Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

Fairchild® Tube Limiter Collection

通常価格: $299.00


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通常価格: $299.00


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Fairchild Tube Limiter プラグイン・コレクション

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T. Berger


Well… What can i say… !

Universel Audio makes life worth living even for a poor musician.
A man can dream… And I dream to have them as original hardware in the studio.
But they just works brillant in digital form !
It's amazing what technology can do now a days…

E. Blake


Compression King

Only the finest all around compressor we’ve used.Have used the hardware version & was an awesome machine.I thought,did George Harrison use this very one.My Son’s favourite compressor as well and it will be used on most off his songs on his soon to be released debut album.Stewart Pierson Blake.Real music IS back Neil.Cheers

p. albert



Plug-in vintage d'une excellente qualité

J. Nascimento


Que som sensacional!

Essa fera é extremamente potente. Melhor emulação de todos os tempos! muitas possibilidades numa coisa só! UA, vocês são demais! Congratulações do Brasil e muito som para todos!

B. Yatron


Very nice

It is REALLY hard to get a bad sound out of this thing. Just make sure you read the manual if you're not schooled in vintage gear. There's a lot about it that's not obvious right away.

C. Jaeggi


And then she smiled...a little cheeky ; )

J.Korhonen's review said it best.
I agree with T.Hansen also. Vocals are amazing here too! : )

Who said you can't buy love? Ahh, the Beatles...hmm, but what did/do they really know anyway? : / LOL

A little pissed off too actually. I don't want the whole world to become digital. But...dang...THANK YOU! UA team is the best, they just are.

Lotsa luv from me to you : )

Ok, next song

E. Bureau


Upgrade to pro!

I've been using the Fairchild 670 Legacy as my go-to compressor ever since I started on the UAD platform. Recently changed to the pro-version, and it just sounds much more real. The added feature-set and the inclusion of the 660 is also really appreciated. It is really a great sounding piece of gear, and I prefer the emulation of this over most hardware-compressors I've worked with. I never had the chance to work in a studio where they had a real Fairchild, but when that day comes I will have completed my training in the 'simulator'. Until then, I choose the 670 over almost every other hardware compressor. My UA 1176 hardware comp for example haven't seen much use since I got into the 670/660 plugin. It's glorious on bass, superb on the drum-bus and really nice for mastering.

l. ray


Fairchild tube limiter

une fois de plus je suis surpris par la qualité de vos plugins. J'adore ce plugin, je l'utilise énormément et Je ne vois pas pour le moment de problème majeur. C'est le jour et la nuit, pour mes mixes. Une fois de plus ....super! merçi.

B. Rainsford


Essential software

Been using this for a week or so and it has become an essential insert onto all of my guitar tracks. using it with Slate VMR and a tape emulator it still manages to add a warmth and depth to guitar tracks that really glues the sound into the overall mix.

T. Davine


Fairchild, the smooth of the chosen child

The Fairchild is the compressor with the most smoothest tube sound available, it’s the best sound that I have got out of any compressor plug in. Absolutely awesome, thanks UAD

r. sveinungsen



I spesially like this compressor on Bass guitar. It gives a tight and firm basstone. Recommanded from our hearts , from Himmlalyd ......Happy with this in the mix



A Great Choice !

This plugin supplies a kind of aliveness and punch that is instantly appealing. Depending on what style of compression is needed for a track this one can be the perfect choice...fantastic on drums ! Download the demo and give it a try...

D. Shapland



I thought the legacy version was epic but these take the cake! So rich and warm. A M A Z I N G!!

e. guray



This fairchilds are very good but can be more presets added for mastering purposes and lower distortion ratios in output

s. carter



Dear uad I will invest every dollar I have to get every plug in



Makes the alphabet begin at F, Fairchild is so useful on individual tracks, and Magic on the stereo buss!

No wonder it was so highly acclaimed in the studio, love the new features as well - the M/S add is so easy to dial in, the compression, and a low cpu .... the TONE and space it adds really make it a MUST HAVE! 10/10.

D. Pronin


Thanks for Fairchild!

Never used before. Stunning impressions! The drums and bass finally sound as they should. I quit drinking and my wife returned to me. Thank you very much!

K. Kaspersen


Warm tube sound!

Very nice punch for for mixing! they all sound pretty good!

J. Harden


And the gods made love....

Fairchild is not a plug-in, it's a time machine, transporting me back to the bygone days of classic recording. A visceral experience (are you experienced?) that cuts through the mix like a hot knife through a hurricane. Beam me up, Scotty!



Not sure

Cant use it. GUI is way to small for a 50+ engineer, but I'm sure it sounds fine

61-80 of644件の結果

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