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OTO® BISCUIT 8-bit Effects

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A. Thierry


Fun and creative

It demand a time to know what this toy is and what doing with but in electronic it’s a good sonic tool for synth and drums..

V. Sadovchikoff


otto 8 bit effects

Absolutely essential in your arsenal for production of electronic music. Subtle but very effective in lifting tracks in the mix

F. Chatelain


L'arme secrete pour des prods qui sortent de l'ordinaire

Plugin à part, franchement barré tout comme l'hardware original, mais qui utilisé sur la bonne source et dans le bon contexte fera grimper le niveau de la prod. Je l'utilise essentiellement sur des synthés et c'est incroyable comme on peut travailler la matière, le grain, ou découper rythmiquement le son. Je ne le recommande pas aux débutants, mais c'est un super outil. Merci à UAD et OTO de l'avoir rendu disponible au format plugin !

J. Neves


Very Useful

At first I wasn’t really sure how useful this plugin would be. After demoing it for a few days, however, it started growing on me and now I can see myself using it all the time.

R. Petrevski


OTO Biscuit and Delay

OTO Biscuit is a great plugin to mess with your sounds, I use it mostly on drums. The added effects are great but the delay is next level.

m. lep


check that your UAD device has enough CPU before

I love the concept of this product, but i was disappointed by how much CPU it takes :(
I can't work in my normal flow (apollo solo)

M. DeHaan


Better than the hardware?

One of the nice features about the plugin vs the hardware is that when activating some of the other modes you can tell what mode you are in and what the settings are like. MIDI control over all the individual bits is also going to be fun, this was available in the hardware but it's nice to not have to remember all the CC numbers.

J. Geary



love how messy thing thing can get with the waveshaping just be warned it uses 50% of a chip so unless your chaining satellites its probably best to buy the native version as it really is a cool plugin and the last thing you want is to avoid using it because of its demand

C. Bruce


Pretty cool

I use this to readjust my ears and also if I’m looking for something totally different

A. Fedyushkin



My ears are so itchy every time i use it!

S. Shaw


Great sound, but too much DSP

It's a really fun effect to play with for crafting a rough and wild tone. It's just using too much DSP.

F. Lockwood



Excellent pour les recherches originales d’effets !

J. Poole


The scoop

If you are doing hip hop, beats, EDM, electronica, or want to liven up flat instruments, this is multidimensional. It's a niche tool like 'stutter edit' or 'infected mushroom'.

S. Spillmann


Hardcore, love it

Nice to rich the chaos in dirty sound. I am using it also on live on the delay of the voice to re-inject some scratch on the end of the feedback. Mysterious and beautiful.

M. Wooff



this is a limited one trick pony and highly overpriced

J. Roberts


Usable right away

This plugin was immediately usable for folks that want to create unique sounds for hip hop, edm or other forms of music. I like it!

T. Urbanski


Unleash your creative juice!

This thing is FUN! When you don't feel inspired and nothing comes to your mind, simply have a go with this little plugin and you start feeling some inspiration coming!
Wild and juicy effects.

R. Runge


Bitcrush and beyond

Nice little tool to get creative

G. Westwood


Endless possibilities - Top notch plugin

I use it with the Eden WT800 base amp for a fat bit crushed bass sound that you will struggle to get anywhere near, with other plugins

L. Franchi


new tool to insert in my arsenal

Creative plug-in to sculpt your sounds, really fantastic effects is a very useful new tool to insert in my arsenal

1-20 of43件の結果

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