Sonnox® Oxford Envolution

Sonnox® Oxford Envolution





Get comprehensive control over
transients and sustain.

Developed by Sonnox, the Oxford Envolution for UAD-2 hardware and Apollo interfaces is a frequency-dependent envelope shaper that can radically modify the sound of your sources, boosting sustain for added ambience or cutting it for quick, precise gating.

For over 20 years Sonnox has been creating innovative, award-winning, audio processing plug-ins for professional audio engineers. Oxford plug-ins are used in a variety of audio applications including music production, live sound, broadcast, TV, and feature film audio post production

Now You Can:

Shape percussion, piano, and guitar far beyond EQ and compression

Easily target frequency dependent control of transients and sustain

Add presence and/or distance to drums, piano, guitar, and more

Apply the Warmth control for harmonic saturation and further tone shaping

Take a Listen

Take a Listen
The Importance of Transients

The Importance of Transients

All music contains transients of some kind, whether it’s drums, percussion, guitars, or piano to name a few. Being able to boost or cut these transients gives you unprecedented control of an instrument’s presence and weight in a mix. With the Envolution plug-in, you can easily make a snare snap to the foreground, or add presence and/or distance to drums, piano, guitar, and more.

Two Sections — Total Control

Two Sections — Total Control

The Envolution plug-in offers Transient and Sustain sections, each with its own set of Attack, Hold, and Release controls. This amount of fine tuning gives you a wide variety of uses — from subtly cutting down room ambience on drums and guitar to completely re-imagining signals with extreme envelope shaping.

Frequency-Dependent Tweaking and More

Frequency-Dependent Tweaking and More

Both the Sustain and Transient sections feature a FREQ control that offers Tilt or Focus EQ modes. Tilt is perfect for more gentle envelope shaping whereas Focus mode provides a band-pass or notch response for more precise control. The Envolution also features a Warmth function that adds harmonic richness while also preventing output signal overload and a Mix control for added versatility.

Key Features

Separate and frequency dependent control of transients & sustain
Comprehensive control of key shaping parameters including attack, hold, and release
Tilt/parametric targeting of frequencies to process
DIFF button to solo the effect
Huge gain ranges: Transients ±24 dB; Sustain -48 dB to +24 dB
Best in class transient/onset detection
Sensitivity parameter to control the number of events detected
Frequency dependency with none of the limitations of conventional multi-band solutions
Use Envolution in parallel routing paths without phase cancellation
Warmth control for harmonic saturation/tone shaping and prevention of excessive output levels


Sonnox® Oxford Envolutionプラグイン

J. Ng


Endless Creativity For Drums And Other Instruments.

I've got UAD Sonnox EQ and Inflator before but I haven't got any transient modulator from any brands before. So having this is an addition than a normal transient modulator. If you also haven't got any transient modulator in your plugin library, I highly recommend it to catch up with this new audio technology :)

m. luber


wow plugin

Amazing make drums and hihats sounds like heaven, the best transient out there for sure

f. swahn


great !

this on really saved a mix of mine. i was looking for something to get rid of a lot of cymbal bleed and this really helped out. use overtime now on drums. a must have

L. Zavala


Cannot believe my ears....

Previously unusable drums and synths now suddenly have the punch they needed all along. This is a God-send. Great job guys! :D

F. Benvenuto


Excellent On-Every-Mix Tool !

Use it to clean samples, make room between dif elements by controlling attack and sustain with frequency flexibility! A must have and own for clean & punchy mixes! Very useful tool for drums, guitars, pianos, you name it! Even on reverbs to control the tail of a certain frequency - for example tight lows and open "sustainy" tops! Great use for removing unwanted sustain on drum samples, or use it before an 1176 on a parallel compression send to add amazing snap to drums! Endless uses! Go nuts! Great tool UA!

S. Tanner


Very usefull for critical material

I like every thing from Sonnox (Sony Oxford) very much.

The Sonnox Oxford Envolution Plug-In is the most advanced Plug-In in these category.

Really like on Drum tracks and so to give BD, Toms and Snares more Attack and so.

B. Munyon


Re Animator II

Transferred Black Face ADAT recordings of direct guitars, digital modelling amps of the late 90's, electronic drums... Great performances and bring out the detail/articulation, adding dimension that was never heard before. Giving a real shot at a great mix!!!

So many great uses including salvaging location recording. A great and flexible tool from subtle to extreme.

K. Tye


Best Transient plugin out there!

Spent a morning with the top 3 transient plugins put there. Tested the Oxford extensively against the SPL & NI Transient Master. The Oxford seems to give more punch to the dynamics that the other 2, and allows more control too. The NI Transient master was my 2nd choice, with the SPL coming third. With that said, because I already own the NI version, I couldn't make the case to buy this at full retail but will wait for a sale.

Order of favorites:

1. Oxford Inflator
2. NI transient Master
3. SPL Transient Designer

M. Spano


Perfect transient designer

Amazing transient designer for most everything. Specially what I like is the EQ and the programming. Is the hiding weapon for accuracy and precise shape, sustain, thickens and body ... Drums, ambients, OH..and more.

A. Yeats


Great on Drums!!!

A transient designer with bells on!!!

Brilliant on all kit mics but especially useful on room/ambient mics....can change the size of space of the room with one plugin!!!

D. Morin



To my knowledge, it's simply the most precise and versatile transient shaper out there. And it does it in a very transparent way, as compare to multi band shaper. The only transient shaper i would recommend.

U. Borjesson


Even the dullest Kickdrum is now in use

If you like and use the Transient designer but in those rare occasions where the Transient Designer does not do it for you, this Envolution will make your world go sunny.
I complete tool for envelopes on just about everything.
A mixengineers must have.

T. McKinnon


Even On A master Buss

I threw this in the master buss just to see want subtle transients I could affect in the mix... It works there too!!!

E. Andras


The best transient designer

You can set to precisely attack and release parameters.
The factory presets are also very good and useful. It's recommended for mastering.

K. Orman-Janowski


Instead of compressing

I like to use that one on drums much more than any compressor. I shape them as i want and still sounds natural which is perfect for game scores where i search for subtle, gentle sound, yet punchy enough or roomy, depend on needs. Another way to use this great plugin are dry, close recorded guitars. Envolution helps me take of some attack and add more room/sustain which i like.

d. zhang wei


super powerful!

clean loops,make kick bigger,one of best transient plugin!

m. hardy



The innovation of this plugin has me stomped! Very much my new transient tamer!

A. Dingley


Come for the warmth, stay for the ... uh... i dunno, just buy this plug-in

So, I love the Oxford plug-ins... in general. I have been using the native Sonnox Dynamics for years, and the "Warmth" knob is something I put on just about everything. So, when I saw that this plug-in had that knob... I literally bought it for that main reason.

So... when I dug into what it can do to a variety of sources,... I was blown away! It's great on drums— I've been able to use it to re-shape a busy-sounding kit to give more space between the important hits.. somewhat suppressing grace-notes & bled noises... and I've been able to use it to accentuate the decay of close-mic'd drums... so that the beef on my snare can be brought forward. It's really simple to use and very powerful. Also has interesting applications for guitar & vocals. Haven't tried on bass yet, but can't wait to see what it does there.

P. Moshay


Didn't know how much I need this until I tried it!

This is such a unique plug in that made me need it the second I tried it....... unlike any other transient shaper...... I was addicted right away.

I. Duarte



This plugins shapes the transients in a way that nothing else does. Love it already!