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The rich analog sound of the world’s most popular multichannel tape machine.

For more than 30 years, artists and engineers alike have been drawn to the warm analog sound, solid low-end, and overall presence of the Studer® A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder. The sheer number of albums recorded on this legendary 2” analog tape machine — including classics from Metallica, Stevie Wonder, Tom Petty, A Tribe Called Quest, and Jeff Buckley — serve as shining examples of the musicality of analog tape.

Fully authenticated by Studer, and modeled by UA’s world‑renowned team of DSP engineers and magnetic recording expert Jay McKnight, the Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder plug-in is the first product of its kind. By faithfully modeling the entire circuit path of the famous A800 machine from Allen Sides' collection at Ocean Way Studios, this is the most accurate representation of multitrack analog tape recording available.


UAD Native

Apollo リアルタイムとUAD-2

システム要件:UAD Native プラグインは、macOS 10.15 Catalina 以降と Windows 10 と 11 の両方で動作します。システム要件は UAサポートページでご確認ください。

  • Track and mix with the complete Studer A800 electronic signal paths, including Input, Sync and Repro paths
  • Add warmth, presence, cohesion, and low-end punch that only genuine tape can provide
  • Create complex analog textures with the distinct sounds of multiple tape formulas
  • Use the Studer A800 LUNA Extension to easily add warmth to your entire mix on a per channel basis

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LUNA Extension — Integrated Multitrack Tape

LUNA Extension — Integrated Multitrack Tape

With LUNA Recording System, you can use the Studer A800 as a LUNA Extension, and easily get tape character on every audio and instrument track, intuitively tweaking settings across all channels. As you build up your mix, you'll hear the cumulative "cohesive" effect of mixing from magnetic tape. Far beyond a simple tape plug-in, the Studer LUNA Extension is woven into the fabric of LUNA's mixer, giving Apollo interface users an analog inspired workflow with bona fide analog sonics to match.

A Groundbreaking Tape Machine

A Groundbreaking Tape Machine

Introduced in 1978, the Studer A800 was the first microprocessor-controlled tape machine. Years ahead of its time, the A800 remains a sonic benchmark, and can still be found in studios worldwide. However, with their massive steel frame and meter bridge, twin half-horsepower motors and cast alloy deck plates, original A800 units tip the scales at a backbreaking 900 pounds. The Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder poses none of the hardware hassles, yet retains all the beautiful sonics that make tape a beloved recording medium.

Capturing the Magic of Tape

Capturing the Magic of Tape

Just like magnetic tape, you can dial in a clean sound, or just the right amount of harmonic saturation using the Studer A800's Input and Output controls. The IPS control steps through tape speed choices (7.5, 15, or 30 IPS), each with distinct frequency shift, head bump and distortion characteristics. The tape Type control lets users choose from four of the most popular magnetic tape formulas — each with their own subtle sonic variation. There is also a secondary set of controls like Noise, EQ, and Bias for an even more jaw-dropping palette of tape textures.

Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder plug-in
Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder plug-in

Studer A800 Multichannel Tape Recorder plug-in

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Key Features

Studer-endorsed, UA modeled emulation of legendary A800 Multitrack Tape Machine

Provides the warm, natural sound and punchy low-end response of 2” analog tape — on Mac and PC

Models complete A800 electronic signal paths, including Input, Sync and Repro paths

Features four of the most popular Tape Formulas and Calibration Levels

Tape saturation and overdrive via easy-to-use Input / Output controls

Provides dead-on magnetic tape sound without the hassles of calibration, maintenance, tape degradation, etc.

IPS Speed/Emphasis Curve chooses between 7.5 NAB, 7.5 CCIR, 15 NAB, 15 CCIR, 30 AES

Gang Controls allows for fast global adjustment of all instances

Run 24+ tracks with a single UAD-2 QUAD DSP Accelerator Package

Requires a UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface available from authorized dealers worldwide


Studer® A800 Tape Recorder

Overall Rating


S. Sotiriadis



Amazing Staff

D. Vera


Studer A800

Exelente, very good




So nice for mastering!

B. Montonatti


Warm and authenticity

The Universal Audio Studer A800 Tape Emulator Plugin is a game-changer for anyone seeking to infuse their digital recordings with the warmth and character of analog tape. From the moment you apply it to your mix, the A800 imparts a rich, warm tone that adds depth and dimension, making the low-end tighter, the mid-range more pronounced, and the high-end smooth and silky. Its multiple tape formulas and calibration settings provide exceptional flexibility, allowing precise control over tape saturation and compression to suit any mix.

Moreover, the plugin excels in providing a cohesive glue to the mix, enhancing unity and harmony across all elements. Its intuitive user interface, coupled with minimal CPU usage, ensures a seamless experience even in larger projects. The Studer A800 is not just a tool but an essential asset for achieving professional-sounding mixes, capturing the essence of the legendary tape machine with remarkable authenticity. Universal Audio has truly set the bar high with this outstanding emulation.

G. Patro


Controls Height and one of the Depth parameters

Magnetic Tape Formula Type, IPS, Secondary controls such as Repro EQ, Sync EQ, HF Driver acts like an EQ that controls Frequencies (Height Parameter to localise the sound at Top, Centre or Bottom).

The Bias from Secondary controls acts like a Low Level Compressor that controls Distance (Depth parameter to localise the sound at Near, Mid or Far field) and provide strength to weakest audio signals to make it sound located at Near field.

The Calibration acts like a Harmonic Distortion Unit that add certain amount of Harmonics according to users' preference.

R. Oksman de Aragao


Excellence Again!

Man, this is worth the price just for the Repro HF knob alone!

I'm fairly knew to using UAD stuff, but they live in my heart now!

H. Marek


The best !!!

The best tape emulation!

l. french



Surprised by the warmth, harmonics, saturation that it produces. Helps tremendously with the stereo field and depth. A little CPU hungry but does an amazing job!

J. Guerra


Studer A800

Totally love it!

G. Beretti


Magical Warmth and precision !

I've just put it on my drum bus and that's magical. The most impressive thing is the precision and the natural warmth it brings on the mix. Really, i'm impressed like i was by the SSL G Bus when i first tried to work with...

l. osborne


will work on it -I think

I should have known. original price $500 and some. and now discounted to $49. Then surprise they try to get you to buy a dongle but I find you can get around this. yeah. I'm very skeptical of any more purchases from this company or any virtual sound equipment. Still haven't got it working. Little or no response from the seller.

l. osborne


will work on it

I found it difficult to get going on this as it asked me to buy a dongle which was not originally pointed out. I asked and found out you can get around that and can open the software for free. I struggled with this for too long imo and requested a refund on more than one occasion but got no response. After fooling around a bit more I got the thing downloaded which means I can no longer get a refund-and so I will sometime in the future continue to try and get it up and running. I can ask for help if needed. oh well.

P. Motyczak


My fav tape

I use it all the time. Natural tape compression

G. Chen


Spark plugin is stack on demo mode no matter what I do

Only works in Apollo. Ua connect asking to start demo but nothing happens.

E. Starzhynskiy


Professional tape machine (more professional control can be added)

Great tape machine for all instruments and general mixing. I would also like to see a button for switching the VU meter "before" and "after" the tape. For more visual control and not only auditory control. That would be great :)

k. salo


So depressed....

I have Windows 10 and Cubase. In Cubase this software complains it's not connected to hardware.
There is no email adress to ask help. Only articles to read...
Please, help me. I need this important Studer...!

T. Hushani


My go to Tape Recorder

such a good plugin. I highly recommend



Studer A800 ‘MULTITRACK’

As a harmonic colouration device this is nice. The controls do things. It isn’t noisy. It can do subtle and extreme shifts. BUT, it’s supposed to be a 24 channel tape recorder. It’ll work in mono or stereo, but that’s it. Where are the other 22 channels? Without the nonlinearities of a fully modelled machine spread across 24 sources, and the depth which that creates, it’s just a two channel preamp with tape-style eq. UAD missed an opportunity to make something truly awesome here.

B. Wright



Easy to use and sounds great

E. George



I spent a long time waiting for the Native versions of this plug in. I’m glad it has finally arrived. It’s such a joy to use. Gets you to the tape sound you’ve been looking for without the hassle of machine maintenance and high costs of tape. Sure, you don’t get to brag about your 1/2 inch, 1 inch or 2 inch (for the big machines) girth but if no one ever sees you producing then genuinely what’s the worry. I put one on each buss on a gentle setting and stack the sound into the mixbus. It gives me what I need sound wise. The interface could do with a refresh for higher screen resolutions maybe….my only criticism.