Fuchs® Overdrive Supreme 50 Amplifier

Fuchs® Overdrive Supreme 50 Amplifier

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Fuchs® Overdrive Supreme 50 Amplifier

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b. berkovic


Great amp emulation

Great amp emulation, and mostly good for every music style.Big Respect Uad Team

b. berkovic


Great amp emulation

Great amp emulation, and mostly good for every music style.Big Respect Uad Team

R. Invernizzi


Great Amp Simulation

Great amp!! what else can i say?! Very good on the clean and cruncy sound but also on the distorted. I prefer the Marshall Amps for the distorted sound but for the clean this one is AMAZING! I use a lot this amp with the API EQ series and a Teletronix compressor, and this gives me a GREAT clean guitar sound.



Nice, Clean & Distorted

Very nice and warm clean tones as well as very accurate distorted sounds.
I often use it together with the AKG Sting Verb and the EP-34 Tape Delay...lovely

R. Engler


Reverb is missing

I Love it.
But i Miss someone reverb.

N. Roberts


Pleasantly surprised

A lot more versatile than I imagined it would be. A lot more in depth but still have great control with ease of use. I use it with the SSL channel strip and my Telecaster sounds fantastic and smooth.

E. Tsai


Great amplifier

This is a great amplifire and it goes very well with my pedal

J. Cox


I own an Redplate RP50D ... emulations still aren't there

I mean it sounds good, but there is a thing to those modded fenders that this emulation doesn't have. I should also say that I've played through an OD supreme. I play mostly PRS's and know the amp and the guitar well. A great amp will go from SUPER clean on the neck pickup with the volume backed off to 75% all the way up to "donkey kick your nuts" distorted at the the untapped bridge pickup at full volume. All with the guitar. This thing doesn't do that. It just gets louder the harder you push it. GREAT tube amps will start to break up as you push your guitar through it, so the amp becomes part of the instrument in that the harder you hit the strings the more growl the amp adds to the tone. That's the THING that makes these hand built amps so special. No impulse based emulation is going to duplicate that. :(

C. Commings


OMG Best sounding Amp EVER!!!!!

I use a lot f amps in my studio, most being handwound boutique amps. But a lot of times I don’t wanna go through the hassle of reamping or micing them up. I never liked the thin (fake) sound of sims, but this puppy is on a whole other level. It sounds and feels like a real boutique tube amp and the cleans and dirty sound incredible. Real thick and bold sounding. Best clean tone in the world. I mostly play country but this baby can handle any style you throw at it

b. berkovic


Fuch forever

Great emulation of great amp, from clean to heavy, perfect match in the mix.Thank you Uad Team

J. Sorquist


Very versatile

Good emulation of a good amp. I find it versatile for many genres.

C. Ryan


Really Versatile Amp Sim

I love the range I can get from this. Cleans to dirt all sound great

D. George


Great amp sim!

Right on the money!!

D. Pierce


Awesome investment

The options are plentiful and the Lo-Fi parallel sound is insanely good!

J. Preston


Fuch! I love this thing!

This is becoming a go to guitar sim for me for a lot of projects, and I'm actually using it to drive a nice little grit into some D.I. bass tracks, unreal. One of the best I've ever used.

G. Baert


Too much acid ! This is not the sound of my fuchs I use to play

I own and play a fuchs overdrive supreme head since more than ten years now .
I was absolutely confused when I plug my PRS because I couldn.t feel the sound and the
playing sensation I am use to with the ODS :-( ! Maybe this is because I can't recreate my actual configuration with this amp . That is to say : fuchs ODS with selected Tad tubes for both préamp and power amp ( 6L6 ) then a thiele cab with Celestion EV 12
In this conditions I have the so smooth overdrive sound every people is looking for !
I am so sorry to say this is not the sound of this plug ! It is too much unpleasant for my point of view .

j. couch


Really Good

This is really nice. It gives good colour for clean tones, and when it distorts its not just all fuzz. Lately I used it on a send to distort the treble on an aggressive bass riff, and the sound was amazing, like you can't imagine actually getting. None of my other amp sims could get anywhere near it. Good job UA!!

y. m


Great time

Love it on a strat



I love it

Pre recorded guitar tracks can really shine with this plugin. I use it on cleaner settings and it makes my guitar cut through the mix without excess gain.

N. Vicentic


Really, really good amp

What a positive surprise! So far Fender Tweed was the amp that most impressed me, but it's another world of guitar sounds. For more modern/heavier sound and for my personal taste (Joe Satriani-ish sound) Fuchs ODS is miles ahead of other amps I tried.

Not only it sounds good, it behaves very well, has less noise and most importantly, it feels very good under the fingers when I play. Awesome amp!

41-60 of96件の結果

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