUAD DSPアクセラレーターカード、またはUAオーディオインターフェイスが必要です


V76 Preamplifier

B. Isaak


All in One Preamp

This is my favorite unison preamp UA makes. Sure, it has minimal controls, but it does it right. The Input/Output controls function more like an 1176 than a preamp. Slam the input, dial down the output, and listen to your track explode with vibe. Add in a little top end and cut some lows, and you have the best upfront vocals you could ask for. It kinda makes you sound like Tom Waits, not for his signature tone, but the way in which it puts a microscope on your vocals and you can hear every little detail in the most pleasing way. Rich but not too thick. Intimate but not too clinical.

M. Cartwright


nice tone, sits well with a vintage edge

I like what it does, adds more bite. I will probably be using it with lead instruments and vocals primarily, some percussion. the Eq's help give lots of tonal options.

C. Jolley


My new favorite ITB Pre.

Has a very musical tone, particularly in comparison to other software "preamplifiers". I tried it out on a vocal track previously recorded, and was very happy with how it enhanced the original recording. Saturated tone, very pleasing to the ear. Richer, particularly on the 80Hz. This and the 610s have replaced my hardware pre's. I would definitely track with this.

V. Gerasenkov



After trying the first time, it was impossible to imagine how you can not have it in your arsenal!
Perfectly paints, as one, and together with something.
Guitars, vocals, bass, drum parts get an unexpectedly beautiful sound.
UA! You make life easier!

A. Bitustøyl


Just great!

Sounds amazing, gives a nice colorisation to the sound! Can be used on any instrument

M. Stephens


Amazing vintage vibe

Amazing on drums, especially a one mic set up. Great on busses and even better with the Studer plugin before the V76 in the chain.

M. Smith


Very nice indeed

Bought this a few weeks ago and forgot I bought it! Just tried on my sum return stereo mix and it has a gorgeous sound to it. Lush and smooth. I can see it getting plenty of use. Need to try it on vocals next.

P. Moshay


As great as my hardware V72's

I have a few V72's racked up for tracking and now prefer using these V76's. This has the same mojo and more since i can easily stack 2 of them for an extra BIG SOUND.

M. Diaz Velez


Amazing sound and warm

I love this kind of preamps, so warm and so good. So sweet!!!! Amazing UA!!!

H. van der Es


Brings out that expensive sound

Impressed with the results by such a simple plugin. Just dial in the harmonics to get that expensive vocal. Achieve rich tones with so much detail in combination with my standard chain 1176 into LA2A.

A. Russell


Simply Amazing!

Hands down the best preamp I own for vocals! I can't say exactly what it sounds like, just to say that it gives that polished pro sound. Using an AEA KU5A to V76 to LA2A and a touch of verb. Straight out of the box, the most satisfying plug in I have ever purchased.

S. Vitiello


powerful and easy to use

really love this preamp. It's easy to add clarity to a track but vibe too

J. Grindstaff



As with almost every plugin from UA, this plugin really does what all the other 5 star reviews say it does. I love driving it hard just to be blown away at how truly like the hardware this sounds, and in my plugin journey I have yet to come across any competitors that can hang with the realistic characteristics in these plugins. The V-76 is another great in the plugin catalog, and if you don't own it , you are missing out. This plugin will find its way on to many, if not all vocal tracks , and many others in the future. As always Universal Audio puts them all to shame. Thanks Guys. You freaken rock.

k. marouf


this is a good one

i think this is not for u guys who want to have a clean sweety sound:-). this makes color and has of alot of great character. love this one!!

R. Rajaram


Buttery smooth!

Absolutely beautiful sounding preamp. I use it primarily as a unison plugin to track vocals and I love the way it adds weight and colour.

R. Polson-Lahache



I’m enjoying the sound of this plug on vocals and acoustic guitar. I’m using it as a colour plug post recording as well. It gives a certain sound, like a transformer. I was waiting for this plugin release to happen.

J. meul


Crazy !

I”ve been super happy with this plugin the amouth of clarity it brings to my recordings in unison mode is just what i needed!



Beautiful, Just Beautiful...

Used on Vocals, and was very impressed.

J. Bostwick


Great Color

This preamp is great for coloring an instrument, giving it some of that x-factor analog magic. Great for tracking and mixing.

B. Metcalf


can't believe this is digital

sounds incredibly analog to my ears. love this plugin equally for tracking via Apollo and mixing