Suhr® PT100 Amplifier

Suhr® PT100 Amplifier

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Suhr PT100 Amplifier

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D. Adlington


Great sounding and versatile

I tested a lot of amp simulators before I bought this one. I wanted a great sounding amp vst with awesome clean tones and huge chunky distorted rhythm sounds. The tonality of this amp vst really stood out for me as I was looking to move away from the Marshall amp sound. Peter Thorn did a amazing job with the Suhr team and I recommend it. I am even looking at buying the real PT100.

A. Freidin-Goss


A Great sound all-round amp

Having used a few Suhr Amps, including the PT100 this sounds incredibly close to the real thing. A bit like the real amp the controls take a little bit of time to get your head around (so many dials) but once you get it, this amp/plugin will keep on surprising you with it's versatility.

T. Matsumoto


Great Recording system

Not only that PT100 can sound real boutique amp sounds, this software includes great recording devices (legendary pre-amp, mic...etc), so recommended.

S. Wilkinson


Killer Tones!

If you're not familiar with Pete Thorn look him up right away on YouTube. Pete is an incredible guitar player/session musician/artist and probably the best product demo guy out there. The Suhr PT100 sounds amazing, from crystal cleans to crunchy rhythms and screaming lead tones and everything in between. If you need an amp plugin that's going to cover all the bases the this is the one for you!

K. Chatzopoulos


Great plugin, all around

I can produce a great variety of sounds with this amp. Great response in dynamics like all the amps of UAD. I d tell that it's character has little bit of British taste in general.

R. Zohrab


Great amp plugin for clean sounds!

I was blown away with the clean sounds I was able to come up with using the Pt100 amp, and I have found this the best out of the amps I have tried for clean sounds!

Keep up the great work!

L. Lantela


Pete is cool

.. and that is why I bought PT100. Amp did not let down. Lots of useful presets.

H. Mendez


PT rocks

I always find the sound with this amp, recomended.

D. Pasalic


Einfach Spitze!

macht richtig Spass damit zu spielen

M. Moses



Need a great guitar tone fast for most styles of music? This should be a first load unison plugin for you

G. Frees


Love This Amp!

It covers the tonal palette from beautiful, lush cleans, to crunchy rhythm, to searing leads... and does all of this spectacularly well. This is my new go-to amp for, well..., just about everything.

a. Paschetta


Suoni molto belli

È perfetto per registrare il delay si imposta da solo suoni eccellenti fantastico

C. Haslinger


Cool Amp

very nice to play with

Q. Dykes


Haven’t plugged into my physical amp since I bought this

I can honestly say I haven’t plugged into my physical amp since I bought this plug-in (and other UA amps). Pretty amazing!

j. hoard


Suhr Amp Sounds Great

I picked this amp to actually use it for clean tones. I feel it does hi fi country and pop tones the best out of all the UAD amp modelers. I am super impressed and would recommend it to all my buds.

j. davis



Sweet tones, user friendly!!

R. Hara




T. Roberts


Killer Amp that is extremely versatile

I’ve been a fan of Pete Thorn for years and have wanted to try the PT100. I swear this is one of the most versatile amp plugins ever. It can cover just about any style. Excellent. I highly recommend!

A. Leger


Awesome workhorse amp

I decided to buy this amp immediately after demoing it. It delivers authentic, classic tones that will work across a broad range of productions. And for those who like to tweak, the options for truly granular customization are there. It's getting harder and harder to justify owning an actual tube amp with plug-ins like this one around. Highly recommended!

佐. 怜




1-20 of77件の結果

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