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Ocean Way Studios

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通常価格: $349.00


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Wow! This plug in is crazy!

This is not your typical reverb. It adds a 3-D quality to everything you run through it. It adds dimension and seems to improve resolution of whatever you run through it. Truly Amazing! Great job guys

J. Prado


Very lush and sophisticated

This is a amazing plugin and very useful. It brings really dead/dark tracks to life and it is very realistic, it feels like a real room and I don't see any lack of features.

This is such a powerful tool for any style of music and can't really describe. I find myself using it in almost every mix session, specially on drums and acoustic guitars. fantastic for Piano too it real adds warmth and a 3D depth to the sound.

I would love to see more plugins that recreates classic recording rooms.

T. Ferguson


Better than expected

Hands down one of my new favorite plugins from UA. I expected it be a good reverb, but the re-mic feature has now become an essential tool for me.

Hope to see more modeling plugins like this in the future.

L. Sandoval


Brilliant !!!

Is any other plugin that is even remotely close to Ocean Way Studios. No; There’s no alternatives. Not a single reverb with a room can sound like Ocean Way plugin. It transforms any sampled instrument into a real instrument. And the vocals oh my lord, just amazing. Thank you guys for your amazing tech contribution to our Industry. Please never stop !!

D. Rasgado


Phenomenal plugin

There’s just something special about what this does to sampled libraries. Particularly Kontakt Piano and String libraries it gives a certain type of depth that’s hard to achieve with traditional reverb plugins. Really cool for situational uses in different parts of songs too.

P. Daly


Fantastic Rooms

Turn off the room mics in your vst drum library of choice and use this instead. You're welcome!

I. Cunha


Great room simulation

This is a very useful plug-in, both for single or multiple instruments. It recreates the rooms in a very musical way and is easy to find a good balance within the mix.

J. Marshall


Fantastic, but heavy on DSP!

This plugin is pretty awesome for taking material recorded in either a less than ideal environment, or quite direct and giving them the sound of being tracked in a fantastic space.
The ability to reposition that mics and adjust their distance makes getting the sound you are after very straight forward.
Being able to essentially re-mic the recording, and also adjust the blend of the 3 positions is also very cool.
The only downside is that it is quite heavy on DSP (about 50% of a core).

J. Wooh


Will Change Your Life

I didn't know I needed this plugin until I started demoing it. DEMO IT!

It will give your live and programmed instruments different colors and textures that will sound great in almost every situation. The depth and size it adds will take your mixes to another level. There's something magical at Ocean Way, and this plugin will let you hear it for yourself why so many legendary artists prefer to work there.

m. adragna


I've been looking for it for a long time

I've been looking for something with which I could set my samples back in my productions ... obviously I often save even in normal situations where I have to mix some drum or guitar tracks not recorded by me or in my studio

M. Jungbluth


Ein sehr vielseitiges Plugin

Das Plugin hat meine Erwartungen mehr als erfüllt. Mit den angebotenen Raum Optionen gibt man allen Tracks den Touch am Anfang der Bearbeitungskette, der typischerweise im Homestudio fehlt. Einzig die Tatsache, dass das Plugin sehr DSP hungrig ist muss beachtet werden.

A. Daoutakis


Lovely reverb

This plugin is really, really nice. Especially on orchestral and acoustic instruments. A bit DSP intensive hence the missing star rating.

T. Funklord


Space is the place

This one came recommended from a friend, and it's worth adding it to your collection..
We all have enough plate and hall and fluxcapacitor reverberizors, but it's nice having something that gives you a different kind of space- especially for drums.

Solid for overhead mic emulation ITB, and it's been tasty for adding a little extra space and air on a ton of sounds. It would get SIX stars if there were a few additional mic options (from the Putnam collection, please), and maybe another band for the EQ- just saying.

If it's too "realistic" for your vibes, don't be afraid to bring the mics in close and nestle it early in the chain- then have some fun.

f. cardini


Good ambient effects.. it needs more mic options

I appreciated the ambience.. with more mic option it would be better.

P. Batenev



very good plugin, however..... If you use it, don't expect to use a lot of other UAD plugins with it.(




The re mic mode is incredible. Super flexible mic placement within the room to achieve the distance you're looking for. Highly, highly recommend!

T. Glosser



Just use the demo, and you will have to have it.

N. Outhuijse


Great plug in!

De microphone modeling option is super and de room sound is amazing good for drums, piano etc!

P. Degen


Great way to beef up some vocals

More than a year ago, I tried this plugin out, and thought this is not for me. But a few weeks I gave it a second change, and put some vocals through it. The re-mic procedure is working out great and the room reverb is the best I've had until now. Great plugin, the only downside is the fact that it takes up a lot of processing power.

R. Dent


Pure magic

Equal best UAD plug in I own or have tried.

81-100 of617件の結果

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