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E. Borges


nice emulation

Hi, I think that lexicon 224 is a good stuff, but It's not good for everything. I tested the EMT140 and, sincerely, I regret for not have chosen the EMT instead of Lexicon at my "custom" pack.
At this case, I'm not talking about the UA job.
I believe that the plugin sounds exactly as the hardware, according to some reviews.

J. Lesueur



I think this plug-in is overrated like a lot of UAD plug-ins. To me the Waves IR1 sounds much better, deeper and offers more possibilities. This Lexicon sounds thin and emphasizes the hi mids too much. I think it's ok for some instruments, but not for everything.

J. Martens


Matches the original.

I love the sound of the early digital reverbs, and specially the ones from Lexicon.

I own a Lexicon 200 Reverberation, and have compared it to the 224 plug.
Sounds good. Does not match the original though.
I use a Neve 5116 desk, and I must say, your plugs are very close to the original hardware. It´s a shame they cost as much as they do.
I´d rather buy the original hardware than buying plugs for several 100 $. They are not that good...