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Neve 88RS Channel Strip Collection

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D. Antoshvili


Neve 88RS Channel Strip - Super! also legacy version to use the Gate and Eq on drums , base , short sounds ...

Neve 88RS Channel Strip - Super! also legacy version to use the Gate and Eq on drums , base , short sounds ...

K. Kim


사운드가 촥 붙습니다.

찾는 사운드입니다.

M. Sengelman


I use 88RS on my vocal chain with 1073

I put the legacy version with a gate on together with 1073 on vocal chain and can simulate a quiet room at my rather noisy home with a condenser mic. Combined together sounds smooth but uses hardly any dsp on my Apollo Solo. But it would be good if console had a built in gate.

树. 陈


Neve 88RS


M. Schneider


simply a useful upgrade from the legacy

The conplete Neve sound in a box.

M. Breu


Nice Neve Sound

It gives you that Neve sound, with good dynamics that I've been able to use with pretty much anything. Little different from a 1073 or 1084.

T. T


Excellent DSP - crap UAD owner loyalty

I've owned the 88RS since it was first released (classic). Uaudio doesn't understand customer loyalty. Is it right to release a new version of the 88RS, and tell existing owners that they'll have to fork over more money for the new version of the same plugin? Does that make sense? An upgrade path shouldn't cost you the same amount as a discount deal... $99. I would understand maybe $30 for the upgrade. That's reasonable, but not $100 or more for the plugin that should be upgraded for existing owners.

Don't lose face... regain your honor and make existing 88RS owners whole.

A. Giroux


Neve enough said

Love this thing on my Martin D18. Makes my guitar stand right out in the mix

K. Kaspersen


Good channel strip

Good for tracking, mixing.
I think i never will have enough channel strips, it shapes the sounds so special from channel strip to channel strip, this one doesn't dissapoint

W. Meis


Its Neve

no more to say :-)

p. voltan



This combined with Ocean Way Studios brings to life hours of recordings gluing the feel of balance of the string section and being in a real space. excellent.

N. Jeremic


The sound of movies!

In short: THAT is the sound of film scores!

T. Glosser



Just try it you'll like it, HEY Mikey !!!

S. England


Great Channel Strip

Love this

s. fujimoto


plain sound

You'll notice a good sound.

b. cheung


Amazing channel strip.

I just love it for my pianos. The preamps on this isnt bad either. With all due respect to the 1073, this adds another tool box in my studio flow.

D. Hansen


Bought it for live use

I bought this to use as an EQ and noise gate for my vocals while playing live onstage. I like the fact that the legacy version has low DSP usage so I can use it on multiple vocal channels

L. Brown




G. Patro


Shape your 3 Dimensional Sound

Put it on any channel to process all kind of instruments to shape the height(using Equaliser) and depth (using Dynamic Processor) of the 3 Dimensional Sound

P. Lordo


Classic Neve Sound

Sounds great, I’ve got a Neve 1073 and this has that sound. Definitely worth having especially on vocals

1-20 of508件の結果

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