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Hitsville U.S.A.の真上に設置された魔法のリバーブを召喚

Hitsville Reverb Chambersはモータウンサウンドを形作った屋根裏のリバーブチェンバーの輝かしいサウンドを提供します。

Universal Audioが独占して提供するHitsville Reverb Chambersは、 Marvin Gaye、Stevie Wonder、そしてThe Supremesを手掛けたプロデューサー達が使用した神聖なる空間のソウルフルな雰囲気をあなたのレコーディングに提供します。*

*アーティスト名の使用はHitsville Reverb Chambersのソフトウェアを公式に推奨するものではありません。


UAD Native

Apollo リアルタイムとUAD-2

システム要件:UAD Native プラグインは、macOS 10.15 Catalina 以降と Windows 10 と 11 の両方で動作します。システム要件は UAサポートページでご確認ください。

  • 伝説のHitsville U.S.A.スタジオの屋根裏にあるリバーブチャンバーが醸し出す「モータウン・サウンド」をゲット
  • 2つの異なる特注チャンバーを使用した豊かなサウンドのアンビエンスを呼び出します
  • シンプルな操作でボーカルやドラムなどにアイコニックなリバーブを素早く加えます
  • UAによるDynamic Room Modeling機能を駆使してリアルタイムでマイクを再配置

試してみませんか ?

このプラグインを 14 日間無料で使用して、自分に適しているかどうかを確認してください。





Hitsvilleの屋根裏に作られた2つのリバーブチャンバーは、モータウンのエキサイティングなサウンドに不可欠な要素でした。Universal Audioは建設に携わった当時のモータウンのエンジニア達の協力を得て — その独特な特徴を完全に捕捉 — これらの伝説の空間にあなたの身を置くことを可能にしました。



Hitsville Reverb Chambersはその使いやすい操作性により驚異的なリバーブ効果をすばやく実現、これには各チャンバーの個別のスピーカーとマイクの選択が含まれており、ボーカル、ハンドクラップ、タンバリン、そしてトライアングルの音を飛躍的に高揚させます。

Dynamic Room Modeling機能を駆使してマイクを再配置

Dynamic Room Modeling機能を駆使してマイクを再配置


UAD Quick Tips
UAD Quick Tips

UAD Quick Tips

Hitsville Reverb Chambersによってどの様にボーカル、ドラム、ホーン、等に ソウルフルなアンビエンスが加えられるのかご覧ください。.


Hitsville Reverb Chambers

J. Huovinen



Not as multiusable as Capitol, but different.

T. Naunas


Motown sound

Great reverb! Lots of presets to play with to get you started. I have visited the Motown Museum. On the tour you get to peek at the attic reverb. So cool that the software modeled the attic.

D. T.


Very Good Reverb

This reverb brings dry signals to life. It is so much more than just a reverb. It is a a very deep room simulator. Please do something like this for a symphony orchestra stage as well! ! !

A. Kolby


Hitsville plugins

I work on several projects that lean towards Motown styles and these chambers are perfect for those. I also have the Hitsville equalizers and they too are great, in fact the mastering EQ is now always on my output bus.

K. Bratcher


My Favorite Reverb!

The Hitsville Reverb Chambers sounds so amazing. Not to mention it's a lot of fun to just play with. I love the Microphone options and the sounds you can create just by changing the parameters. I love it.

d. la rotta diaz


Reverb definitiva

Aun estoy alucinando con el sonido que consigo con este plug-ins , para mi es una absoluta pasada, tanto para la grabación como para practicar.

C. Domenico


Wonderful Chambers

This sounds incredible - super realistic and lush. Amazing on vocals, guitars and drums! It sits nicely in between the Capitol Chambers (which really sounds like a chamber) and Ocean Ways (which really sounds like a studio). Thank You UAD

H. Fivelsdal


Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing.

Chamber Two is great for drums and One is good for piano. Gives your mix that old-school charm.

D. Coger


My favorite UA Reverb

First off, thank you UA for releasing this plugin.

I have the ultimate 11 bundle so I have capital chambers, oceanway, EMT, dreamverb, etc.. I use all of them. I like all of them. Then I got the Hitsville and I was so surprised. Right away I noticed that it just seemed to really lay into my mixes nicely. After trying it on multiple sessions it quickly became my favorite UAD reverb.

It’s GUI has a very familiar feel. Similar to capital chambers. It’s always nice to open a new plugin and have just be self explanatory right from the get go. It’s what I would expect from a UA plugin. Easy to use, easy to understand, the visual of a plugin can also be inspiring and I think UA does an outstanding job with everything they do. I’m
Glad I chose my Apollos.

E. Bureau


Insanely good sounding

This plugin is incredible. I have the Capitol Chambers, Ocean Ways, BX20 and EMT140. I thought I didn't need this. I was wrong. This sounds incredible - super realistic and lush. Amazing on vocals, guitars and drums!

It sits nicely in between the Capitol Chambers (which really sounds like a chamber) and Ocean Ways (which really sounds like a studio). This covers both grounds quite nicely. I do a lot of mixing and production on things recorded in sub-optimal rooms, and most time I'll substitue room-mics on drums, reamp percussion with the Ocean Way or Hitsville. Simply because they sound so much better!

Thanks UA, and please please please make this room emulation (and the BX20) available on the Golden UAFX pedal!

T. Burns



Like most, I have dozens of reverbs to pick from. But the Hitsville Chambers really have a unique vibe I hadn't heard before - except maybe on THOSE 60's records I love so much. That's why I say this is not just a reverb - it's a sonic Time Machine. Lovin' it.

E. Rudnicki



This is my favourite reverb! I haven't used anything else since I got this. It's just pure class! Add the perfect reverb and mojo in the one plugin, and it's so easy to dial it in. It's the first (and usually the only) reverb I reach for.

E. Morgan


Great space to put your drums in.

So far I've only used this plugin on drums, but what a nice space it puts things in.
I've messed around d a little with a clean guitar with it and it adds a nice dimension to it. Things move around in the stereo field, too, even when the source is centered.
Excellent realism and sense of space.
Love it.

n. Kanchanawat


Great reverb! It adds excitement instantly

A great tool but if you have caption Chamber it’s not NEEDED but great to have!

D. Lombardi



A very unique reverb that no other software devs have done. I tried it during my Spark trial and had to own it.

P. Jonsson




M. Kartashev


Awesome reverb!

Great chamber nice coloration and space!

R. Dann


Love it.

Sounds good and does what it claims to do. N'uff said.

w. gause


Funk Brothers

I love the Motown sound from the band members called the funk brothers and all the artist how could I not buy hittsville legendary chambers sounds amazing

E. Hasselberg


Get it

I am a BIG fan of the Capitol chambers and Ocean Way reverbs, they go on all my mixes. As Capitol is so good I did not think I would need this one. But boy am I glad that I got it. It definetely heard in the mix so it should be used with care. But if you want to add some vintage mojo to your recordings just add a hint of this!